sense of imagining wonder?

When I say – Imagination and its own reality, people often feel as if am re-defining imagination and it stops the flow of exchange.
However, wonderment, wonder – how do we wonder from senses, sensing, seems to be a more efficient way to share the stuff am trying – while avoiding the argument of re-imagining imagination.
Am I correct?
I think people do the process of wondering more as an if wave, as a searching search – rather than a finding one. A wonder need not a Then? I wonder if am feeling melancholic, wonder if coffee and pepper, wonder of hot-chilli anthropology, wonder about redness and postal services? – etc..

The wonder practice does itself while feeding the imagination -no?

Hence surfing from one wonderment to another. Some call it procrastination when the focus is on activities to be performed while the person is actually – wondering?

Is it only a presentational question?

The ontological body of an epistemological process?

A wonder from the seeming – or very – processes, activities, perceptions, practices and sensations of wonderment seems to be probably art.
A wonder about a wonder seems to be an illustration, design(?), a depiction of something other than what is the depicting element. (depicting??)
A wonder of application for wonderment perhaps is more like design..?

Am I doing a wonerisation..?


Can other ways to do art, design, illustration, etc live within, from and with wonder?
Does wonder deny the being of other ways, or allows more of them?