autonomy (im)possible in the shadow of radical-openness?

A few months ago I applied to attend the radical-openess 2014 event. The application was rejected and that gave rise to what seems like an interesting opportunity to Do the stuff suggested on the application in a different way – a manner which might be perceived as being in the shadow of the event taking […]

autonomy (im)possible in the shadow of radical-openness – emails

There was a bit of an email exchange sequence to do with the refusal by radical openness to support the shadow-spot idea. Here’s the text: (minus some personal details..) > Dear Aharon, Dear Ushi, Many thanks for your considered reply. Thoughtful and provoking! Cheers! 🙂 Apologies for late reply. Am currently in Palestine doing various […]

fallacies yet true digi-links?

fallacies: The Checkers Fallacy

questions that never answer but reply?

Sometimes it seems for me that people find it easy, or attractive, to seek and find answers. Why X is Y? Because this and that answer – and the simplest, the better. Perhaps this in itself is an easy answer? I wonder.. For example, bitcoin linked libertarians. They seem to be consumed by ideas that […]

meaning-free discrimination?

I was checking stuff re frequencies. Meanings free frequencies. Stimuli sensed that is just, errr, sensed without any good/bad/right/wrong attached. X vibration and it matters not whether I like it or not.. THough It might be That I do like the sensation of not having to place meanings, just sensing..? It followed/linked with questioning discrimination […]

metafilter and google?

Apparently meta filter – despite its somehow ironic name in relation to google – is infact being googed as we speak.. Sounds like possibly could be an idea to work with my son on a chase game this summer where the chasing monster is unmistakably google?

ban, boycotting and sport of power

I was reading a bit about ideas to ban Russia from olympics because of the state’s abuse of LGBT people. This reminded me the ban on South Africa.. And then I wondered why not bad Brazil’s football team in the world cup – per Brazil’s treatment of population.. However, it also occurred that perhaps USA […]

blasphemy of blasphemies i am blasphemous

Seems like Pakistan’s religious based operations, or operations of religious nature in Pakistan, can illustrate very well how religious laws are operating via power rather than democratic and civil discourse – hence have no place in public space.. Unless people fancy creating more troubles than there should.. Here we have an example of blasphemy laws […]

legality of legitimacy?

Whistle blowers tend to claim that despite the fact that maybe their actions are legally uestionable – the had to do the act because it is legitimate. Its legit to inform people about clandestine activities done in their name and against them.. When a law is passed, there are certain Legal criteria it has to […]

a legitimacy of play?

There is a fair bit data recently about stuff to do with a basket case basketball team by the name of LA Clippers, and the owners who seem to be fairly racist indeed. Not just that, he is Open about being racist.. As far as it seems, people linked to players, coaches and other LA […]

the surfing wave particle life?

I am a particle now. An element like electron, or foton, alreadygoy an on.. Lets imagine I am particle ifabon – a sort of abstract archetypical element. Now.. Surf is a movement From.. Like a wave, trajectory from stuff.. It relates to Particle, being a particle, because it seems like movements From, are how elements […]

the hands of authoritarian’s mouth

In Egypt there is an electoral sort of process going on. We are told its an election operation for the next president. The “leading” candidate, a guy that only a few months ago claimed that he has a special ear for the Egyptian population as he is not going to run unless he could hear […]

working for nothing – paying via love life?

Just noticed an info-graphic by a site called couple. Its a map, nice looking one, of connections between couples – ie sending messages using the app. Looking at it, there was a sudden realisation – or a feeling of realising something. In a sense, here is an app that like many others on the web […]

open and shut false dichotomies by mep wonnabes

Last night I went to the brighton open rights group meetup with prospective meps. The parties that bothered to send mep wonnabes were greens, labour, libdems, ukip and tories. A bit of a shame because I hoped to check some other parties like yourvoice and the socialists.. Anyhow.. The whole event seemed very formal, with […]

fascism is another term for business friendly

When Mousolini and his fascist ruled italy, the idea was to make the state friendly for business – as opposed to socialist and communist ideas. Hence am kind of curious when the term Business Friendliness is used to describe a person – and a party – that has a history of violent authoritarianism that in […]

arbitrary whims and capricious cab rides?

Thoughts of arbitrary operations were a fair bit on my mind recently. It suddenly occurred to me that perhaps the interval between arbitrary as power’s whimsical operations, and arbitrary as done via a process that negotiates elements is not very time consuming.. The question seemed interesting because I think it is noticeable how power tends […]

an if in immanence?

the sequence of if a – t – 1, from the 1 11 111 t + – a aa aaa materials/code the IF, in my view is how from a mere code, it can ask whether or not its alive. If allows to link with other operations such as replication, death, elements, negotiation, consideration, etc.. […]