spam sub subjects?

Just noticed that a spam subject was: Faculty of gm ignitions department of fatal accidents. Someone, I thought, was well into Marcel Broodthaers and capitalism..? Then, after a 2nd – or maybe 3rd – look, it turned out that the subject was, for all other people, more like: Faulty GM Ignitions resulting in Fatal Accidents.. […]

a conservative fallacy or

the conservative fallacy? Was just skateboarding up hartington road, A sort of 1km hill. (am living 97ish meter above sea level..) Being at the end of my weekly 2 days of fast, the journey felt – or was – a bit different from similar climbs am doing at eating periods. I noticed that it was […]

i call it exploit you call it maximise?

In a forbes text, the writer accepts that employers do discriminate financially against people who work for them the longest. More over, he also says that: “I don’t fault employers and businesses for the market because it’s their right and duty to maximize their profits.” While agree that there is no sense of morality within […]

non disruptive disruption in capitalism?

non disruptive? because it is all for continual property exploitation. How can X entity, taco-bell/etc., continue exploiting customers, workers, society, politics, environment, etc. for its own profits to keep. (..and keep growing these profits.) Is this the conservative “turn”?

X nature of all things

I read from time to time stuff like: “dualistic nature of all things” or “vibrating nature of all things” or “numerical nature of all things” or some other generalised assumption about the “nature” of all “things”. I wonder though.. How is it to be a generalised assumptive notion? Is it to Be a generalised notion […]

art & life question – a short jot

Art & life | Life & art is a question that does not seem relevant for me – however, it seems different for some people around, hence linking a few words/thoughts regarding that. I think.. (also, noticed that the international-necronautical-society has stuff to say re dichotomy they perceive of “life” & “art” A bit strange […]

freedom with objects is a knott?

Just bumped into – am struck by how restrictive it feels while clearly intent on being serious for pushing for freedom. Am curious about the sequence.. The restrictive sense (object, define), the cross with intent (we really want all to be free), and the interval – perhaps disconnected interval – via that crossing. The […]

net nutrality demonstrates the non nutrality and illetimacy of money?

numerical exchange? or is it just a corrupt island – a where there is a sequence of covering practices between seeming intent (just people with concerns), driving intent (pay people to play as if they are concerned – ie no discussion possible because what they say they want is not what they really want or […]

follow the coin is a bit?

Bumped into follow the coin and thought – hey, i’ve got stuff to say re digital currencies, lets sign up! But then, turned out that you have to have, err, a twitter account?? Do I need to work for twitter for writing stuff about digital currencies? Not simply work for them, but join the herd […]

hey bitcoin – fairness and numerical exchanges?

a note – how does 1 bitcoin/dollar/euro/etc get to be more “valuable” than 0.5? there are 2 0.5 in the 1 – but 1 is more valuable than the 2. If we had voting like that then 1 person’s vote could be more than 2’s votes.. (assuming they happened to vote for 2 different parties. […]

take me to space and never come back?

Suppose there was a death trip to space. One that was free of money and death’s discomforts. I wouldn’t be able to know whether or not it works because it would be unknown. Suppose I’d know that indeed it operates by doing exactly what it claims – what might be my concern? (if indeed i […]

Tiananmen Square is squaring china?

Its a bit of a sketchy report – however, by the sound of it, the chinese rulers take artistic imagination very seriously. Perhaps I do have afterall something in common with these guys..

sending people to kill and be killed as a terror act?

Just seen the attack on obama’s admin regarding the release of a us soldier captive for five years by the taliban. What do the opponents of negotiating with terrorists imagine? They claim it will cost more lives in the long run, but how? Say i was a taliban and just about to capture a soldier […]

capitalists to exploit rape –

this is what capitals does best, no? Just a not re example of how capitalism cultivates, hopefully intention free, how stuff is rather than might evolve, or – in case of seriously obvious harm – be solved. The incentive is to cultivate sequences because that is how they can pay. People need to research terms […]