quick question re abstraction and reflection and

If/when an apple is abstracted to a number – say 1 – then it can be argued that the 1 reflects upon the apple, yes?
However, does it also spectacularise the apple, or the 1 (ie the act of abstraction) or both, or something else, or something else as well – or the spectacle question is irrelevant here – or..?
Is it that spectacle requires meaning provision? I give/create/attach/invest/link/curate/inject meaning – hence by the very fact that we have X meaning X (or Y), then X is a spectacle..? (either of X or Y, or both?)

I think this has something to do with my reflection on ubuweb web of ubu..

emancipation, equality, and integration as capitalistic objectives or?

are these just the way the left has demonstrated its capitalistic culture? Perhaps something else..
Since am fairly immanently to visit Frankelinstine again 🙁 am checking the news there as I want to get a feel of whether or not am stepping into a bombing campaign..
Noticed a view by the new top israel of bank cahoona, that the group of people they name “israeli arabs” should have, in effect, less discrimination against them – because otherwise “israel” will suffer economically. (from a capitalist perspective..)

Does this not imply that in effect, the 20th century’s leftist efforts for integration, equality and emancipation of minorities and groups discriminated against was, in a effect, an effort to support and entrench capitalism?
It was not in intent.
However, I’d argue that perhaps the ability of a fair few people to perceive these processes as objectives, as being able to be encapsulated by, for example, laws – made it very capitalistic friendly. Hence we could get people like Blair & Clinton, & Fukuyama saying that we have reached a point of no need to press on with stuff like equality – because we already have It. As if the process of equality is a product..(??)

This actually makes me think there is a sort of similarity with art.. In the sense that art is a process – not a product – yet people rather treat art as an It with products/projects/objects..

when X is an X for Y rather than modernistic?

Some of my sequences of thoughts regarding ROO and linked approaches, were criticised – mainly by my own mind – as Modernistic at least in approach, or even in culture.. (as in the stuff they cultivate..) For example, the idea of getting a sort of quint essential rhythm of an entity is a sort of reductionist approach that can be said to resemble Modernistic ones..
However, I’d like to argue that perhaps this is a case of mistaken identity.. It might look like reductionist – but it isn’t, and that the very reductionist Look/seemingness is because of a very different take to bareness than that of Modernism.. (however, why do I compare..? hummm..)

In Modern minds, as far as I can tell, the reductionism was a cultivation of the imagination of ideal. The reduction of painting to find/uncover/realise/experience/do the paintingness of painting. Or to write the book that will be the ideal of all books – book of books.. A sort of reductionism to accelerate the end of history.. Therefore, the spacetime of Modernism is an evolving reduction process towards a language of shapes, colours, materials that in and of itself was/is/will keep searching in ways that might link to ideals of colours, shapes, materials, concepts, contexts, etc..

With ROO am/we(??) trying something a bit different..
The idea is not a reduction for an ideal – but an abstraction (that looks like reduction) that is/are connectable, transferable, foldable, and crossable, collidable in its own spacetime.
This is not an ideal, but a bit like a number. 1 is not an ideal of an apple, it can be used when abstracting a single apple for connecting with an exchange/crossing/collision. I’ll give you 1 apple, and you’ll give me 2 looks? (eg.. it makes harder to agree for something like: i give you apple you give me look.. in that case, i might mean to give you the appleness of apple, the colour of apple, etc.. ie what exactly is apple without the an..?)

spectating spectaclular spectrum?

Seems like spectating is very much linked or linkedAble to spectrum via spectre and in my mind spectacularly so..

Scope, as a sort of Wave-extent, is more the kind of vibrations I have in mind re spectrum – seemingly wrongly..

Perhaps even more so, the german word spähen “to spy”. Sense of “distance the mind can reach..”
This sounds to me more like an innate searchness of a wave.. As in wave as a spy/searching-rhythms that seem to have aim via aimless other energies.. They are just linked, not aimed.. Hence full of energy..? (not power.. power requires aim/meaning..)

a web of ubu db?

we we talking ubuweb at furtherfield hosting of Giving What You Don’t Have.
the suggestion that ubuweb has no critique and the critique offered in place linked … sorry.. got to write something else....

OK.. Back here..

The critique talked about at the talk in furtherfield linked in my mind to – Hey! lets make some stuff that UBUweb should have but doesn’t and kind of linked to this discussion.. In one word(ish) {self}Reflection. If its an UBU web, Lets make a web of UBUs.. Indeed one that might imagine various ways of linking, sharing, and thinking of UBUs as well as ubuwebbing?

* it will be a db that isnt, but could?
* a web that is but could be un-webbed as well as forked and added features to..? (humm.. check the add features and the ideas re stuff like chance poetry in..
* should this be like a domain? (will begin this as a subdomain for the skint nature of my life..
* should the db-no-db be shit or shittable? (not in meaning but in imagination?)
* how to do various kind of UBUlinks? Are the UBUlinks shittable? Perhaps yes? How to shit a link? Are these links that leave their scent? eg. Link, and a scent of a link is arty.li?
In that case, how will this be a shitty scent? A scent that is linked to a useage and rejection of stuff? Check this code here? ?? Hummm

a few thoughts re links in rhythms and networks of ducks

was just typing the beginning of a-web-of-ubu-db.
then it seemed for me that idk why people look for, in my view, fetishise, origins of processes, practices, projects and objects.
…which linked to/with/into links in networks.. links rather than event/cause/effect are the network make up. ..but you see how i wrote this?
rather than something (commonly used).
would i say the earth is a planet rather than a tree?
we could think of planets AS ANALOGOUS trees – but that they are trees..
So links..
can everything be linked? is everything linkable? well.. i think that is interesting in the case of ubuweb’s spectrum of action – how its done/being-made – and spectrum of content.
* Spectrum of action –
with an over lord managing the database – there is one person that from a network movement direction seems to be a hub of rejection/acception of links. I like/dislike this link or another – and i have the power to be on a narrow band of frequency because i like it!
* Spectrum of content –
in terms of reference, it can be said that by the centrality of Ubu, content can be linked to king ubu’s shit, and Jari’s link of Ubu’s shit to theatre – which SEEMED unlinkable/non-connectable at the time. Dada, which is/can/may be linked to Jari’s King Ubu, like the surrealists, used, for example, chance processes/strategies to produce stuff.
Chance based stuff carries with it a certain problem/difficulty in the sense that although made of linkables – eg words/colours – they do not link except deep within the artist own sense of profound ego. eg even the artists do not always feel/sense the links, the reason they Push these works is that they themselves “produced/made” it, its a shit made of the artist own arbitrary genius. However, because this arbitrary genial based products do not arbitrarily, but i’d argue – conservatively – rely on meanings, they fail to excite.
If you made a link between rhythms, links and ducks. A link that others might have not explored, and yet, seemed meaningful to someone, they might be excited to move this further. However, if the link seems like a duck.. Sort of a ducklink.. Then, like the dadaist/surrealist activities, the Meaning shifts from the product to the process of making, and the individual involvement in it.. Sort of a workshop.. ..And perhaps with the egos involved, a therapeutic workshop.

This shift is interesting, i think, of and in itself..

However, as the line above does, a link, i think the interesting/exciting/desire-able (desire as in seeking to fill as well as make a void), is to imagine spacetime spectrums of links abilities – knowing they’ll fail.. No?

Links are usually in space with no time.. Links now or not.. Not as in, linked in past, might link again..? No?

quantum aesthetics or

is aesthetics quantum of something else?

Joked – ignorantly – to myself re possibility of quantum aesthetics. Instead of wallowing in the joke, did a search that gave something like

No Excuses: Go Nomadic

i think that what i had in mind was a focus on non focus.. The quantity, quanta, rather than the object, the singular, the spot.. ..and perhaps this is not as quantum aesthetics from the 90’s in the sense that I might be doing a dualistic approach here.. hummm.. i think that i definitely just wrote about this dualistically, however, it is not doalistic in the senses the:
– I think of this as an evolutionary element, perhaps of emergence.. (eg, instead of placing one ting, do many of similar kind of stuff and life might begin?)
– with quantum you can do a singular, eg via percpective/distance, not the other way around, hence these are not 2 opposites, but one is a critique of another in terms of a sequence. Or perhaps a link of the other in terms sequence, and the other is witin one’s spectrum.. eg the singular object/objective is within the quantum frequency spactrum, not the other way around..?

why am i searching around a javasript ish compression?

should i go to check sarah lucas stuff in whitechapel art gallery or

is it that i have already made up my mind? or the real question/s is very different?
Seems like my mind is kind of into the spectacle in art at the moment.. (oor art-linked stuff as i like to utter..)
There is a certain sense, i think, in which reflection in art is kind of at least thematic if not central or constitutive. The art gesture is reflective upon itself and on society/culture/politics/etc.. I looked at the images from the show as they are on the whitechapel gallery website.
I can see what she is trying, at least in part.. I’ll show you references to bodily bits – many are not in them selves – but you, the observer, will fill in the gap. The humour in the fact that you fill in gaps in a very sexualised way, while knowing the materiality has nothing to do with it, is a reflective show of how people do this stuff daily. The focus on that in a gallery setting makes it into a spectacle, an over used and ott practice that me the artist uncovers..

Do I need to Be there in order to Get it? If the show is about the showing, and spectating the visual effects that gain values via contexts and can be fairly reasonably understood – why not contemplate that, or spectacularise that in itself? Why do I need to bother going all the way to whitechapel art gallery? Will it not be more interesting inthe Market at Elephant & Castle, or the market outside the gallery? ..Or some other place/s?

Transvangarde Transvantgarde and money based art spectrum?

while checking for palesitian art residencies, I bumped into october art gallery and the term Transvanguarde art, together with a promise of its bright future – together with exhibitions of transvanguarde masters of 2012 & 2013.
Really? Are they onto type error art and forgot a T? Are they referring to a re-use of transavantguarde? That was a “trans” of beyond avantguarde art..
The october gallery’s one is a trans of crossing and moving in between..
According to this very short blog entry: “..the transvangarde can perhaps best be described as an ongoing multi-cultural experiment in the visual arts that can only be understood in the context of a globally active – and consciously interactive – contemporary art scene without borders or boundaries.” (And the blog’s name is african art..)

Fine words.. However, perhaps am too sceptic(??) that am failing to perceive something(??), the label (transvanguarde), its usage and the objects/artefacts seem to me very culturally specific – they all seem of capitalistic culture. I guess it depends on certain definitions, which are shifty, however why do we have to buy into a geographic based cultural definitions? In a sense, if indeed this is an “experiment” as the blurb says, or a sort of “movement”, that rejects geographical base cultural and artistic definitions, maybe the socio-economic critical cultural approach to this is precisely what’s appropriate and respectful of the transvanguade’s proponent’s intents?

The african art’s short blog post that basically seem to try and direct me to a book about transvanguarde artists, appears suspiciously like a sales pitch to me. Beyond the question of wrongness, or otherwise, of attempting to sell stuff, am simply attempting to describe here what IT IS, in my mind – not whether its X or Y on a wrong/right scale.
One element though is not enough for me, we need to cross, to trans even for some realisations that perhaps have some grounding.. (just like finding stuff in libraries..)
So.. check the october art gallery website.. Check the terms and usage of images.. The minimal images approach, that supposed to make me feel as if there is something out in the gallery to visit – just because the gallery imposes some degree of scarcity, seems very capitalistic in its culture. The attempt to glorify, both in terms of words and scarcity, the transvanguarde art, artists and objects, appears to me suspiciously like art linked proponents in the 80’s that tried to prepare, manufacture and sell art trends and movements. That, again, seems to me part and parcel of capitalistic culture where the ideology of financial, numerical, and power gains, seem to be the kind of practices that are venerated, celebrated and cultivated..

True, this is not exactly my culture. Or it might be argued that I’d like it not to be my culture, yet it is the culture I know..
However, am not trying here to down-play capitalistic cultural practices, just highlight that the trans in transvanguarde art linked objects – might not cross much.. Not if we try to look at it from its own terms.. Event the avant-guarde reference in the name, seems for me to be a link to a vey specific culture of art history. A history that is based on and within capitalism, yes the very capitalism some avatguarde movements wanted to reject – however, this is a singular culture.. Indeed, without the singularity, the very metaphor and militaristic reference of avant guarde – is meaningless..

The idea of crossing and transing though is very evocative for me.. Transing rhythmically rather than geographically..

communitybox imagination exchange for frankellinstine – art residency checking..

This will be the dump for relevant links..

seems traditional art stuff but will check:

minimal info but contact – http://ta.m13g.com/air/kea_project_c/o_givon_gallery.3732.html

seems like a nice place but unsure if the term residence is of residency or “place of” as the translation from hebrew suggests.. lol

seem very Interesting + link with Upgrade.. However, they are in jerusalem.. wonder if this element can integrate with the idea..


these have art program but seem to be commercial? http://www.artportlv.org

they Had something.. should ask:

another jerusalem based art stuff –
—-should contact though..

a few possible links from upgrade.. all dead except http://maarav.org.il/ |

these guys seem interesting.. will ask generally – http://erev-rav.com/archives/category/%D7%93%D7%A2%D7%95%D7%AA

http://delfinafoundation.com/ – might have more art info??

should contact – http://www.palestine-art.com/contact.php

sent an email http://www.transartists.org/air/artschool-palestine

Perhaps i should phone these people??

not sure but seemed to be linked – http://sala-manca.net/events.htm
http://no-org.net/theupgrade/2009/02/hello-world/ (nazareth? need to find out)

does this mean art residency has no hebrew – http://eilaeitan.co.il/artportlv/ ??

will these guys be helpful?
(a bit political, but hey..)

a nice error from ru

have we done post-spectacular art yet, or?

are we just posting at times dis-satisfaction, grave as it may be, from the spectacularisation processes we are engulfed within?

Earlier today, I read somewhere, will have to look this up later, (typing now because this thing is stuck in my head!!) that so and so does X to, as the writer put it “spectacularise critique”.. I think it was in relation to 60 words crtic.. Will check..
Then it suddenly transpired to me – should have ions ago but here you go – that these little jokes and ironies and sarcastic openings and hypocritical stances we find in culture, when we point them out they way we do, eg that shows the redundancy, the pretence theatricality and bombasticness of it, that shows its smelttring swelling underbellies and the seemingly invincible invisible is visibly naked – when we do that, we spectacularise as well.. We are still within the spectacle language even when we rail against it, possibly as way to “ensure” we are heard.. Are you listening to unspectalurised content?

Content/meaning/stuff that is endorsed by many rather than few? That seems to be clever and sophisticatedly put? Meaning you understand, perhaps even agree, meaning that strokes your feel-good elements? Stuff that leaves a mark which transcends beyond its mere materiality? The walk in town was not “just a walk” it transformed the urban landscape.. 😉


Found the text that prompted me to think/propose/suppose/wonder the above.. Its from a Charlotte Frost post on [NEW-MEDIA-CURATING], titled:
Post digital art criticism: Lori Waxman’s 60wrd/min art critic.

the interaction goes:
CF: I love the way 60wrd/min makes a spectacle of criticism and draws
attention to the ways it’s changing in the digital age. Was the acceleration
of art writing the specific impetus behind the project?

LW>>In part, yes, though I would say more generally that it is the
acceleration of everything‹more art, made faster, digested faster, alongside
just about everything else in our prolific visual culture‹that really
prompted the project. But also it was the opaque nature of art criticism, of
how mysterious and absent the critic always seems to be. What would happen,
I wondered, if the critic was made available and criticism was made


fusing, confusing, colliding art links?
people place links:
artxyzrt.moo ->>>
how to add links to a page? – login / add data / save data / display data / check data = link?? / associate links with person
http://www.phpeasystep.com/phptu/6.html (flat file??)

others add links to the link ->>>
how to add associated links, sublinks? / email these to people

the links are shared
associated people can delete/mod/etc.

add / fuse / confused (seems but hey..) / collide / parallel /

capitalism and its waste production is ethical but not economic?

Watched Elysium a few days ago. A very predictable story about a narcissistic hero of forced circumstances that saves everyone and learns nothing but the use of power.
The story depicts a society of a few haves and many have-nots, and suggests that the struggle is between the efficiency that necessitates this divide, and the immorality of deep social divisions. Therefore one of the main protagonists is sent to earth to drive production by, in a sense, make life harder for everyone and deepen divide. On the other-hand, the narrative makes emotional appeals – eg a leukaemia ill child that could be aided in a few seconds, but isn’t because she is not an Elysium citizen.

It seems like the wrong imagination to have – though shared by a fair few people as can be heard in this interview where Joyce Applby makes a binary link between democracy (morality) and capitalism. Is this the drama? Between efficient capitalism and moral activities. I think many people imagine like that, hance, for example, imagine the possibility of capitalism with human face. A humane capitalism? Sounds like a story of a human cockroach..

Capitalism, I think, should be tackled from a different kind of imagination, one that does not appeal to morality but the waste – the reality of capitalistic waste.
The question is how to imagine a more efficient way to do stuff. For example, how efficient is it that people with phds are forced into prostitution or bar waiting?
Or, as the Elysium film depict, how efficient is it when we have a capable person like the main protagonist, who is forced into a job where he doesn’t get challenged, in danger of regressing his talents, not learning new skills, getting in an economic disadvantageous living, and dying younger that otherwise is possible. How much social, economical and cultural waste does this individual represent for a system?