perform a furnished performance to

accomplish a ? ? Perform as to accomplish a certain aim/goal/idea – an effect, a task? Furnish a task maybe as well?

intergalactic, cosmic, interstellar, space oriented anthropocentric

scene? Am wondering from the question of how anthropocene might translate, relate, or refute(??) itself when linked with the rest of our curiously nameless universe. (see notes bellow) This lecture: – 28 mins in(ish) he talk of saving planet’s living orgs by preventing an imact by an astreoid kind of thing. I wonder whether […]

how to change time?

Evolution could be characterised as changes in time. Am wondering how time itself can evolve. Can time change? There are ideas that perhaps time flow in other universes might be different in terms of direction. What if there is a universal beat. A universal rhythmic characteristic of time that itself evolves – changes is spaces, […]

Reason and time?

Say I do X. X is done. By who? If elements around me attribute X to me doing it – they might ask Why? e.g. for a child: Why did you do X? the child – or me – might be clueless as to reason for doing, or causing, X. A person might be honest […]

trans mission from manifest ability of?

It seems to me that: Manifestation presumes a context – hence some meaning emerging. To manifest is to show, or to make x available to Be sensed. This element of availability to be sensed is what seems to presume context. The context might be even the very seemingly meaningful for the manifestor. If I fancy […]

sequences, categories, and

hierarchies? Sometimes when I say that, for example, expression is a manifestation type, some people seem to think that the implication is Manifestation is more important than expression. I do not mean to imply any hierarchy – am i manifesting myself wrongly? When a person talks about furniture, they talk about stuff that might include […]

birth and birth of inventing a birth?

How to invent a celtic culture? I think its a lso interesting on the side perhaps, how the pronounciation has altered. It used to be the S side of C, as in the Glasgow football team – Celtic. Or the Boston Basketball team Celtics. However, somehow in the early part of the last 100 yearsIsh, […]

transmission, and between, and expression, and

between manifestation? I think Manifestation allows, at least the conception of expression? Manifestation can have expression, and reflection, and projection. Manifestation though is dependent, perhaps made with, context? Transmission is ironic? It is in between practice. It requires to be transed as a process and making it, practising transmission is doing that interval. A radio […]

hesitation at the heart of etymological past of

Coherence? Coherence and Hesitation?

burning in the flames of goodies?

Just a quick note re story of anti-sharia activist being barred from publicly voicing the opinion in Warwick Uni. The line for refusal: *possible* inflaming people. Apart from the question of “rights” vs “rights” – and indeed the “right” to upset people in a conversation – i think that there are meta rights issues as […]

A transmission between reason and logic?

When a person tells anyone who cares to hear that all apples are red because they steam off desire – it might be very obvious the speaker might have made a bit of a Logical wrong turn somewhere. eg: they might have noticed that (some) apples are Red and decided all of them support that […]

d e s i r e ? ^ if

if feedesire? if endesire? if endingdesire? if energydesire? if dysdesire? if expressdesire? if movedesire? if oxygenatedesire? if infusedesire? if surfingdesire? if derbyshiredesire? if fictiondesire? if cinnamondesire? if dictivedesire? if binarydesire? if nonominaldesire? if rhythmicdesire? if spelldesire? if dysenergeticdesire? if 0geometricdesire? if oceanicdesire? if metanumericaldesire? if ifnicaldesire? if metabolicdesire? if keyboardiasticdesire? if 0desire? if 2desire? if […]

λ : λ → λ and the Replacing Operation?

(λy.x)(yz))(ab) makes: x(abz) because we replace the lambda y and the other y with ab. However, is replacing the only way to produce new functions? Also, why functions? Why not doing abstracts – abstracts of abstracts, or indeed, the typing that that typing makes, etc..? (sounds a bit Deleuzian, but hey, I think there is […]

meta tautological?

if tautology assess the truth of a form perhaps the form has no truth but simply of being? there is a largest number or there isn’t there is a mookliko or there isn’t there + is + or + there + isn’t isn’t + is + or there ++ there (eg isn’t a largest number […]

maps representation and power?

Perhaps the ability to demarcate borders is one of the abilities that define Power? Has a fair few links to texts to do with borders and maps. I have not read most of these texts. However checking the short blurbs, I think its interesting to note that, at least historically – if not intrinsically […]

axioms rules and basketball?

According to some web links, the initial 13 rules(?) of basketball are infact axioms. eg: and While there might be other basketball specific axioms, I’d like toi focus on one – that if the activity is basketball, then scores are made by making the ball go Through the hole in the top of […]

trans interval mission difference?

Considering intervals, in-betweens. Read somewhere a definition of interval as being the Difference between X and Y.. Or is it that in fact a difference is the interval? What I am not comfortable with in the interval/difference – apart from the philosophy, differance, attached – is that both ideas imagine the motion as static. Difference […]