quick thoughts on strands, sequences and systems?

These thoughts follow a quick read about analogue computing – neuromorphic style. From a rhythmic point of view, the sequences and strands move/operate by reacting/interacting/connection/linking/exchanging with one another. The more these operations occur, the denser the proximity between strands and the frequencies of activities is quick/high. Because there are strands and sequences going in all […]

uber – an example of intrinsic exploitation of capitalism?

London tube workers want to make services better for all. I might disagree with methods, however striking in a capitalist society sometimes, unfortunately, changes things because we talk to people who understand only one language – power. Here’s an example. Uber, the “disruptive” taxi – sort of – business, seems to realise that people might […]

raspberrypi and cultural banana skins in pi?

There’s a new raspberry pi like board coming up. Banana pi – apparently. More expensive yet faster than Raspberry pi board pimped by a company that seems to hail from china. It seems like the might have a different idea about the whole board computing wave thing than the raspberry pi crew. Where as the […]

popup, popping up and pop-up culture

If you can pop up and see me any time, its kind of easy, informal and nothing too serious that requires preperations like cleaning, cooking, arranging, etc.. There are also some elements that sort of pop up, as in sudden appearance that was UN-announced.. (..eg was not noticed coming..) This might be different to a […]

arbitrariness of arbitrary not?

Am collecting stuff to translate icelandic, japanese and brazilian portugese into one another.. Talking about this, a person asked a seemingly obvious question: why these languages? Now, I have certain reasons which seem to have been fine for that particular conversation. However: Am I sure these are reasons rather than dressed up excuses? Am I […]

ukip and the aesthetics of being not?

The guardian, in an article about ukip’s racism, goes: Ukip, polling at 18% in the latest Observer/Opinion findings, said the party was “non-racist, non-sectarian” and that “any comments made by members that fail to uphold these values will be duly investigated and acted upon”. So.. ukip is declaring itself to be non-racist while evidently, having […]

when there are flags, there is a weak & frightened entity holding it

attempting to intimidate as a way of masking its own fragility? Noticed the images from eastern Ukraine of the people attempting to re-kickstart a soviet republic, Donetsk as Donetsk People’s Republic.. Check stuff like: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-26919928 http://www.theguardian.com/world/2014/apr/19/ukraine-donetsk-pro-russia-militants http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/ukraine/10775058/Ukraine-crisis-Inside-the-barricades-of-Donetsk-Peoples-Republic.html http://euromaidanpr.com/2014/04/07/updates-on-the-situation-in-eastern-ukraine-from-unian/ http://www.aljazeera.com/indepth/features/2014/04/ukraine-crisis-separatists-donetsk-people-republic-20144177535478448.html http://rt.com/news/donetsk-republic-protestukraine-841/ Is it not that one common visual prop is the use of flags and a […]

art, football, and politics?

maybe not politics but simply brute power? Seems like for hosting the world cup / mondial in football/soccer, the 2014 hosts, Brazil, will at least consider adding some laws and make it easier for power to questionlessly arrest more people and call them terrorists. I think the fact the issue is being on the debate […]

if server cloud memory

Was checking an app that might store stuff instantly on “cloud” while thinking: why am checking “cloud” can it not be done to my server directly? Also Recently had a few chats regarding the peculiarity of remembering. Instead of recalling a X (event/person/object/etc) itself – it seems we tend recall Y that reminds of the […]

ChaCha – the (only???) anti gay coffee shop of Jaffa..

Last night I went to jaffa for a promised palestinian coffee in a place that was r4ecomended as one of the best, cha-cha coffee. A place that seems to combine food and coffee in a room full of shisha smokers. Yes, it was kind of full. As I was looking for a place to sit, […]

religion as a ritualistic truths or aesthetics?

Am currently in the zionist controlled bit of palestine where people are all abuzz about the pass-over ritual/holiday.. Hence, probably, I was kind of thinking about rituals and religions, ritualistic religions, religions as rituals, religions that seemingly do not exist without rituals, and the rituals that might be religious free.. (eg theatre.. though religion might […]