soylent, broccoli and me?

I have been recommending soylent, and considering it myself – for when I have time and money to organise – for some time now. However, one of my constant grimes with soylent is the feeling it is a sort of conservative effort. Not simply because of its capitalistic outlook – getting funds to automate and […]

trans and maths or numbers and meanings?

I keep wondering about stuff like: the number 2, for example, it can apply for 2 apples, 2 as an abstract outcome of a calculation, as an element of another number, as an element of a calculation, etc… In such usages, the 2 doesn’t mean something other than what it is, but is being applied […]

being and aiming through meanings of meanings by meaning without?

Just write some stuff re Meanings on barbicantalk forum: … 2- I have learned a lot via this exchange, so placing yourself as “learning”, if I accepted that, would feel disingenuous.. For example, It seems that in your mind – I suspect the vast majority of people’s minds – there is an idea of seeking […]

violence dreams imagination in cycles?

Heard somewhere someone saying stuff to the effect of “the 1st step of violence is to change dreams”/imagination(?). ie, say there is a cultural dream of telling people not to say certain “rude” words, if I imagine/dream of a culture where such words/terms will not be censored, then by default am being violent towards the […]

school for poetic computation and yours honestly?

Just bumped into this poetic computation school – yup another School/Edu/Institutional/ Element – however tbh my 1st reaction was: idk much about how/what they do + why didn’t i do that kind of stuff more since 95 when i did a few poetics with javascript? Well.. So in a sense, should I not apply the […]

trust trsst rss t

Noticed a newIsh twitter clone wonnabe riding the newly found interest in encryption. My interest here is how the capitalised mind seems to imagine a new found market, a group of people to colonise. Instead of viewing the privacy question as – how i think it is – an inevitable violation of power, the capitalist […]

checmical end of InterNational Criminal Court?

Am wondering how come the question in media hacks minds seems to be Attacking syria rather than ICC measures: Why Syria Still Won’t be Referred to the ICC Syria Spotlights Problematic International Law Obama Should “Resist the Call” to Intervene in Syria The ICC is not being considered despite It being controversial in itself – […]

islam and imagining the end of art via prophesy??

In Islam, Mohamed is imagined to be a prophet. He is not just a prophet, but the last of a certain – somehow judeo-christian – line of prophets. I do not know what islamic tradition means by “prophet”, however, for my mind, the “prophet” is a person that says something which is applicable for all […]

transablities? collisequence?

1 2 4 5 6 9 11 as a strand in a collisequence derived from a shopping trip because in itself it IS, its Being, is Trans-able. I can do it in a photo, a music, a documentary, an essay, as of itself, or an element, strand, etc. The question in my mind is just […]

perhaps and doubt openess with openness to doubt possibilities of + and haps

Transference, does it have to be psychological? Psychoanalytical? Perhaps Transference is also open to a transcollision? To a Perhaps that is open to doubt rather than manipulation by hap master like fate and chance?

happen luck, fortune, fate hap befall occur come-to-pass, happening event

the confabulation search of stuff like hap. Each term, each word, each dna strand lives as a sequence who’s links are contentiously confabulated and searched as to their plastic nature through how we can imagine them. I really like the term Fork. I can fork a keyboard and a cat, also a cloud – but […]

in a linked sequence you don’t need to kill me to assert yourself

No need != none. Hence a possibility rather than utopia. A possibility that could bring its own harsh outcomes, rather than a complete positive. Its another kind of doubt – i doubt? In an unlinked culture, a painter, mathematician, etc., can adhere and cultivate traditions, or attempt to “break”. The “break” is to assert a […]

the violence of Being

Am kinda listening to Zizek’s violence revisited where, at the beginningIsh of the tirade he is talking about violence a requirement to “be heard”. I want you to know I think of A B and C + think X Y and Z, so I will violentiise(??!!) the Statements – else I will not be heard/taken […]

a few trans links?

<copy> – words_prefixed_with_trans- <misc> – starts-with/trans/ <precision> – lists/192997#view=notes  

communal eating dinning histories? Social significance of communal dining in Etruscan Italy from the seventh to the fourth century BC: an iconographical approach Community Eating via Buca di Beppo Community Eating via Buca di Beppo

erdogan, turkey, egypt, fear and how to spot a 21st century despot?

I noticed some hebrew publications featured a story re turkey pm, erdogan, and his remark that turkey has some evidence that points towards israeli engineered coup in egypt. WOW! As the link to what erdogan allegedly said points out, the evidence is a jew. An intellectual jew. That person, the-intellectual-jew TIJ, was heared saying that […]

beyond google and evil?

Sometime is the 90’s microsoft seemed to be pissing – or taking the piss – on users, developers, laws, etc. by monopolising internet explorer via means like: disabling other browsers, not letting other browsers be “main” one, etc.. With that kind of background, the young googlers came up with a promise they had to break. […]