writing hardware?

Found myself using an old router as a note writing pad thing.. Perhaps this could be an interesting way to do stuff? What is the tech is broken and functions are written on it? To repair? To make it organic? What if this is old tech, working but with a big Hey.. ..and it is […]

rape spectacle audience power and money or

any numerical exchange? Was watching a bad film feeling fascinated. The accused is an illustrative cinema with predictable characters, narrative and an instrumental cinematic tropes.. However, I lingered on because there seem to be some unintended elements that revealed darker imaginations.. One was regarding the role of audience/crowd in a spectacle/act. The other was the […]

ghosts with rhythms of life and art or?

art linked linking? searching? Woke up this morning and coffeed to the tune of 10k+ dead from Haiyan Typhoon.. Apart from the feeling that personification of winds gives them sort of ghostly feel/sense/aesthetic – the dead felt for me as ghosts.. As un-timely dead from preventable rhythms, as per our politicised/economised/capitalised ecological environment.. or is […]

is this a sort of search art writing – or just

something that begins with death? Points of departure..? search sequence w’out rhythm? death is total automation? death is total automation within a search? death is an automation of war brutality power search automation a searching algorithm, a strand, a link/sequence of logic to search from? etymology algorithm algorithm dictionary algorithm http://www.thefreedictionary.com/heuristic http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/No_free_lunch_in_search_and_optimization meta algorithm http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Metaheuristic […]

search culture sorry being performance and a long queue?

Supermarkets come with queues, and more often than not, a sort of failed look out and pseudo calculations as to which might take less time to be processed through. There is also the quick, often queueless machines, but they come with a rather un comfortable baggage made of being made to do a job for […]

safety and caution – a conflation? or a

cultural conservatism? Got an email from yahoo re an account I opened mid 90’s or there about, and used for spammable sign-ups since.. They said that the email is for “safety” as there was some unusual activity on that account. Safety? Say someone is hacking the account, and that was my prime used email. Safeness […]

an ISP story?

Me & an ISP..