How to write From a native toiletNessIty?

Relatively recently I had a few conversations in which it was pointed that writing comes For some reader in the writers mind. Who do you have in mind when you write? Who will come to read this text? Who is this writing for? For my own future? For someone who is into toilets or toiletry? […]

How to consider An Open Letter to Open-Letters?

An Open Letter to Open-Letters – How to consider? 1 –  How to find Ph in a cafe? 2 – Re-Searching for Open-Letters? 3 – Open-letters and windows to cosmic windings? 4 – Power to helplessness and the other way around? 5 – Who are Fs and Ph? 6 – Gods, machines and exo intelligences? […]

a fake truly honest switch believer in ammon amen and mainly A women?

A few days ago, a politician run a pray in which they mentioned the traditional Amen However, they summoned an inclusive spirit in their minds. A call that concluded Amen has something to do with men. Hence in the spirit of Inclusivity – why not Awomen? Initially, I thought: Peh! How ignorant. (since Amen has […]

Missa virusa?? – how we pan demonic mass mess missive messianic mousse div a do? with a

Rhino. Some birds follow their beaks, some mammals can not but follow their noses and some humans don’t notice their little rhinos (nor our large shared ones) – however for this text – can we remain within human’s relationship with their own rhinos? No one has to have a rhino – aka nose – just […]

Refusee Islands from Ana Lama Gallery, July 2017 21st?

Re-fused compositions with refusee islands at Ana Lama Gallery, Lisboa’s unique boa, 2017, 21st of july? I have never seen the object in actual stone. Have you? Most of us humans, have not seen the stone, and possibly will never view any other clue about this object that aren’t some forms of various documentations. Is […]

An open letter to switches, swiftness, slavery, nick land, and {(hysterical)} rhythms

Dear Everyone, Hopefully it isn’t too rude writing for you all – we’ve never been mutually introduced. Gestures like that, done via stuff like spam email, tend to be received with annoyance. I think they may feel a bit spooky, like a call for getting entangled from meta-dimensional time-spaces. Therefore, I’d like to promise that […]

dats da wai ai lyk iz? an a a ah a

an dats da wai ai lyk a a iz? ah a dats da wai ah ai lyk an a a a iz? dats ah da a wai ai lyk iz an a a? ahan dats da wai ai lyk iz? aaa dats an da wai ah ai lyk aaa iz? an wai ai a a […]

? <-> Come com kom Pel Pell pell palp pell pellpalp-palpell ell

entrain en entrainment entertainment enter other friction being to-un-be be-and-bee be-but-butt-by-bye-bee entrain pel palp palpable pell kom come cummmmm pelcome palpcome palpkom palpcummmmm compalp pel entrain train entainment rain rain-pel Pol polite Polity polity-ethics politics politic-pel politic-compel facists-compel pelican peli-can-not pel-can-Un peli-can-non pel-i-can-on cannon-come-palp cannon-can-on-compel can-on-on-cannon-come-play-pel pel-i-pel-non-on pel-i-palp-non-on ? Come? ?com ?kom? Pel? Pell? pell? […]

path pathos pave povera least resistance – search from

– pickings peck beak while sitting in a cafe its suddenly hard to ignore a conversation between 2 people. It’s a small cafe, only 2 bars pretending to be tables. An interval between listening and interior design? The conversation seems to blend at times by words and beats that appear to jump or leap, leapjump […]

power – energy – food – SomeKindOfAbeinG?

being bing beinging banging bonging begging binging booging bogey boging bringing be being booing buying balling bailing blahing blahblah bloom belonging bending blanding bonding bond band be baba bahai baboon banofi bazzar balloon ban bank bam bum bambam boom beam be being beness bereft betheft behold betold between beseech besearch bejerk bebaba babcha? BeiBinBeibeiBanBonBegBinBoogBogBogBriBBeiBooBuBaBaiBlaBlablaBanoBazBalBaBanBaBuBabaBooBeBBeiBeBerBetBehBetBetwBesBesBejBebBab? BeiBinBeinBaBoBeBinBooBoBoBriBBeiBooBuBaBaiBlBlBlBelBenBlaBonBonBaBBahBabBanBazBalBanBanBaBuBaBooBeBBeBenBerBeBehBeBeBeBeBeBeBab? […]

dee do doo dodo d dododo da d’dee d’doo dd deedee di do deed di did dadada da dod doo dood dud?

[dee do doo dodo d dododo da d’dee d’doo dd deedee di do deed di did dadada da dod doo dood dud?] emoticon?