a life of a matter?

if i was a material incapable of sensing time but only needing to survive, i’d fancy raising a sentient being/material that could perhaps take care of me, no? or perhaps the term “needing” requires a note: i’d be able to survive if my capabilities will include giving rise to multiple stuff, including sentient life forms […]

dynamics abstract of huh??

!!!am feeling a bit stuck stuck STCK!!! CONSIDERING abstrac dynamic sequences. i keep running into blocks or rather bumping into them head 1st.. the embodiment of links? the embodiment of intervals? the embodiment of vibrations? do we need numbers? how to deal with concepts?/ideas?? where do frictions/concepts?/ideas come in? the whole dynamics??? are these their […]

lambda λ : λ → λ and abstract expressionism?

“lambda calculus which is a formal system that just has lambda expressions, which represents a function that takes a function for its sole argument and returns a function. All functions in the lambda calculus are of that type, i.e., λ : λ → λ .” in lambda: “Resolving a function: Replacing all occurrences of y […]

procrastinative media?

e.A few words in the defence of a public enemy – procrastination. How does the sequence we tend to call procrastination, and one that convinces us we axtually do put off things todo. Initially it seems very common sense. Am supposed to do something, however, am telling myself that the supposed-to-do activity can hold on […]

pickup and art of artists?

Just bumped into this humourfull response to the banned pickup “artist” story. I wonder why the term “artist” is used in this context. It seems that perhaps the term, curiously, is used because the practice is about “picking up” where the goal is precisely – picking up, ie itself. However, the term kind of fails […]

the abstract sort of art calculation operation search sequence – take#2

I think the 1st veriosn iteration is problematic in some ways which perhaps will be clear if i just began with amendmends: — The technology of shared practised (or practiced-able) imagination. — shared goes with the number of connections/links — could be phrased as an object ->> imagination practice sharing technology.. (the life of a […]

philanthropy – capitalism and innate theft?

philanthropy and charity tend to be taken as stuff people might be able to feel proud of in setting up. However, I think the very sense of pride, the genuine wish to do and/or be perceived as doing, stuff for the greater benefit of society, is – in my mind – on the range between […]

probability and being while being not probable?

Am checking some stuff re bayesian networks and probability calculations. It suddenly occured that it might be interesting to note that probability of, for example, X being a god, and the actual being of being a god are slightly different questions. Something might indeed be in-spite of all evidence to the contrary, while the same […]

ifness ritual and art in between?

A bit of a thoughts trace: Was considering my difficulties with rituals and why am sensually uncomfortable with Any ritual, even if its a nice one.. Rituals, by repetition and/or by sharing the sense of repetition with others, are on the face of it a sort of imagination – personal and/or communal/social – imagination embodied […]

legacy as a non documentational being?

Legacy as continuing dynamics linked with an element/process that does not practise these kind of dynamics any more? Is the following a legacy over-stretch? The Toronto panam games 2015 legacy begins before the games and are designed, ctrled and encapsulated on delivery? I wonder if that’s not better said as resources re-usage design, rather than […]

%%xx “)”)”nn mm LLjj++– !!!!!!!!!!~~~~ ######

A quality of the ability to reduce a generalised concept of pairs – to two. 2 apples and 2 stars, with 2 graphs and two keys and two cups of coffee in two loo rolls – are all using the ability to be two. There might be different Kinds of twoness.. For example, two skies […]


Was re re reading this post todo with categories and hierarchies with some ideas of abstractness thrown in 0 and it sudenly hit me that perhaps am being very vile and violent in my thoughts, or even their implications. Hence perhaps wrong.. Again.. This seems to be a fairly distinct possible sequence because I – […]

is isis sort of a death metal band?

http://www.buzzfeed.com/ellievhall/an-isis-love-story-till-martyrdom-do-us-part http://al-ihsaan.tumblr.com/post/100899586674 http://fa-tubalilghuraba.tumblr.com/post/101316535684/the-weirdness-of-this-ummah-no-one-wants-to http://mannwasalwah.tumblr.com/post/97498993330/diary-of-a-muhajirah-i-would-like-to-narrate http://ellalwani.blogspot.co.uk/2014/09/story-time-bird-of-jannah-marriage_20.html


Considering links and crossings and collisions – are these sort of like language based in the sense of focus? ie – water and oil seem to have no “and” but collide. The “language” of each, their vibrations, frequencies, vibes, rhythms – despite being liquid – do not mix much. However they could be combined. On […]

violence of free or a blockhead – ian dury?

Just seen a smashed shop window. Nothing too remarkable. However, I had a flash in mind of a drunk feeling pretty good about themselves for smashing the window. Why did it occur they felt good/satisfied/powerful? I think the idea of senseless smashing, being like a wind, like a rolling rock, etc. – hit me that […]

if then-ness? ifness then-ness? if thenlessness?

Was reading this thing about astronauts and when he talks about a philosopher that came to a mistaken conclusion – it occurred to me that what that philosopher did was getting the If defined very well, however, then belongs to the future, specially an If that wasn’t much of before. ie space travels’ effects on […]


In the About spiritual in art, Kandinki – writing in fact about abstract painting – used a metaphor of a pyramid to illustrate a social hierarchy in which, if most people do not get something, its because they are not at the top of the pyramid, and the message from the top is yet to […]