art at times of alternatives and urgent crisis?

Alternative & crisis is a week long events in response to current capitalistic crisis – I think some economies are not in any crisis. This will be followed by an exhibition curated by Oliver Ressler & Gregory Sholette that, according to the English blurb: “…today artists normally avoid to work on the question of the […]

academic anthropological view of art and survival?

In this lecture, the context is attempting to understand art scientifically, and one of the more memorable statements for me is When we undergo art.. Or is it when will we undergo art..? In the 1st talk though, he is mentioning – among other stuff – the issue of survival. He said that to begin […]

not THE but A 1st conversation re cultural value policies etc.?

Had what turned out to be the 1st part of a hopefully longer conversation/interview style with Suzzanna re Cultural Value Initiative. We agreed, at least I think we did, that this will be a conversational interview, in the sense that Suzzanna’s replies to questions will drive the process. Another issue was of saying things of […]

stuff regarding cultures & religions I get not

Noticed this report by Muslim Women’s Network UK (MWNUK) re abuse of women in contemporary Britain. Abuse should be stopped and culturally be in a n eliminative process. However, if this report is correct – have not yet checked my view on this, but will assume it is correct, especially for the writers/mwnuk – I […]

county – counting time while imagining it & shit?

Deadline Countdown Deadline Countdown bean$ counter$ miscies from widgetbox Get the Count Up Timer 2.0 (Updated Version) widget and many other great free widgets at Widgetbox! Not seeing a widget? (More info)

gay barilla pasta boss comments and violence?

Seems like some people from gay communities call for boycotting Barilla pasta, for a pretty cool notion. The Barilla boss, does sound like a blasted rotten tomato with comments that seem to encourage legitimacy of prejudices against a minority. I will def not get items from than brand – or linked to that brand – […]

infographics debates and point missing?

Just had a read of this pro minimalistic inforgraphics post. On a google analytics’s info site.. Anyhow.. seems like the thrust – if there is one – is that they rather like the minimalistic infographics approach/language/entity/organism. Seems kind of fair enough until bits in their descriptions/reasoning pop up.. eg – look, these lots of colour, […]

valve’s version of un-managed workers in a capitalist game?

Valve, by bbc hacks, is doing some bossless working time with the idea that people will produce more and better without a manager to boss them about. Workers owning, running and thriving in running workplaces runs deep in time, and in my pov can be traced to pre-roman slave liberation movements. In this Valve’s iteration […]

anti democratic discrimination in the name of democracy?

Where are Jews discriminated against, openly and with a cahooting state power? Frankelinstine. (otherwise known as israel/palestine) Where in Frankelinstine Jews are discriminated against in such a manner? In the area zelot/fanatical/zionist/religious/secular-traditional israeli-jews seem to want to keep most – Jerusalem. Where in Jerusalem such discriminatory activities take place? In exactly the space that such […]

imagine the language-conversation between skateboard wheels and surfaces?

Recordings of the 2nd itteration of: how do you imagine the language-conversation between skateboard wheels and surfaces?

terror of terorismism?

I wonder, when terror as a concept, a practice, a question and a cultural strategy is being used to apply for a diverse range of activities. eg. contemporary egypt – are we talking about making terror a blanket perception of everything? If the peaceful protester and the militant islamist, and the desert robber are all […]

crossing acrossing transing?

just the title? road, culture, speed, time? do they cross? do they actually collide?

voice recognition – more buzz re interface?

Voice recognition, in terms of voices, are they not kind of networked? One person’s voice is recorded as data to be applied in different configurations/links.. Also, sort of history of voice recognition tools.. Is that a new kind of music/sound carrier?

desperate isation of X while X = society?

With the tories in power, and the bedroom tax in place, it suddenly occurred to me that we have an example of dealing activities of search for mass populations..(?) Tories ask themselves how to create more desperate groups of people – eg social renters, jobless, single parents, etc. – so they could be driven to […]

how to kill a us president without taking their life while being a mass murderer?

How do I imagine a couple being accused of being a mass murderer by killing bush/obama/clinton – while the accuser acknowledging the people are still alive? I think this will be an interesting and worth while search in itself! However, or it might be an element of the search, the question of act & language […]

non-algorithmic programming links bin ligacow

non algorithmic as not optimal & trial/error Not sure they are correct assuming, qualia and meaning production is non-algorithmic.. (transCultural perhaps is, Budhism is not..?) Lisp, Haskell, Scheme. All functional = nonalgo? are neural nets & parallelograms & multi-threads = nonalgos? not sure how bulshit this might […]

Fair phone fun, future or fairness flop?

Noticed today the Fair Phone which supposed to be made of my mobile device wet-dreams.. I have a basic repulsive sense every-time I need to use my phone, because the 1st thing in my head is the question – How many people died for this to be an object of possibility? How many were spear-raped […]