spoty perceptions

untitled screenshot #1

chinese cultural medical and state autoritarianism in space action

old age money is about to lose cultural object-linked value with fans that will satisfy imf by listening to murdoch used tv engage d hurst and support the rich by voting tory

i used to ignore security issues claiming it paranoia giving in to power – hence reaffirmss powers need to be via others fears

starting from 1px

A while,a long while back, i had the idea of a single pixel portraits. the idea seems to come back in different ways.. It seems that in a effect, the interest’s point/place-of-departure is a numerical element of an “element”. (somehow ridiculously numerical, eg 1 pixel.) The element – which i just replaced from the term […]

daily bias – hourly prejudice – momentary lapse

kandinsky on steroids is still an attempt to conserve / untitled-#1954


true face of Huawei hackers strategies for a global facism bash-dash

death and power – the only panda in town

dont look at nor for but .png

the apple of their fears is better shared

killer facebook thumbs for an anti cartoonistic facism

power as an upside-down meaning of energy

was european nationalism an uber-imposition of religious fervour into nation states and is that a bit like placing power onto civil politics nowadays

the guardian has its own version of openess based upon closeness of who curates and decides the definition

ex ppe students argue while the gods smile for stoke manchester and heathrow but never for blows