a force not power of

habit? Went to flick the switch on the kettle and turned to fix the coffee. A few minutes later I noticed that it took me all that time to notice the kettle wasn’t just off – but wasn’t even where it should be to be turned on. A habit? A force of habit? Can it […]

the false abstract of religions?

This is – I think – a very interesting discussion re peace in Liberia between Amy Goodman and Leymah Gbowee on Democracy now. One of the interesting trajectories, in my view, is that of how religions were used in a conflict within tribal society. The implementation of christianity and islam as 2 umbrella elements within […]

a peaceful way of cultivating wars?

If its fighting and if having. Check the comment about the saying about fighting and having. The version regarding Not fighting, made “no sense” for the corespondent. If its worth fighting for – its not worth having? If its no fight – its not having? If its having worth, there must be a fight? If […]

quotes and quoting as functions?

Quotes from past, and of famed people seem to me sort of like an attempt to use functions. If you feel down, use X seemingly wise line to get yourself up. Problem is, in my mind, that despite best attempts, unlike computers, to make this work, a quote has to be simplified and then either […]

0 zero ideology?

ideology? Ideological as in having a preconception as to WHERE one fancies going to arrive at. Ideological opposition to lilac as an intolerance of lilacs and the active celebration of anything at the expense of lilacs – no matter what the evidence actually are? Perhaps supporting an evolutionary process through the practice of questioning how […]

from calculative creativity?

if 1 is added to another 1, then we can get something different – a 2. 2 has a different character than 1.. It might be argued that similarly, when we put red with yellow, an orange comes out. A colour with its own character that is independent from the yellow and red. It needs […]

a foot and the friction interaction

question? OK. Might be stretching stuff here, however for the possibility am not, will try the following: 2 days ago i twisted my right foot’s ankle a bit. Enough to hear some cracks. Landed on it wrongly while running. 1st reaction was to assess the pain level and how it might affect my continuing urge […]

an arbitrary if?

Are the if waves arbitrary or something more interesting? I think that perhaps am currently wrong in their non-arbitrary nature*. However, it seems like they at least could be non arbitrary.. Here it goes: Say something like if XyZ with ^ ? After the initial getting used to it, the wave doesn’t seem to require […]

a clear idea re fuzziness

of meanings? Don’t meanings operate, the way they move, is actually via fuzzy functions? If people are meanings creators, generators, propagators and re-generators, is it not that it can be claimed that in-fact, on a rather more abstract sense – people, or “meaning” oriented beings, are in fact fuzz makers?

universal no abstract?

A universal element, be it arbitrary or slightly less so – eg, a Universal declaration of human rights (arbitrary) Vs Universality of H2O, etc. – are simply sequences that may (by legislation or evolution) be applicable throughout a fair bit of timespace. It can be argues that the longevity of such universal is linked to […]

freedom and nude turban burka?

A woman in Tunisia decided to cover her body with slogans/text and post images of it on the web. She got into trouble with Tunisian power, and Femen decided to show some support. At the bottom half of the link, there is a post by someone in Saudi arabia saying that Nudity liberates her not. […]

entropy as a god?

Was just re-reading about Jeremy English’s idea of being within a material evolution in which energies get – i’d say Cultured – into converting/translating energies and disseminating them ever more efficiently so that process will increase entropy. Note: Some terms here are via my own energy translation and dissemination – eg “translation”, “culture” (verb) “efficient” […]

free will and expression baka?

I wonder whether expression is a question contrary to that of freedom and particularly that of will? Isn’t freedom a question of fear rather than expression? If a fears b – can a have a free will? in that sense the freedom, the sense of freedom is of ability to turn towards in all intervals […]

questions(?) from brighton pavilion civil(?) liberties(?) hustings with

Caroline Lucas (Green), Purna Sen (Labour), Clarence Mitchell (Conservative), Chris Bowers (Liberal Democrat), Nigel Carter (UKIP), Howard Pilott (The Socialist Party of Great Britain) and Nick Yeomans (Independent). (details – http://www.meetup.com/ORG-Brighton/events/221341373/ ) The meeting was organised by Open Rights Group (org) Last night meeting was, I hope, something to learn from… * I think the […]

a dodgy note re self questioning?

When, unlike a rock, an entity questions itself. Even as in “can i be z?” (when i is I and z is anything one thinks they are or actually are) The very practice of such questioning – which I think a living material does – creates the ability, more than that – the necessity – […]

notes todo with questions of operations

functions and immanent objects – or perceptions of – in art? * The difference between functions and operations seems that operations contain multiple functions. The operation of a steady material in the bike pedal design/implementation is to allow various functions to occur. If the material was ice or paper, then it could be argued the […]

power and death of imagination via embodiment?

Some claim that power fears or dreads imagination and that is the basic radical element in art. That art always questions, imagines the world different. Even if its something seemingly innocent and simple, like a drawing. A stoke of a dark pencil that sheds a new light on a familiar surrounding. A re-imaging and by […]