an eu referendum farce comes to the fore?

Suppose the referendum was done as a farce to deal with tory inside divisions..? Then it would have been a charade, no? A Charade, a farce – lets not focus on these meanings now.. What seems to perhaps get clearer is that the referendum was ill thought of – perhaps because the focus was on […]

brexiters and bremainers unite?

Politics again? Should stop it really – but here’s an itchy idea.. There’s this 2nd referendum petition. yes? The one being investigated for fraud? Yes.. The same one that started by a brexiter. I think why not have a 2nd referendum indeed – but for different reasons? Reason? Are you not just being a sore […]

questioning and an how with brexit in mind?

How immigration in voters’ minds links with nhs, education, housing, jobs and other – non immigration bread n butter politics? “voters’ minds”? Any better way to note that the immigration concerns, as a person being concerned about it – seem honest and i think deserve respect. however, i also think that a reciprocal approach is […]

a bremainer’s solution?

For bremainers’ with a bit of a disappointment regarding brexit? Why not marry/civil-partner an EU person that fancies a way to stay in the UK? A win-win, no? Perhaps if the independent rulers of UK will find out – they might shut that route into europe as well? Hold on, aren’t we the ones’ supposed […]

sense nonsense and senselessness?

Does it sound nonsensical? “Sense nonsense and senselessness?” Post brexit, some remain people try to “make sense” out of this referendum. Perhaps its sensual to try make sense, however – can it be nonsensical? I think, brexit or not, when people face a sense of uncertainty, some un-known, yet-to-be comprehended, etc. – there is a […]

exit brexit hysterically?

OK. So there was a referendum. The tory uber right ousted the tory right and the subject was europe. There was/is a lexit element, no? Sure. If we read the statement – see link above – they still call for stuff that happens regardless (eg resignation) and has nothing to do with how stuff operates. […]

predicted predictive programming?

Never heard of predictive programming? I thought it was some sort of a programmer’s “paradigm”. Maybe a bit like functional programming. I think the following links say I was wrong? (conspiracy ideas) (more conspiracies conspired against my initial idea?) (..conspiracy again?) but hey.. check this: (nothing like what i initially had […]

upsetting the markets – a memorial?

I seem to recall so called arguments for stuff like bailing out the banks in 2008, or the attacks by the capitalists on social policies suggested by the labour party in the 80’s and recently by Corbyn. Am I mis-recalling? Has something gone wrong with my memory? Why is it that, for example, with the […]

when 2 does not = 2?

x = x? not always.. check this: 2 = 2 right? yes. now.. what happens when we have 2 apples and 2 clouds? are they equal? there are 2 of each.. but then they are equal in the sense of Number – 2 – not in the sense of what the elements are. In a […]

jigsaw puzzles and pixels?

a conversation of links from pixels and jigsaw puzzles.

a misogynistic right of right for the right to kill?

Is it too early to draw a line, a link, between 2 dots? Yvette Cooper, it seems, has received death threats in connection to the eu referendum. Is it something the right wingers have, or might harbour against women? Perhaps its my own prejudices towards the right? Could be.. I hope am not prejudiced, but […]

a conservative corbyn?

Jeremy Corbyn interviewed by democracynow’s Amy Goodman regarding the eu referendum. While it seems refreshing to hear a person from the parliament talking about the process and issues involved like an adult to other equal adults – I think there is also a revelation of Corbyn’s – left leaningand small c conservativism. Blair was a […]

meanings, intents and operations from

today’s churl boon? What do you mean by “today’s churl boon”? Meaning? Perhaps, the 3 words using others: the gift of human simplicity for today. How did you get that from churl boon? Well.. Boon can mean a gift. Churl can mean something like a pleb, but usually in english it is taken as a […]

how to infinitely distribute bitcoins?

Bitcoin, like other cryptocurrencies is not made from linking to any materials, so can it not be produced infinitely? The US dollar $$ used to be backed by gold, not the case since the 60’s. However, the dollar, like pound and other national coin currencies, have physicalities of paper/metal/plastic, and histories of being linked with […]

the violence of cultured sensations?

Just came back from a bus stop. Turns out, i happened to bump into a person that wanted to feel her sensations. No, sorry, not to feel her sensations – but to made to feel her sensations. Wanted to be forced to feel, forced to sense, to be unable to stop herself from feeling the […]

the violence of storms and a welcome dirt?

Over the brexit referendum, the rulling classes seem to be in a bit of an inbred fight. Questions such as why we actually rather place hopes and inspiration into the eu, has been replaced with negativity and fear. The eu is crap – but we need it. The eu is crap but we don’t need […]

a joke or the laugh is on

us? suspect the meaning of brexit’s bring democracy back to uk is a code for more power for rich and aristocratic few? check this screenshot: (Murdoch is saying: hey, in downing street – i am the boss. in europe, am a nobody..) Am I wrong? Am I noting stuff that am looking for? My own […]