A declining crime usa rates – huh??

Perhaps interesting because as a society we pay a shocking lot for measures we are told are to do with dealing crime blows. We pay, more than for universities, towards keeping other humans locked as they are dangerous, pay for police and judicial systems, we pay for politicians to help keep us poor lot safe […]

b more like uk = ok?

The kremlin’s rt.com is happy to to feature a recent lords’ report critical of eu (and uk’s involvement in it) in relation to ukraine’s situation with russia currently.. It seems like from rt’s pov the report goes in-line with it’s attempt to portray “the west” as being in some sort of “decline”. An on-going theme […]

the look, words & sounds of censorship

or just the one made in china? Here’s the song: I think authoritarianism sounds and feels pretty much alike.. Might compare well with golden oldies German Nazi stuff like: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NKeO_foFsM0 and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qn0GpUgYOEs The other element re authoritarianistic approaches that seems evident here is the need to put one’s self on the shoulder while pretending the […]

brain decisions makes?

An interesting post re decisions and mr Alan Turing in the smithsonian mag. Am wondering though, why the link (association?) with Turing? Can it be anything todo with computing? IDK really. However it clearly links between Turing’s cracked codes and decisions in the brain. Now given the fact that there is a link that was […]

search as “problem” when

linked to design? Or is it a conflation(ish) with process? Or maybe its a problem when a conversion to function is imperative – axiomatic perhaps? – in mind? Whichever, I think its interesting to, at least, note that indeed before the automation process, no disrespect, there is a search that folds into the algorithm. Its […]

kobane and rhythmic freedom?

Just watching about residents coming back to Kobane and very understandably talking about freedom. However the combination of the geo local focus and the idea, in their words, of “freedom from”, seems to have highlighted for me what seems like a common fallacy about freedom – in my mind. Freedom from is a suggestion – […]

Measuring Brainwaves Make?

Measuring Brainwaves to Make a New Kind of Bike Map for NYC is a title of a wired article that talks about an attempt to use measurements for indicating qualities of bike ride paths. I think its kind of curious or even telling that the ability to produce numbers in relation to a given activity […]