beyond queuing binaries?

At the supermarket queue someone behind me got pushed.
She said:
AAARRGGHHH! I don’t like it – why people are SO Rude??!!
Then a bit of a vitriol came.

I said that indeed in these kind of events, it is hard to find the right thing to say..
Then it occured that she lets people piss her off.
She agreed.
However, I thought, will it be wise to suggest “keep calm”??
No, I thought. Then you get yourself knotted, but hide.. Kind of even more knotted, no?
What if she just pretended it didn’t happen? Moved on and forgot?
Then she’d be releasing some materials that will come to haunt her once getting used to ignoring others settles in..

So I said:
It is really tricky.. How do we both acknowledge the feeling of pissedoffness, but then keep cool and move on? ie:
you get pissed off – not calm.
you get to move passed the disturbance time.
you get to sense, acknowledge, the event.

religions against democracy religiously?

Based on it seems yesterday was Tisha Be’av, a date jews believe to contain the getting rid of both their temples 600+ years apart. lol??!!
Based on my door mat spam, this is the month of ramadan when muslims are bound to fast and believe it to be the month when the Quran was revealed. exactly a month.. lol??!!

Well.. Religions are based on beleifs and faith, so perhaps the LOLs are from a different world..

Based on more contemporary events, the zionist israeli jews on the tight and there about, tend to say that palestinian nakba commemorations show the palestinians as victims-only, and does not help peace.

Based on my name and their ability to associate-link to the known, and diss-sociate by prejudice, islamic organisations presume me to be a muslim – hence said spam – and orthodox jews can not imagine me as any other person but some sort of a jew.

Is democracy only about voting?

instagram shop declarations

According to – kuwaits slap images on instagram that declare stuff for sale and seemingly, it works.
As Fatima Al Qadiri observes in this interview, all people need to do is declare that they are selling.
I find it interesting that, perhaps unintendedly, the declarative business practice is talked on a power-based imagry site such as by a spectacle image maker.
Have these switch mode signal entities found each-other in a sort of emergent way? Organically?

the gadgets or life? the living death of gadgets?

Free choice is a strange proposition:
You can have App, And, Agg, or Azl gadget – which will you fancy choosing?
The choice elements contain only positives, and neglect to suggest, not even in a wide-brash sort of way, that you can have None. This deletion from the choice sequence has a link to the questions people come up with in mind when considering choice sequences:
– How might my choice affect me?
– If I say “No” – will I hurt someone, disappoint them, or get some negative outcome by default?
By posing the choice proposition sequence in the way I did, in fact, I have killed your choice before giving you a chance to have one. I have posed certain inhibitory questions in your mind – if not even possibly triggering inhibitory prejudices.. Therefore in effect I turned the sequence to that of choice only, not of Free-Choice. ie, I might benefit from any of your choice, and you might not – whether you “chose” a gadget or not..

Indeed, to have a free choice, like free expression, you ought to be able to exercise that act free of negative repercussions by powers-that-be to what-ever-it-is-you-choose. In fact, not just free of negative outcomes by the more powerful than you, by also free of having to fear such outcomes.
Can you choose parrhesia?
Foucault traces thoughts and perceptions regarding these questions in fearless speech.

Sure, perhaps I phrased it too strongly.. I mean, if choice and its freedom are processes in an ever negotiating sequence practice, then at least one can have is the ability to question the process? The ability to fearlessly take part in the practice?

Do you think this guy, or that one has that freedom?
Do we have the fearless freedom to not use one gadget or another..?

google and power abuse for cynical view of human laziness

People, like any organic and perhaps even non-organic network-switch-modes (NSM??), seek the optimum laziest way to be. You’d rather type YA than YACY, for the search engine webaddress to come up. Hence the heads in google and other profiteering organisations, figured hey, we can own one word and people’s minds at the same time.
Why stuff like / / when we can have some name to be the activity people want to do? People do not really google, they search, in their minds..
Hence google and co-conspirators, turned to try and get their will imposed. How can they tell the rest of us what is the agenda? Because we give them power? And because that power, once given, is really unchecked? Because as people, corporations seek the laziest way to be and must therefore abuse the power we gave them?
Because we give power..?

categorically prejudiced ideologue

An interesting lecture a Human Behavioral Biology by Robert Sapolsky . –

About 15 mins in he is talking about categories and the prejudicial difficulties they produce.

The tack that is critical of categories seems very attractive to me. Perhaps am blinded by the attractiveness, however the notion of checking cause and effect to counter categorical thinking/imagining is a mistaken turn in my mind. It seems to me that cause and effect requires an ideology, a categorical prejudice, that predetermines the link between 2 or more elements to be cause and effect type.

Hyposub is a term that questions, or imagines the questioning of cause and effect kind of linking. As far as I seem to comprehend, Sapolsky suggests where a behaviour comes from. What happened around, what kind of neurons were firing, which elements were at play prior to an event.
I think that this approach, somehow ironically in the case of Sapolsky because he seems to push for anarchic rather than hierarchical understanding/learning, produces a prejudice of heirarchical processes. (one will not Be without X.) However, if we are in fact equals in a clustered soup network, then perhaps only link between signal switches*, that might go either/all ways, is a rather more accurate or free way to imagine?

Am using signal switches as basic possible elements, not with number attachment in mind. My fingers as signal switches on the keyboards’ keys that are signal switches -> the keys affect my fingers, determain where and how and in which effort they more, as much as my fingers affect the keys, press them keys. If we check the key being pressed as an effecy from a cause, we miss the network..?

lingo lingo demantic ticks and impressions

Just had a read of X minister not worried AT all about her marginal high poverty high “immigrant” constituency, speaking against government plans to shut off Britain by attacking immigration further.
Well, I think she might have a point regarding the question of language. Is a bond a bit like a bail? Is this a message that potentially immigrants might be criminals? Is reporting to police with the “alien card” – as I was to do when I 1st came to Britain, check this, “came”, no migration here – was that not a little bit sort of criminal potential signal? Or was it fine because not many people actually knew about that?

fugoo and the duck of going to ddk from google

I have been using ddk – duckduckgo – for a fair few years now.
fugoo – is the verb for fuck-google and using other tools. (these are mostly tools, not services as people like to call them, because owned by few and for profit. Software, a tool, As a service = a n attempt to wrap the tool as a service it ain’t.. Anyhow, this is a diversion..)

Many, or a fair few people ditch google for other tools currently, specially following the looooooooooooooong over due realisation that googling is helping (other people get economic power) via spying on you. Not many people are masochistic in that way, I guess.
Interesting, in my mind that the fact people have been working for nothing – slaving – to the pleasures of google and other such corporations, seems fine.. Is this because the very slaves would have switched places had they’ve been given the chance?

Well.. I recall when it was late 90’s and google’s early days. The long into the night discussions laced with smoke and alcohol, of the perils for using google, the perils of googlising your life, and people say: well, this is a different kind of business, a new kind of economy, distributed by nature on the network – hence google will not be evil. (..and then came the evil microsoft rant..)

So when, for example, people fugoo for duck duck go, I get a bit of a deja vu. I know the guy that developed ddk is very nice, affable, intelligent and friendly with fab intentions. However, he is also Human, and we Humans do not deal with power very affably, intelligently, friendly and well intended. Just like any kind of drug interactions in our bodies, power makes us do stuff that otherwise – we wouldn’t have.
Since we live within power based culture that all too often cultivates its arbitrary power positions for distribution of means and wealth – we not know any other way but of power.
Therefore, as long as we do cultivate power – rather than, for example, raw energy – the powerful need to be in check. Thats is why we are developing democratic practices for.. No?

headless but not brainless or memoryless – worms

Sort of memo note of possible public interest:
Did you know decapitated – yes, headless – worms can grow their heads again? OK, its new for me..
It seems – perhaps somehow deceptively – that memories of the old head/brain come with the new one..(??!!)
Imagine – losing your head, keep living, and yet have some nostalgia..?

5 dimensions are 3 + 2 rhythms of storage?

Seems like down the road in Southampton they did 5 dimensional storage..? Not sure I misunderstand correctly, however the 3 usual dimensions seem to be joined by expanding and moving data nano elements that, in a sense, express themselves in rhythms..

(( I think perhaps my mind goes – if the link of substance, that which is immanent for itself at a particular sequence, is based on 3 dimensions of space, the time element of space is there but not entirely relevant? ))

under the stand hypo stasis sub stance behind the visible

It feels like the terms we use for imagining how stuff IS, are based on concepts of ancient minds that asked questions of in-consequential nature? Perhaps epistemological nature when we try to get ontological?

How come these ideas come to mind.. Hummm.. Well:

* it began by checking substance. Sub and stance which has a reference to the Being of elements and imagining that being as stuff Under (sub) the Stance (that which stands/seen/appear). Yes, an interpretation, but I wonder how incorrect..
Specially when considering:
* It might be that Substance, with latin roots, is a later version of Hypostasis, a greek term that seemingly refers to the same sequence, of considering the Being of stuff, how X Is being. Again, we have an imagination of Hypo – under – and Stasis, a fixed and seen element.
Interesting? Perhaps not yet..
* Understand is literally Under + Stand. We confabulate that into “I know X” when X might be a meaning, a subject, a knowledge, an information, etc. However, it can also be taken, as a short hand for “I get the substance”. I “dig” it – what ever that It might be.

In all these examples, that seem to rely on ancient minds’ imaginations and subsequent conceptions, we have a duality between the stand/stance/stasis and its under causes. The cause that makes X be visible..
Ontology and pre-ontology?
Clusters and networks?
Signals and objects?

I do not know that am able to get past that at the moment.. Past that binary duality of misconception and subsequent conception. I want to type – of Life – but ofcourse it is Part of life, misconceptions and misconceptions LINKS to/with rest of signal switches?

Perhaps currently am content with the imagination of Switch – In, Operations, Out. Switch is a basic Rhythmic unit!!??

chokeender plus kickstarter news – the not do fund?

Some time ago i had some ideas for kickstarter crowd funding that critiqued the practice. At least attempted to..
It has not been done because of time and perhaps other ideas seemed more interesting to develop at the time.

I recalled the idea this morning because another crown funding possible notion came to mind:
basically, to give people the opportunity to make me do Not some listed ideas by funding me to Not do them! That is how they can help the world!
eg – i will not do an artificial natural fingers that eat morrocan food, i will not do a jar that is made of membrane that feeds on the ingerients by the time they are off, I will not do a co2 molecule that links and recalls, making networking and sharing info a bio chemical process, neich tube – a lotion that helps your room walls to assist you finding niche markets via making them sensitive to wind info, cache art – ways to launch artistic imaginations cached in various ways (browser, weather balloons, air waves, furniture, etc. ), dna=skateboard the skateboard that creates new dna with concrete and tarmac, the sex wink – a new wink type that can cause only one thing, a singular clash ball – a banana that slowly becomes a ball that clashes with itself, the rhythmic electric socket – an e socket that becomes slower in time depending on the frequency of use and temperature history.

I’ll need something like £5k for the next 3 months and then neither will be done!! People could save the world from these. Else, if you want it, do not give money, but offer your support!!??