quick thoughts on strands, sequences and systems?

These thoughts follow a quick read about analogue computing – neuromorphic style.

From a rhythmic point of view, the sequences and strands move/operate by reacting/interacting/connection/linking/exchanging with one another. The more these operations occur, the denser the proximity between strands and the frequencies of activities is quick/high.
Because there are strands and sequences going in all sorts of directions, either by themselves or via collisions, or avoidance/dejection, the further one gets from the dense – not main – activity space, the less frequent are the occurrences, and the frequencies are slower..

From a view via the outside, this will look like a system. Like an organised interconnected elements that operate in some sort of connectivity with one another.
This is a view from the out side. It fails to reflect how and what it is to Be that “system”. An example is the “ecosystem”. Imagining the system as a complete unit is sort of mechanical in the way it images clear lines and design-like features. eg plants and photosynthesis, some plants, perhaps in the less frequent plant sequences, use other ways to keep alive. In terms of life on earth, perhaps if oxygen was choked, these plants could multiply more? The eco-connections’ sequences might alter precisely because it is not a fixed system..

In terms of networking, it seems that people try to come up with so called “open” platforms. Systems that are aimed-at/designed to operate in a certain manner. I think this might be di=ue to our desire to operate stuff, however it is slightly conflated. Confusing the ability to operate with forcing an operation. So we get stuff like etherium that Talks about being open for bitcoin kind of networking by being a platform language rather than offer specific solutions/tools. However, this is precisely the point, the design from a set of operators/company/team of some specific systems that suppose to provide X. even if the x seems like an enabler, as is in etherium.. Hence we get other similar efforts that fight and waste energies on surviving each other rather than imagining.

uber – an example of intrinsic exploitation of capitalism?

London tube workers want to make services better for all. I might disagree with methods, however striking in a capitalist society sometimes, unfortunately, changes things because we talk to people who understand only one language – power.

Here’s an example. Uber, the “disruptive” taxi – sort of – business, seems to realise that people might end up crowding roads more during the strike.
Are they offering free bikes?
Will they promise to crowd the roads less?
Do they want to help, or get more money out of the social hardship times..?
Would they consider the environment and pollution?
..Or will they say Hey, lets use a logo for free, and while we are at it, get more money out of these suckers and the workers strike?

raspberrypi and cultural banana skins in pi?

There’s a new raspberry pi like board coming up. Banana pi – apparently. More expensive yet faster than Raspberry pi board pimped by a company that seems to hail from china.

It seems like the might have a different idea about the whole board computing wave thing than the raspberry pi crew. Where as the R-Pi foundation is a charity, the banana team seems more of a business venturing to profit for its own. More over, I also wonder who and how the boards are being manufactured and whether the business will take care of the workers.. It seems like r-pi has at least tried to source materials in a way that will cultivate lesser abuse.. (..abuse is intrinsic in 0 sum environments and capitalism is one of these..)

..or, as it initially seems, the banana pi company figures its all about the profiteering and money is just fab..

popup, popping up and pop-up culture

If you can pop up and see me any time, its kind of easy, informal and nothing too serious that requires preperations like cleaning, cooking, arranging, etc..
There are also some elements that sort of pop up, as in sudden appearance that was UN-announced.. (..eg was not noticed coming..)
This might be different to a surprise because it seems to be detached from good/bad.. Just sort of there all of a sudden – before a value frequency has been linked or attached..

All these are kind of elements I’d think to be linked sequencially with pop-up culture. The cultivation of popping up.
When we considered a name for communitybox, one that did the rounds was popup internet related. Indeed, the reason, in my mind the pop up name was not apt, is that usage of popping up in all sorts of directions.. It seems too fashionable, as if we were taking a ride..
Pop up gallery
Pop up shop
Pop up radio
Pop up gigs
Pop up toilet
Pop up dates
Pop up food
Pop up flights
Pop up cult
Pop up cinema

The interesting question, in my mind is that of between popping up and its cultivation. A bit like punk, can you have it while cultivating or that some elements require Others to be cultivated for being??

arbitrariness of arbitrary not?

Am collecting stuff to translate icelandic, japanese and brazilian portugese into one another.. Talking about this, a person asked a seemingly obvious question:
why these languages?
Now, I have certain reasons which seem to have been fine for that particular conversation.
Am I sure these are reasons rather than dressed up excuses?
Am I sure these reasons, or elements I can reason about have not come about to my mind in a sort of arbitrary fashion?
Or indeed, why reasons can not in and of themselves be, in fact, arbitrary..?

The question of being arbitrary is interesting for me because power allows arbitrariness. I decide this line should have a Z all on its own – because I have the power and it seems, in this case, to link to nothing else but itself. However, if I said that the Reason I decided Z rather than A, a letter right above it in the keyboard, is that Z is a rare letter to type, then, I think, the question of arbitrary use of my power would have been that of why Z among other rare letters in english. That probably be the discursive course because it seems legitimate to link an attempt of highlighting a single letter in a line, with that letter’s likelyhood to be in any other word. However, the arbitrary use of power is when it comes to why Z and not, errr, X? If either are fine, why did I not write Z/X? If I did, would I be able to discuss the question of the arbitrary Z in the way I just did?

This last point, it seems like possibly linking with the use, abuse and legitimacy of arbitrariness. When is it cool to be arbitrary? Can it be argued that being arbitrary is always uncool? What is the difference between arbitrary stuff and arbitrary culture? (Is there a difference..?) Perhaps arbitrariness is a question of multiple linking? (eg being able to get linked from multiple directions, despite an initial arbitrary decision? Perhaps its that and being viral, unimposed.. Sort of there but dead until conditions/links open up?)

ukip and the aesthetics of being not?

The guardian, in an article about ukip’s racism, goes:
Ukip, polling at 18% in the latest Observer/Opinion findings, said the party was “non-racist, non-sectarian” and that “any comments made by members that fail to uphold these values will be duly investigated and acted upon”.

So.. ukip is declaring itself to be non-racist while evidently, having a fair few racist party members. The idea of a “uk independence” apart, if the question is just about how a political party gets to Be, in the light of this statement, it seems, like something as:
It does not matter how the political party members think. These people that go on knocking people’s doors, leafletting, fill in party conferences, vote at times, select candidates – in fact, some candidates themselves – are not the party.
The political party, in this sequence, seems to be the person, or team, that gets to wield power in the Name of the given party..

Sort of like being a political party without the party, no? Or Being a political entity that calls itself a party without being party, but just for the privileges/affordance that Being presented as a political party gives?

Perhaps the last one is an over-assumption, however am leaving it because it seems to illustrate the sense of being while not..?

when there are flags, there is a weak & frightened entity holding it

attempting to intimidate as a way of masking its own fragility?

Noticed the images from eastern Ukraine of the people attempting to re-kickstart a soviet republic, Donetsk as Donetsk People’s Republic..

Check stuff like:

Is it not that one common visual prop is the use of flags and a set of communal recognised colour pattern?

Given the fragility of the entities involved, it seems also that these illustrate how the amount of flags is a sort of indication how a regime, an entity, feels and senses its own reality.. The more prominent the symbols are – perhaps the weaker their supporters actually are, or fear to become..

art, football, and politics?

maybe not politics but simply brute power?

Seems like for hosting the world cup / mondial in football/soccer, the 2014 hosts, Brazil, will at least consider adding some laws and make it easier for power to questionlessly arrest more people and call them terrorists.

I think the fact the issue is being on the debate table at all is a sorry testament to brazilian democracy. Is it not talked about because of a fifa – an organisation/company – request, rather than a part of the population’s social wills negotiation?

Indeed, the sort of authoritarian element made me think about football and art.. What if footballers said: ok, if you guys use football to get more power – we are out. I think many people will claim, like some do regarding art, that football should stay away and outside politics..

However, what a footballer do if/when they feel their game is used by politicians? Isn’t silence a form of compliance hence becomes political by default?

Perhaps one way of doing that stirring away from the politics is to state and be how you are, an artist, a footballer – not a political actor on the main.. eg
Placing a politician on the hot spot of being an abuser of football/art for their political agenda, is not political as long as the critique is not of a certain political strand only. A critique then becomes social and cultural. It can have effects on politics, however in and of itself, it is not a part of the frequency – game(??) – of being with power. Maybe the opposite, its questioning power from a perspective of an element in the network. I did X, why do you politician/person fancies doing XYZ with it?

Perhaps not asserting, being silent, is sort of political ignorance?

if server cloud memory

Was checking an app that might store stuff instantly on “cloud” while thinking: why am checking “cloud” can it not be done to my server directly?
Recently had a few chats regarding the peculiarity of remembering. Instead of recalling a X (event/person/object/etc) itself – it seems we tend recall Y that reminds of the X.. Rhymes in songs and poetry, were used specifically for assisting memory.. So do various kind of metaphors.. As in how to recall new information? Via linking it to old info/data until the new gains its own distinct confabulation? Is this another way of doing McLuhan’s going ahead while looking at the rear view mirror?

It can be said that the so called “cloud” is, in a sense, what a more tech sounding term – “server” – might refer to.. However, “cloud”, I think, is a rather more familiar term no? How many times have you seen a server? How many times clouds were in your life..?
Place your data on the internet like raindrops on a cloud.. Now we have visuals, familiar ones, to play with..

This points towards an interesting, in my mind, element(??) of recalling/memory.. A sort of inability to remember X itself, but always a Link, a reminder of X.. (Is that reminder/link a type/kind of contingency..?)

Could that (above notion of no-self), on the frequency of link, be actually a yes self? ie that the new info/data Is a link, however because we know not yet what to, nor when or how – the conservative/fearful 1st option is linking to a known, the already familiar, the concurred, or even conquered..

Indeed.. Most army units will move within a conquered area – be it into enemy controlled or in retreat. However, special forces/units will be fine operating in unlinked (to known territory), unfamiliar areas.. Not exactly avant guard because it does not reflect upon advance, but similar in the sense of un-linked or rather in an unknown that Requires perception in and of its own links/connections/life – rather than an arbitrary *pre-existed* past.. (ie if I know of clouds, the link association with internet technologies is arbitrary.. Its there mainly because one happened to have a clue regarding clouds, I think, rather than gaining clulessness regarding net techs..?)

Indeed, clouds once were masses of rock and soil/earth, before they floated in the air..

ChaCha – the (only???) anti gay coffee shop of Jaffa..

Last night I went to jaffa for a promised palestinian coffee in a place that was r4ecomended as one of the best, cha-cha coffee.
A place that seems to combine food and coffee in a room full of shisha smokers. Yes, it was kind of full.
As I was looking for a place to sit, a waiter approached and I thought it is rather nice in the helpful way until he said:
You can not be here.
This is a place for couples and families, he went on to explaine.
Nice, though I have a friend coming, he is just parking a car.
No you can not stay.
Here’s a person by herself, I pointed…
She is waiting for her friend.
I can wait for my friend too 🙂
No you can not. She is waiting for a Male friend..
Only then it dawned on me – am slow – that the whole shebang was based on an assumption that I was gay. So I said:
I see.. Do you think “couples” can not be of same sex?
The reply was that same sex couples are Not Real couples.. At which point I turned TOTALLY & UTTERLY gay all over!
I pressed the recording button on the phone while waiting for the waiter’s attention..
Are you asking me to leave because I am gay?
Yes, he said. Its the policy, nothing to do with me.
Can I chat with the owner?
Is this a legal policy?
I told you, am just working here..
By that time, a rather muscle bulging guy, attractive in sort of male gay-poster kind of way, tapped me pointing towards the exit door.

We had a bit of an exchange that ended up with a hand-shake none of us meant..

That is a rough paraphrase on what happened.

Is this a part of how tel-aviv might be like when its palestinian?
Perhaps the army HQ search of palestine should mutate to a tel-aviv wide?
Hummmm.. Actually, I just assume the anti gay place, cha-cha in jaffa, is run by palestinians because it was open on a jewish holiday.. And the intent was for checking out some palestinian coffee.. (plus the fact i was told Only palestinian places will be open..)
However, it will not be much of a surprise if its zionist owned… Will be very interesting in the sense of possible usage of palestinian workers to deliver an anti gay policy..

I mean.. Come on – an anti gay place called, err, Cha Cha!!

religion as a ritualistic truths or aesthetics?

Am currently in the zionist controlled bit of palestine where people are all abuzz about the pass-over ritual/holiday..

Hence, probably, I was kind of thinking about rituals and religions, ritualistic religions, religions as rituals, religions that seemingly do not exist without rituals, and the rituals that might be religious free.. (eg theatre.. though religion might be a source.. ok.. take public opinion surveys..)

It seems that rituals, in and of themselves, provide a sort of comforting sense of truth.. Of something/stuff Being a truth, being universal accessible for all – like oxygen – despite the fact it mighty actually be very time and context limited..
The rituals that have mass participation, even as small gatherings of families, roughly at the same time, and the cyclic element of annual activity that one can link with people 100’s years ago doing similar kind of a thing, **ssems** at the moment like a sort of truth mimicing operation and production.

Like a universal “truth”, eg 1+1 = 2 of stuff anywhere. Or that the material Oxygen that is here on earth the same – as long as not proven otherwise – as it might be on a passing comment on the other side of the universe..
So are rituals, with their cyclic element, reafirming (instead of questioning) a communal shared narratives that by the very cyclicity, and the coming together, make the elements true.
In other words:
The ritualistic cyclicity mimics the “sense of cyclicity” that one gets when every time they try, 1+1 turns out a 2..

From that perspective, it seems to me that religions do provide a sort of meta narratives or something to that effect that are being kept via the cyclicity and sharing that rituals provide and turn stuff into meaningful truths..

The sense of truth, i think might be in other, more sane/secular, kind of settings..? eg the theatre, but say elections and public opinion polls.. hummm.. might not be the best examples because apart from elections, these do not have the repeat that something like christmass does.. But what about the world cup in football, or olympics..? How about the little cycles we make – habits – or even birthdays, burning-man, festivals?

Not sure.. Perhaps some stuff to check here from or at..?

Are truth