1 single pixel in mind?

Noticed this link headlined something to the tune of 1 pixel camera.

Reminded me an old idea of 1 px portraits. The idea was to reduce portraits to single pixels, basically.
The link – not the content – gave me the idea that perhaps someone went a step further and made a camera that takes only one px images. (This one is about using single pixels to construct details pictures/images – as far as I seem to understand..)

However, this episode re-ignited the single px in mind.. Perhaps think/imagine this as a creature that keeps taking 1 px images of stuff? Am thin king prhpas a sort of if search sequence that produces single px to live from. (ie search..)

Perhaps operations that search from single pixelising life?

If all is not a single pixel
if all for creature is a single pixel
If single pixel is not an abstraction but just a random pixel
or if a single pixel is an abstravtion
or if a single pixel is a concentration

if single pixel is a random sample

if 1pxBeing recalls all pixels

if 1pxBeing size is in proportion to pixels

hummmm – i think this requires ranges and i do not know which ranges to take.. perhaps to begin with, ranges from intervals because intervals operate as sequences from un expected elements to be introduced into a frequency… I think of it like joining a stream of cars/people/entities – one is waiting for the interval between,, no?

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