29 Ifs and a few others?

If imagination is imprisoned by other realities – eg “do it” ongoing exhibition
if imagination has its own reality that aspires, like realities do, to live itself rather than as an interpretation of itself
if imagination is an interpretative If (an if that Can be interpreted, yet once interpreted is not an if in the interpretation/translation)
if imagination, like a number, is an abstract rather than just an abstraction
if an abstract imagination is immanent to its ifs and no other
if imagination needs no prison of another real to adhere to, free as in fearless
if fearless imagination is alive in if
if living ifs’ oxygen is search processes
if search as in research-less, search x for searching x, and search y for searching y – is aesthetics of search
if searching, when Ifs in mind, fires imagination fearlessly
if fire is a power-neutral energy
if if energy is an if that has a being of a question
if a question is just a quest of itself that searches its searching with fearless imagining
if fearless imagination is an art process
if artists’ practices are technologies of imagination
if technologies are meaningless
if imagining with meaningful words makes fearful and well imprisoned imagination via the prejudice of meanings
if imagination requires prisons
if men should occupy public spaces and kill rivals imagination so women could imagine it is done just for them rather than is just being an imagination
if men’s imagination makes prisons filled mainly by male fears of ifs
if women should stay in-doors/hidden/unseen-as-individual well imprisoned in well kept open jails
if open prisons conflated as homes are women’s jails to tuck in firing yet dreading imagination intends to keep men’s fearful imaginations unseen
if imagining from within a prison imprisons the walls to the process of fetishising stuff beyond them
If human imagination is well imprisoned in cultural To-Do/To-Act demands as exemplified in the just do-it Nike ads, calls for actions by well intended charitable causes and the on going Duchamp inspired exhibition: DO IT.
if examples are indeed links to samples they Intend to exemplify
if imagination is an if sequence rather than the sequences of as-if, examples might be

agree to power download, deploy, signup you are my biatch err user now?

Time for a quick short and grammatically flawed rant..?

User agreement/s..

Where are the user DisAgreements? Why is it that because I fancy doing stuff, am being asked to agree 1st with some arbitrary thoughts of someone..?
No disrespect, mind. You want to express, argue, question, wooteva with your thoughts – fab!! In fact, do that fearlessly!
However, why use it to restrict other people? ie you can do XYz only If you Agree to 123?

How about:
Hey, I think XYz – am really curious to hear Other people’s thoughts!!??
Hey, If XyZ was an agreement proposal, how would you modify?
Here are my views – how would you think differently?

gaps of deception and deceptively honest gaps?

To type here in any kind and manner of language/s – I have to deceive myself as to the range of my knowledge and possibly abilities. (Both in terms of language and stuff am talking re/about..(

That deception, makes a sort of “gap” between claims for reality and the stuff that’s linked and shareable among people. ie I might claim having clues regarding high-land Scottish, however, this is probably not the experience of anyone else’s, nor am I able to support the claim – except via insistence.

Now, suppose I was able to recognise the gap between the reality of my claims and the reality that can be shared – then do stuff to fill/bridge that gap and make it smaller. Make the rhythmic Beat between presentation-claim-shared-beat (i say/present-to-you-a-statement that i know X) to practice-shared-beat (i do-practice-Y-shareably) – quicker and gapless. Once the gap is inconsequential or even gone, then the initial claim becomes honest, no?

Suppose I took different routes to address that gap:
For example, let people know that indeed there is the gap, but it is required to keep imagining it isn’t there – else the stuff that is built on mainlining the gap will fall apart, and everything with it will end!
For example, we know there is a gap, but daring to imagine it isn’t there will be fatal for the person who tries..

These aesthetics, in the way of sensual interplay of and between the honesty, gap, claim, language and knowledge elements might Sound very abstract and theoretical – so let me try to bring it down to earth..

Ukraine early 2014, to be more precise..

The Russian side Claims that al in all it is the honest side in this whole affair. More over, that unlike the “west”, Russia has no gap of honessty between statement of intent and actions. Yes, Russia is playing for power. Yes, Russia can decide the rules for neighbouring states, nations and regimes. Yes, Russia is tired of feeling Nato en-cycles its territory and is using the Ukraine to do something about it.

The “west” side Claims to be “moral” and on the Side-of-the-People, while at the same time pick and choose, globally, which “people” it is on the side of, when and what kind of price to extract for that. This, while at the same time, as in Ukraine, promise securities and fail to deliver. (eg Ukraine got promises of security when it gave up nuclear arsenal in the 90’s, and now its facing a nuclear power by itself..)

Indeed, as far as the Russian media, over lords and cheerleaders, the current sanctions slowly being implemented by the rest of Europe and North america, just shows how toothless, feeble and morally corrupt is the “west”. All that, while Russia is being simply protective of its interests and morally superior because its honest about it. We use brute force to enforce our interests while you guys either fail on your promises or being coy about your force usage via claims it is not for your interests but for democracy (afganistan/iraq/libia), or as protection for defenceless people (kosovo), etc..

However, for all that talk about Russian honesty and Gaplessness – between action and intent – Where does the Russian financial Elite/Oligarchy prefers, of its own accord, to place money for future security? Sibiria? China? Mongolia? Moscow? Chechnia? South-Osetia? St. Petersburg? Or “gay infested, corrupt and duplicitous” London & NY?
More over, as in the abstract example of the gaps enforcements, what might happen to people who do try to point at the gap between seeming honesty while using the wests’ stability for safe financial keeping?
Indeed, in my mind, the possible irony here is that the Very stability that affords the opportunities for Russians – and other authoritarian-based people – to keep fincences safe, IS the very nature of the gap that is being seen as hypocritical.
Yes, the “West” is hypocritical – Very naughtly and self-servingly hypocritical. Yes, the “west” has a HUGE gap between promises, statements of intent and actions. Yes, the west will try at every opportunity to appear moral, while doing the exact opposite.

However, the west also feels confident enough to address the gap. Indeed, openly addressing the gap IS, in my mind, one of the elements that allows the “stability”.

Because governmental/state repression and occupation in the west is done officially under guises of financial necessities and without ever actually meaning to, always some sort of a mistake that will require some correction – tensions are being kept to comparatively less life threatening processes.
As in example #1 – the gap (..or the possibility of having too large gaps between intent-knowledge-affect-actions) is acknowledged and Openly – an element to be addressed. (..even the claim of addressing the gap, or having it.. See 60’s feminism and how it was, to begin with, a trumpt-up “problem”, etc..)
However, still in the “west”, when it comes to financial and often authoritarian entities, the gap are, like in other authoritarian regimes, taken and dealt with, in accepted brutality. The brutality: how critical/questioning do you need to be of people like google/local-bus-company/etc. for that organisation to, in a sense, emigrate you to its very own Sibiria – ie think of you as un-employable.
More crucially, I think its fair to claim that such a behaviour, while un-acceptable by public organisations that supposed to be “inclusive”, is taken as very “logical” and “necessary” when done by these authoritarian commercial entities. ..And like their state-authoritarian-based counter parts, these capitalistic and occupying organisations require states’ own gaps-addressing capabilities, to provide a less physically brutal environment that allows some stability for these organisations to further their own causes..

Perhaps we have been, as a culture and perhaps species, so violently violated that we requre some hypocrisy in order to soften the blow of harshness dealing with real life?

No Idea. Not really.

However, I think that if some hypocrisy is required to begin gap filling processes, then the future of Ukraine, like the present of Rassian oligrarchy’s money location – is and will find its way with the “west”..
I hope that perhaps by the time Ukraine finds itself in the “west”, the Wests’ violent way of doing hypocricity – or perhaps hypocricity itself – will change..
Though prhaps this is a gap I should address in my own perception.. That between hopes, actual possibilities, and physical/cultural limitations..? 😉

beep beeep beepbeep

Since am going to be skateboarding on Palestine[‘s roads, it seemed like an idea to try engaging people via peeping for a cause kind of request.

Initially, I thought it will be an idea to use it also as a way to inform about the project via some web address which will be descriptive. eg palestine-art-exchange or something to that effect.

However, after seemingly unrelated email exchange with the people of the Wild Cherry cafe – whom am asking for help in some translation – it seemed like talking of the exchange would be stupid.. Too much to read when you are on the move, no?

Since the request is for beeping, seemed cool to repeat it in the web address.. However a fair few web domains already got their own beep..
Took a while and a bit of questioning between beepbeep, beeeeep, beeep, etc. – ended up with beep.pm
Hope it will work fine..

The line to be translated will be something to the effect of beep for art..

Perhaps slightly ironic, in context of this project that beep and blip was conflated in the beep song by pussycat dolls.. Or perhaps this is another kind of border transgressed..?

Another sort of linked – be it thematically – Beep, is the Block Extensible Exchange Protocol. The url has a core in it, perhaps because most beeps are gone..? 😉

sequences consequences links and politics?

Here’s a bit of text from the Guardian’s g monbiot ramblings today regarding think tanks, “media” and tobacco corps:

When the BBC was told that tobacco companies have admitted funding the IEA, the reasoning changed again. Now it argues that it would be wrong to assume “that an organisation adopts a particular position on an issue because it receives funding from an interested party”: it might have formed the position first and received the money as a consequence. That’s true, though it’s hard to see what difference it makes: if thinktanks survive and prosper because their position just happens consistently to align with the grimmest of corporate interests, the politics of the relationship don’t change very much. In either case, surely listeners should be allowed to make up their own minds. Who would not wish to be told that an organisation whose spokesperson is defending Big Tobacco on the Today programme receives money from Big Tobacco? What kind of broadcaster does not see that as relevant information?

Am interested in the intent he seems to assign to money, time and, in some ways, ideas.
What if thinktanks referred to were not getting any funds? Nothing but a cheer. Or even a critical voice as to their views on X topics – and that was roughly in line with certain corporations?
Would there be a question regarding the ideas expressed?
What if the sequence of events was –
thinktank person met up in a pub with corporate person.
corporate person suggested X.
thinktank person thought it was a good idea.
thinktank published stuff todo with the perceived good idea.
media asked thinktank opinion.
——->> would the media have to disclose the pub meeting?
What if the sequence was even more blurry?
What if a mutual friend or acquaintance happened to hookup with both corporate and thinktank people and passed ideas, as people do?
Does a consistency of ideas line – that way or another – implies a certain link that has deception at its core? (ie my line of thinking is not that tobacco is cool, but I will say its cool despite that because it keeps me very near power..)

It seems to me that where monbiot sees intent, and possibly a maliciously deceptive one, is not a necessity.. The are still just sequences with unintentional consequences – in terms of what we can tell without being presumptuous or even prejudiced..
Power, the availability of it and the proximity to it, is in a sense, a limiting constrain on sequences.. In that sense, power in and of itself is prejudicial..

imagination and violence?

Imagination technologies do not mean anything, in my mind. Nothing innate, nothing in them that isn’t violent by its nature. However, nothing in them that Is naturally violent. eg a firearm tech is by its nature to produce a violent event. Might not be an act, but even burning stuff is violent..
However, writing tech, is not Aimed at violence. Can be used violently – but isn’t innately so.

Here’s an example of how islamic jihad’s head homcho, picked up on the violence of zionist feelings towards jerusalem, and hopes that arabs in general and palestinians in particular could learn to produce such imaginations. I think he thinks that as a result of such imaginations, the bodies follow in physical activities?

Secretary General of the Islamic Jihad: Gotta love Jerusalem as the Jews
Ramadan Shallah quoted Naomi Shemer’s song – “Jerusalem of Gold” – a conference clerics in Tehran
NRG Ma’ariv
Tags: Ramadan Shallah
Send Ramadan, the Islamic Jihad Secretary-General addressed a recent speech at a conference of religious leaders in Tehran singing Naomi Shemer’s “Jerusalem of Gold”, as an example indicating feelings of love felt by the Jews of the world capital of Jerusalem.

מזכ”ל הג’יהאד האיסלאמי, רמדאן שלח
Secretary-General” of Islamic Jihad Ramadan Shallah Photo: AP failure
Army Radio was presented today (Monday) to the Send quoting lyrics in Hebrew and then immediately interprets them in Arabic. “They have a song in their entity Army Minister on June 7, when they captured the Al – Aqsa Mosque and entered the Temple Mount,” said Post, quoting the song and said that “this song says to himself every Israeli child and every Israeli soldier.”

Send criticized the attitude of the Muslims in Jerusalem and said that they are committed to it, at least not like Jews. “What does the example for us?” He said, “You will learn from the Jews, this cursed entity. They like the example not only militarily – but they do it well in a civilized way. ”

(..as a child growing in palestine, the song made me realise how false and convoluted zionism is.. it made me feel that they needed the song to convince themselves re how they could feel about jerusalem. it was/is a proof zionism is undemocratic by elevating its own aspiration above other people.. but not just zionism – all such nationalistic movements.. they can hardly be democratic if they need to exclude to survive, right?)

Sole to soul – A Mosaic of pixels

Sole to Soul – A Mosaic of pixels
(a place holder page)

Sole to Soul – A Mosaic of pixels
Sole to Soul will produce a mosaic made of shoe-soles to explore migrating human-souls through treating
each shoe-sole as a pixel within an evolving image.
Sole to Soul is using the interface of shoe-soles between a body to the ground, grinding slowly the sole while
leaving small fragments in its path, as a method of human-soul identity production that is an integral part of
contemporary urban socio-cultural mosaic. Shoe-soles embody paths in time-space, made by movements of
individuals and societies. These movements intertwine ground and human-souls through shoe-soles.
The activities with the interface between shoe-soles, body and ground surfaces, produce the left-over
fragments of memories and physicalities. These moving, migratory enabling movements of urban steps,
allow an emergence of a “soulsphere” in the ground underneath us. The “soulsphere” will inform our
activities of making the shoe-soles mosaic.

What we will do
Sole to Soul will link between the Mixer Gallery in Istanbul and the Turkish migrant community in Berlin
through Haus Der Kulturen Der Welt – HKW – (House of World Cultures) Summer School.
The connection with the Mixer Gallery, and the Sole to Soul mosaic that will form the evolving visuals
presented for gallery visitors, will be done through the following process:
* In the Mixer Gallery, visitors will encounter a contemporary mosaic on the floor made of a QR code pixels.
The act of capturing the QR-code in a mobile device will allow gallery visitors:

    1. To experience the pixels of the QR-code image in relation to the space in Mixer Gallery.
    2. To get the web address/link for an evolving image of a pixelated Mosaic made of shoe-soles in Berlin’s HKW, and experience the image via their mobile devices.

* In Berlin, we will borrow, for the duration of the exhibition, shoes from people of the Turkish community
based Kreuzberg district. These will be the raw materials for the Mosaic in HKW.
* The exhibition in Mixer Gallery will happen while the summer school at HKW is taking place. The focus of
the school will be: Emancipation as Navigation.
Participants in the school will use the shoe-soles that were navigated by Turkish community to Berlin as the
materials for producing a mosaic image that will explore visually and thematically the topics of the summer

majdanek, treblinka, etc. – death yes, camps?

not so much..?

I find it very painful in my throat calling treblinka, for example, a “death camp”. Quotation marks make it easier..

Is it being selfish?
Surely, the personal sensations, whichever these might be, are not more than the usage value of the common term?

However, there is a sense that perhaps can be, with some degree of “reason” – if reason can indeed come into this – can be shared if not communicated..

Camp, in the context of Majdanek/Treblinka/etc, reminds me of the Nazi labour “Camp” idea. Casting of these deadly processes with sort of childhood memories triggers of summer camps. Come to this camp – a bit of work will set you free… Or its nothing but a transit camp. Camp is also temporary, suggesting being there is for a relatively short time and made transitory – nothing like the totality of ending, the length of time’s slowness that caught up with the people that were killed. Became the food that fed, and in my mind still feeds, mechanical organisms such as treblinka, majdanek, etc..
We know the story.. We, unlike the victims, know the deadly narrative, the sequence of predetermined, calculated, mechanical and bureaucratically efficient execution of mass annihilation.
Knowing that, is it not hard to use the Nazi term “camp” linked with these places..?

Well.. Obviously am wrong and most people find it pretty easy to describe treblinka as a “death camp”.
However for me its too hard.
There is a mechanical, cold and calculated sense, in the conception, arrangement, function, activities and critique (eg Ardent) of the killing process and rhythms. Also, because of the industrial scale and inspiration of and for this way of disposing lives – am kind of with the term “factory” – at least for now.. I think its missing the organic element, though it can be argued that a factory can be a description of a very organic being/organ,,
Hence am using “death factory”… (Death factories)

Perhaps a deficient term as well.. However, until a better one come along, perhaps using it will not seem too eccentric, but as part of a long process where the impossibility of describing the killings that went on to keep majdanek, treblinka, etc. alive, bares its face..

power is illegit by the very sequences

of having to have powers?


* I really do not want this power burden. But hey look, no one else it taking responsibility to use power and fix the problem.
Now if I have to fix the problem, I’ll need to do stuff, reluctantly of course, and only for your benefit, but has to be based on my judgement – else things will get bogged down with discussions.

–> hence power is also judge and jury as well as executioner..
—> and power before judge and jury in this sequence is abusive on another level – it considers taking power without a mutual process of questioning the very need for her/him to burden them selves?

* Look, life is full of various bad things. I am a very powerful person. I will take care of you. Defend you from these bad things. All you have to do is let me take care of you. Am not sure how, but just let me find out too..

–> a bit like facebook/google/apple types, isn’t it?

* Lets find out who do You want to have power over you. You can then monitor power and make a new decision later on.

–> No discussion nor provision for a possible need for no-power, is there? Hence the reality of attempting to use power, while its available, to ensure it will be there next time around.

* Give me power else I harm you!

–> One of the authoritarian ones. To the point and relys on the brutal honesty for legitimisation. eg the others are dishonest about power, I am honest. Its an abuse, but hey, try take it from me.. ;p

* Let me have power.

–> Even without an explicit threat, the very nature of if w to m for p over w is in a sense a violent/aggressive request sequence. ie if w will not cooperate – w has to contend..


In a sense, perhaps it can be argued that societies/people/entities for whom power is constitutive – for whom power is an elementary part of how the entity is A rather than B – culture will always be brutal and abusive for the maintenance of power..
In that sense, even democratic or anarchistic societies are indeed very brutal..(?)

a political aesthetics with the good bad & ugly and current crimea

focused power play/dance?

Lets see how this can be s/pan out..

I caught myself feeling/sensing something rather childish/infantile. With a new struggle between the russian federation and “the west”/usa, i sensed a with for “the West” to “win”.
Why? When did this come about and How??!!

Are they not all as anti free & fearless processes, attempting to control evolution, as each other?

Here is a telling piece on rt. russian/kremlin mouth-tool is saying something like Hey West! You guys were meddling with ukranian politics for ages – how hypocrite of you to cry foul now you seem to lose!!

However that is where the golden egg might lay..
The russians here, by claiming they have the right to do as the west become as hypocritical as the western powers they simply seem to mimic. Because instead of offering a critique and an attempt to learn how to do different, they offer a “me too” approach that is anything but subtle, or offers a seeming critique – as soviet communism did – on how to do power. Hence, foregoing pretence and acting in an even more brutish way is not a reason for doing stuff.

More over, the kremlin’s activities, seem more top-down and orchestrated than the west. While it might be true that the west was/is interfering, the way is after an initial local action. Following the activities and supporting – rather than directing them. (eg, unlike how the us/uk operated in iran during the 50’s to overthrow Mossadeque, bring in the Sha and create a rift that still reverberates..)

The top-down, me too, me now, if you can – don’t tell me No, coupled with brutality and self generated hypocricities made of the power imitation – double standards operates, so i can do that too – and a specific hypocrisy with the situation that says:
i can be as uber nationalistic as i like, complain the ukrainian new authorities are fascistically nationalists and dismiss any talk/move by anyone attempting to support groups in my dominion – national groups such as chechens, gender (gay) or artistic (pussy riots) – as interfering with My internal affairs.

It seems to me that perhaps there is a simpler way to put the above, and it might be a spacetime acceptable for a brief critique of the good, the bad & the ugly’s political aesthetics..(??)

By aesthetics, I refer to senses. Sensing, for example, that despite the “good” being a murderer and power abusing individual, it will feel rather “good” if he killed the “bad”. That sense is also a political one, in a way that I think it operates in justifying – perhaps even perpetuating – power beyond the mental arguments, by the ugliness of nitty-gritty life. In that way, the “ugly” character is always sort of a witness to the “good” & “bad” battle. The “ugly” is you and me, each one of us.

The ugly wants to be an equal to its good/bad gods of power. Hence, like them, is searching for the gold. However, because of Ugly’s very thirst for power, when its within reach, its lost because Ugly doesn’t know How to use power. Power is not for Ugly, hence he needs to decide who to align with. Aligning with the blonde murderer/killer seems preferable to the dark murderer because the blonde will not beat out the gold’s location, just let time do its thing. The blonde will not be cruel to other characters, unless needed (“sorry Shorty” – to survive) – unlike the dark killer’s wallowing in the joys of power.
In fact, it can be argued that the very “badness” of the Bad is in the reluctance/avoidance from allowing other elements around to invest power in him. As if he is afraid that power will be yanked out of him. That very fear makes the character very human, but also prevents him from allowing others around to have their own movements & rhythms. The fear drives him to impose his will, rather than allow others to recognise and use his will in their ways/time. That characteristic makes him humanly fallible, but instead of humanly confronting the fear, he is afraid this will live him exposed – so unlike Ugly, he hides the fear. That very sequence inflicts damage on his ability to be malevolent when power comes about, hence in proficiency handling power. The in-proficiency of keeping power, coupled with a jealousy to the blonde character who is simply afraid of others and trying to survive – rather than dealing with all these dark internal forces – makes the dark character “bad”.

Perhaps ironically, like Lenin’s version of communism that, unlike Marx’s, had the top-down and do it Now approach, today’s rulers of russia, unlike their western counter parts, abuse their power with impatience. Power abuse with the wrong rhythm and wrong time will land any composer in a pretty nasty spot, no..?

The blonde killer, like the dark one, seeks power. However, free from the dark internal conflicts, the blonde is able to question his usage of power. This questioning, the ability to be unfavourable through taking himself as a temporary being, one that will probably survive, but might die – as inevitably will – makes him fit for power and excuses the abuses he inflicts at times. eg the Bad knows its useless spending efforts beating the information out of the Good, because the Good’s life is not the be all and end all in Blond’s eyes. Or that power keeping is acknowledged as justified at the end of the film because the Ugly – you and me – acknowledges, in effect that despite the abuse, he can understand Why it was done. Hence the blonde is a son of a bitch, nothing sinister..
The blonde, in a sense, used his power for self survival protection – something the Ugly understands innately, would do if he could, but feels frastrated because he can not get the freedom to choose – only to select options given by others.
The blonde, having paid his taxes to society, Ugly, feels now free to roam without any moral weight. A weight he needs to keep off because it keeps him being “good” and away from the disabling darkness “bad” has..

However the amount of taxes, and how they got paid, was of course a choice for the blonde murderer to make..

Following these kind of sensations from the good the bad & the ugly, perhaps it can be argued that if the russians were more relaxed about the powers they have and less brutal with and about it – they’d get much more than the Crimea..
Maybe its also a case of letting – not making – people forgive some of the russian made past transgressions. Such forgiveness – not foprgetfullness – can ensure even the kremlin gets rid some of its disabling demons?

Once a hub of the Golden-Hoard’s rule in europe, perhaps contemporary imperial powers usage and legitimation of brutality is exemplified/iconised in the little black sea peninsula..

Perhaps this provides a challenging chance for the rest of us to leave them there to do their epic battles and dance into futility, by looking in the mirror, smile and recognise we don’t look half as ugly as sometimes we might feel..? 😉

Well.. Just an idea.. 🙂

CommunityBox exchange for the dead-sea area artists – developments from

Here’s the initial idea, and a quick recap bellow:

Through various crossings, such as the occupation’s borders,
networks localities, technological physicalities, exchange sequences of time, networking and timing, surfing surfaces materialities (skateboarding), spoken, imagined and art archiving languages, cultural interpretations (eg anonymity as a cultural question), and other elements –
the project will facilitate artistic exchange activities that transgress
various borders, via aesthetics of exchanges.

The project offers possibilities for new and on-going cultural & artistic
connections and exchange sequences that will physically remain and keep
evolving in the area.

CommunityBoxes are small and localised PopUp internet technology hubs (see the little blue plastic box over the soap-dish.)
The CommunityBoxes technology offers sharing information Only within a specific physical location.

For this project, the core idea is to exchange artistic data/digital materials via community boxes between art and culture linked people in Palestine and residents of the Eternal Internet Brotherhood instance in the dead sea.
(dates – 02/04/2014 to 12/04/2014)

This exchange will, at the very least:
* Enable linking between artists in Palestine’s Palestinian Authority areas, and the artists in the Eternal Internet Brotherhood near the dead sea (EIB).
* Create localised data hubs that transgress & question borders of various kinds. (I think..) These data hubs, the CommunityBoxes, will form a legacy, elements of possible interest on the ground for people to come and experience as art.

The linking between local Palestinian artists and EIB’s dead-sea temporary residents by physically going between people, distributing CommunityBoxes and transferring art and art activity documentations among the participants. I will do that while skateboarding between locations.

Using the community boxes, people will be able to exchange art works/documentations/ideas/etc. and curate each others’ materials.
Each participating artist/group will be able to curate other participants’ materials freely into an archive-like digital gallery. This gallery will reside in each CommunityBox.

For example:
The EIB based people will get a community box into which they will curate works/materials by Palestinian artists. Participating Palestinian artists/groups/institutions will each get a community box to use for curating works/documentations/materials from the EIB. I hope that this will make the linking a process of equals where each participant can and will exercise their own artistic sensibilities fearlessly. (..indeed, the CommunityBoxes allow complete anonymity..)

If a given artist decides, for example, to curate out certain materials – this will not affect the possibilities of their works being included. They simply do what they’d really like..

The community boxes, with the art exhibitions installed, be it in digital forms, will be left in the areas of exchange.
Palestinian artists’ works will be in the israeli state controlled areas, and the curated EIB works that will be, in exchange, in Palestinian authority controlled areas.

The CommunityBoxes will reside safely – I hope – inside soap-dishes (as in image at the top..) and will be powered by solar panels.
This way, they will continue to operate and display the exchanges as well as offering a new context and cultural opportunities to evolve.

The CommunityBoxes locations will be available via a website. (This will indicate a rough location area.. People will still have to walk around a bit to pick up the wifi signal, but not necessarily see where the actual boxes are..)

deadsea/palestine gallery archives and how they might evolve?

I am feeling a bit uneasy about the curated archives in community boxes because it feels finite, unquestioning..
Sort of default and defaulting to a known, rather than pushing/exploring – I suppose..
It seems that since the process skates/transgress borders as well as notions of art, artists roles and how they might link over space time and sequences, it requires a matching trajectory in the way stuff is archived/exhibited/shared-with-others as well..

More over, I think that the possible manipulation of the archiving process in the community boxes that are on the ground, will add further incentive to actually visit them… Allowing evolving manipulations of the way the archives are done, will, I think, produce on the ground values that go beyond the mere images/sounds/texts/etc that were curated into the archive.. No?

It might be very interesting to learn the specifics of data archiving for art and artists.. (hummmm.. am specifying here data rather than Digital data, with a question of whether data in general could be applicable to other materials, eg bio stuff.. I doubt.. But might be interesting somehow as a process..?)

thoughts or contemplations re power, imagination, embodiment and


Was checking arts linked Occupy Museums acts, and asked myself why am not exactly taking part of such actions/activities..

There seems, for me, to be a fair few elements that seem to prevent me from taking part, however here & now I’d like try focusing on power.
To do occupation, perhaps only in my limited mind, there is a sequence of imagining the activity, planning an execution of the imagination, and doing the plan. This seems to make the act of occupation immanent/reducible to the said sequence rather than the act. The sequence is of executing an imaginative process, and the act of embodiment is an illustrative jesture, of the imagination, not part of the imaging process itself.
This raises problems of seeming duality – between mind/body, imagination/action, etc. – however more than that, I think aesthetically, the breakage for me is that to do, to ebact, the imagination, because the act is Not an irreducible part of the said imagination process, one requires Power. The said power is a concentrated direction of energies with a direct purpose. Hence, as much as I might agree & sympathise with the purpose, it has to be said that for people who disagree, the sense is of arbitrary use of power. One has to be initiated to imagine this energy is not used arbitrarily, hence it can be said that the use of the energy to change stuff is a usage of power, limited as it might be, to change a meaning, intent and usage of other powers that currently rule supreme.
Hence, aiming to replace one arbitrary activities with other, is just a change of meanings, not that of sequences. It pre-supposes that I, the group, we, know better than others, hence legitimise, for the group, the activities..

In a sense, we have an occupation of occupation by the occupied – when i assume occupative activities are done by dispossessed.. (.. or people that, respectfully, feel they are?)

In this sense, it feels like perhaps occupation like activities propagate the very language, the very being, and perhaps the very kind of power based legitimacy that they, and me too, fancy getting rid of…

The use of power to enact imagination, from a rhythmic perspective, also reminds me of authoritarian sequence processes that was displayed by people like Mao, Lenin, Pol Pot, Stalin, Pinochet, Napoleon and indeed, Hitler.. The rhythm of needing to enact imagination Now. Famously, Lenin wanted to do communism in his life time, rather than follow Marx more lengthy and slow rhythm..
(Indeed, Marx was a bit upset by the Paris commune on account the He, Marx, is yt to finish the Capital..)

Point being that imagination is in and of itself an activity the Is. An activity that is a sort of Being. By the search of how to enact/embody in an immediate timescale/quick-rhythm, it seems to me that people, unintentionally, abuse the very imagination through ignoring its being, its own language/dna way of living, and thinking of imaginative processes as precurssors to acts.. Even, at times, to the extent that imagination is taken as legitimate, vallied and positive only *if* it is actionable..

(I experience this every time I mention selling the israeli citizenship to people who might actually want/need it. Like refugees… People’s reaction are like: but you can not!!! However the sequence is precisely that, we can indeed imagine!!)

However, it seems to me that to question and critique the notions am referring to here, I will be looking to develop imagination technologies, practices and aesthetics with slave prostitution.. (tbc, i hope..)

a curious case of a “security” establishment that is against biometric

databases? err.. for its personnel..

Am pasting here a g-translated  article,  hebrew -to-english, because I could not find a related data in english and i think the publisher, haaretz newspaper, ( haaretz = “the land”, a tern used on its own Only in ref to palestine, btw) seems to take off or restricts periodically access to information on its servers…..(??)

If anyone fancies the hebrew: http://www.haaretz.co.il/news/politics/1.2258191

Perhaps this story adds something to related conversations as it seems telling in regards to:

* The kind of activities militaristic organisation such as IDF, Mossad, etc., are getting into – as well as the kind of activities power-based authorities think are safe for them but not for the rest of us, in equality seeking societies. (..while I think israel & equality seeking might justifiably sound oxtmoronic, indeed is a contradiction in terms because of israeli disregard to minorities & generally groups the state dislikes, equalities within the ruling jewish communities is comparable to other “democratic” and “equality societies” such as in “the west”..)

* The lines of identity power fancies its dominions to stick within.. In that context perhaps verious trans and transing activities are very important.. Perhaps event the freedom to be identity-less?
Or stuff such as Heath Buntings’ status project:

* How the process of seeking to be free is restricted by choice. (because if choice has anything to do with the process, so it follows that some penalties will come. ie if a person chooses X, the act of choosing may infer a possible legitimacy for being penalised.. eg lines such as: “you made a choice, so how come you complain?” etc..) And because “security” organisations are of the powerful, choice dichotomies imposed upon the rest of us, should be avoided.. Perhaps this is indeed an example of Agamben’s assertion the power resides in its own Anarchy that is, in a sense, defined by being 9only For the rulers – hence never for the rest of the populace..

——- the article ———

Security Agency and National forbade their employees to change their identity cards and passports to their smart cards that require Join for testing biometric database . Sensitive units in the IDF officers also were instructed not to join the trial. Haaretz “learned the guidelines shortly after the start of the experiment, and now permitted to publish them. Fixtures security fear that if leaked the information stored in the new activity will cause serious damage. Reservoir, which prevents the use double identities, although this may restrict the activity of agents. Institute opposed the creation of a biometric database of discussions beginning in 2010, and the ISA expressed support for the move.

“I understand very well what their concern, it is justified,” says Doron Ofek, information security expert who was one of the petitioners to the High Court against the construction of a biometric database. “Leakage of thing can disable the institution operates in two. If the biometric database Israel’s Mossad leaks can be disabled for, someone could identify his people all over the world. This largely emasculate the movement of all these people. These things are not simple. ”

“What the Ministry of Interior building the biometric database? System Spring of Population Registry, which has already leaked to the Internet,” adds horizon. “We are the only country faced with this database is the center of its population is outside. This creates a problem is very acute. State of Israel has not learned and learn the sad experience we have on the subject and reservoirs here will continue to leak. Therefore need to cancel the biometric database and stop the pilot” .

Last July , a pilot biometric database, where joining it is voluntary. The trial is expected to last two years and end the Knesset will decide whether to proceed with the reservoir if require all citizens to join him. Last month announced the Immigration Authority that the first half of the reservoir joins 192 thousand Israelis, about half of which is renewing ID cards and passports in the second half of 2013. However, 27% of the documents were not taken by their husbands.

The main purpose of the database is to prevent forging identity cards and passports and impersonating another person. Wanting to get the new cards are filmed resolution and fingerprints taken away from them both index fingers. Identity cards and passports contain biometric data unique. By law, the biometric information is kept secure database, encrypted and disconnected from the internet and from any other network. Immediately after submitting the information, deleted data from your computer Immigration Authority. Only encrypted code allows to link biometric data and personal details of the person.

Since the experiment launched Haaretz reported “some flaws in it. Thus, recent months that the testing revealed impairments severe security an important element in the project; that Bureau officials Population opening the envelopes that keep secret code of the certificate; that data security practices of certificates based on the information easy to guess and clarification , and that in many cases can not be canceled once the The certificate in case of loss. Two weeks ago, following a petition filed by digital rights movement, stress Court criticized the campaign of Immigration Authority to encourage enrollment trial and ordered the state to clarify that no new certificates must be replaced.


In case anyone that knows me a bit thinks wtf aharon, reading zionist media, why??!!
Am trying to ascertain various aspects off the situation, the feel, from a range of angles for the community boxes exchange in the dead-sea..

(linked ideas, better suggestions are most welcome..)

ignorance of dangers and dangers of ignorance?

A few unrelated nor linked people told me that the idea of skateboarding, seeking artists and linking exchanges of community boxes in Palestine, might be a dangerous practice indeed.
They said I should not ignore the possible dangers and try at least to resolve them.

However, am increasingly become aware, or seemingly aware(?) of a fair few ignorant sequences that somehow link to the activities in Palestine..
* People I spoke to who live in Tel-Aviv, a mere 2 hours away from the dead-sea/Jericho, seem to think that:
The israeli army doesn’t let people enter Jericho.
The Palestinian autrhority has powers to check passports.
The Palestinians HAVE palestinian passports.
The Hamas has gangs of knife wielding thugs just waiting for people..
The israeli and palestinian authorities will allow people in/out of Jericho area only if they can make money out of it.

Clearly, with such conflicting – and internally conflicting views – the only cheering witness is a laze induced ignorance? Or is it an ideologically laze induced ignorance? Both? Other ignorance..? Is it so hard to find out how life is with people you practically live with..?

Thinking I’d have some better idea regarding, at least, “rules of engagement” on the ground via the israeli embassy and palestinian reps in london, I gave them a call..

The israelies were under the impression that the palestinians give visas. The palestinians were under the impression the israelies are into threatening people trying to forge cultural ties with palestians on the ground.. (however, they were clueless re when asked re Khaled Jarrar’s artistic exploits passports stamps..)

Perhaps there is also my own ignorance and a hint of naivity(??) regarding how people think and how people tend to share and express these thoughts..?
An orgy of ignorance..? hummm…

how art is when marketed and communicated?

Art marketing, perhaps the idea of it, gets on my tits – though it could also be that said tits are a tad too sensitive..

Just bumped into this art marketing info..

Am just struck, I suppose, by the non questioning tone of communication and marketing in art.. With the idea that art does language, a fuzzy network/constellation of sequences and ways to imagine – rather than a communication system, I just wonder how marketing and its own need to be communicated comes into plat, into the rhythms of art processes to support rather than interfere..?