beyond queuing binaries?

At the supermarket queue someone behind me got pushed. She said: AAARRGGHHH! I don’t like it – why people are SO Rude??!! Then a bit of a vitriol came. I said that indeed in these kind of events, it is hard to find the right thing to say.. Then it occured that she lets people […]

a dark and darker response to #stackoverflow?

For people who get censored by #stackoverflow – – seemingly a propriety which could possibly lead to a #market?

religions against democracy religiously?

Based on it seems yesterday was Tisha Be’av, a date jews believe to contain the getting rid of both their temples 600+ years apart. lol??!! Based on my door mat spam, this is the month of ramadan when muslims are bound to fast and believe it to be the month when the Quran was […]

hell made of pizzas?

Crowdwize site reddit users decided(??), to send pizzas for a child in a hospital. Nice? Now.. Where is the app that tells you how many pizzas are kind of enough? Is this the flipbit of emergent stuff? How do you get the signal its time to move on and emerge in some other way? ie […]

instagram shop declarations

According to – kuwaits slap images on instagram that declare stuff for sale and seemingly, it works. As Fatima Al Qadiri observes in this interview, all people need to do is declare that they are selling. I find it interesting that, perhaps unintendedly, the declarative business practice is talked on a power-based imagry site […]

the gadgets or life? the living death of gadgets?

Free choice is a strange proposition: You can have App, And, Agg, or Azl gadget – which will you fancy choosing? The choice elements contain only positives, and neglect to suggest, not even in a wide-brash sort of way, that you can have None. This deletion from the choice sequence has a link to the […]

google and power abuse for cynical view of human laziness

People, like any organic and perhaps even non-organic network-switch-modes (NSM??), seek the optimum laziest way to be. You’d rather type YA than YACY, for the search engine webaddress to come up. Hence the heads in google and other profiteering organisations, figured hey, we can own one word and people’s minds at the same time. Why […]

categorically prejudiced ideologue

An interesting lecture a Human Behavioral Biology by Robert Sapolsky . – About 15 mins in he is talking about categories and the prejudicial difficulties they produce. The tack that is critical of categories seems very attractive to me. Perhaps am blinded by the attractiveness, however the notion of checking cause and effect to counter […]

quantum physics linking game theory

According to this news, Bell non-locality and Bayesian game theory, can be linked in a way which, might, produce yet-to-be-explored ways of using the two together. I wonder if the research was to show that there is no Mutual connection, it could be the non-linkage that could lead to new explorations too, no? eg, other […]

lingo lingo demantic ticks and impressions

Just had a read of X minister not worried AT all about her marginal high poverty high “immigrant” constituency, speaking against government plans to shut off Britain by attacking immigration further. Well, I think she might have a point regarding the question of language. Is a bond a bit like a bail? Is this a […]

fugoo and the duck of going to ddk from google

I have been using ddk – duckduckgo – for a fair few years now. fugoo – is the verb for fuck-google and using other tools. (these are mostly tools, not services as people like to call them, because owned by few and for profit. Software, a tool, As a service = a n attempt to […]

how todo cache art?

Cache art? The search of imagination cultivations – perhaps switchmode processes – that could allow people to question and reflect via multiple means upon the practices of caching?

headless but not brainless or memoryless – worms

Sort of memo note of possible public interest: Did you know decapitated – yes, headless – worms can grow their heads again? OK, its new for me.. It seems – perhaps somehow deceptively – that memories of the old head/brain come with the new one..(??!!) Imagine – losing your head, keep living, and yet have […]

5 dimensions are 3 + 2 rhythms of storage?

Seems like down the road in Southampton they did 5 dimensional storage..? Not sure I misunderstand correctly, however the 3 usual dimensions seem to be joined by expanding and moving data nano elements that, in a sense, express themselves in rhythms.. (( I think perhaps my mind goes – if the link of substance, that […]

under the stand hypo stasis sub stance behind the visible

It feels like the terms we use for imagining how stuff IS, are based on concepts of ancient minds that asked questions of in-consequential nature? Perhaps epistemological nature when we try to get ontological? How come these ideas come to mind.. Hummm.. Well: * it began by checking substance. Sub and stance which has a […]

firefox market – open for money and closed for fun and culture development?

chokeender plus kickstarter news – the not do fund?

Some time ago i had some ideas for kickstarter crowd funding that critiqued the practice. At least attempted to.. It has not been done because of time and perhaps other ideas seemed more interesting to develop at the time. I recalled the idea this morning because another crown funding possible notion came to mind: FUND […]