a 24 carrot ring?

Ever hear about a carrot ring? Ever misheard about a nicky minaj carrot ring? Carat? Gold? Duh? She said the carat is immaterial, and i hear carrot, and i go – yes, 24 carrot ring beats any carat, right? Why beat? Can’t they just get along just fine?

sounds from nicking?

Does anyone nick music? Ever? Nicking sounds – same as nicking music? Hold on.. Why the term “to nick”? If someone recorded a sound, a song, and I copied the recording without permission – is it not nicking? If someone made a flute, or some string instrument – like am sure someone did eons ago […]

do trump does an anarchist illustration of agamben?

Trump does Agamben? Well.. perhaps its Agamben who did trump and his ilk? Trump an anarchist? In an Agambian way? Some of the stuff agamben points out re privileged people, aka people in power, is that they get to do anarchy, right? Right? where? When? Well.. Why wouldn’t you check agamben? Why not just give […]

A petition from 0?

[emailpetition id=”1″]

post truth aesthetic dump in pokemon go?

After the truth has gone? Is there a song? A cute pokemon song? Can we train it? It? Train the truth? Train the song? An honest pokemon go truth? Sure. Are we not post truth here? When was is that truth was not an emerging reality? Well.. Check the canary’s buzzfeed plusterdump.. Interesting, no? What? […]

in distrust we trust?

Is it that blockchain distrust oriented computing? Distrust in people? Distrust in a blockchain technology? Distrust in anything other than a blockchain algorithm? Is there only one algorithm to manage blockchains – or is it a distrust in some but not others? Is it really a question of distrust – or trust in something particular […]

queue against equality?

Is it an equality kind of a thing to claim that whoever appears 1st in a queue is before the 2nd, 3rd, and so on? What if the queue is for something todo with health – should it not then be dependent on time and need rather than time only? Time? Interesting.. What if money […]

the lie of a non truth?

Maybe it should be a truth of a lie that isn’t a non truth? WTF? Say a given information is contested. say a history is being contested as to what and how stuff actually happened. There might be a narrative that places a person in a given context while they were very obviously not, yes? […]

alcohol, cancer and art?

ok. so since alcohol is directly linked with known and, err, probably known cancer – perhaps an idea to cutoff is due? Over due? Both? ..and cancer can cancel the alcoholic feelgood factor, yes? However, how else can we get a bit of a brain augmenting experience that isn’t for entertaining the mind? Isn’t alcohol […]

anarchic road bots?

Who will build the roads – in anarchy? who will build roads in err, not entirely anarchism but hey its sounds kind of cool? Who’s going to do roads with more libertarianism, err anarchic marketism, err anarchy? “But Who Will Build The Roads?”: Market Anarchy Explained? A few more marketistas and road building? What about […]

art, rhythms, qualities and quantities?

is this to do with art and objects price? the price being a quantity? is this todo with math and art? how? well.. maths deal with quantities and the qualities that arise? Like when 2 is a quantity while having its own quality of 2ness? How rhythms come into this question? Rhythms seem to link.. […]

free fear speaks terror loud?

Does post coup turkey seems to be in a midst of an officially staged putch? A coup or a coup as a terror plot? Curious.. Rebranding freedom of speech? Where do we know that from? Is it not a journo sexup? the person in the vid talks about “could be terror”, no? Well.. sexup or […]

replication, copy and imitation as best appreciation?

Heard the recent plagiarism woohaa re trump and obama?? lol.. the replication, copying and replication unattributed? Ah! Unattributed and pretended isn’t there..? Does it all mean Obama is now officially the Trump god? Hummm.. Perhaps there’s another interesting point here.. Lets call it “elephant appreciation”? WhaT? Why start from the end? Is this to diss […]

aesthetics as a way to get politics?

Is this to do with aesthetics of politics? Rancière’s seeming fusion of aesthetics and politics? From the text above, i doubt. But maybe am wrong? Think.. No.. Lets consider political trajectories as rhythms? Trajectories? Kind of general political tendencies.. But maybe this is the wrong way to share the idea of aesthetics as way to […]

an if then and functionality?

If we can speculate? Like make speculative objects? Like get a sense of future as speculative via probabilistic functions? and then? Then we could do all sort of things, no? Yes.. maybe predict criminal functions before the actual crime? Is this a part of keeping people safe?

an M monster of the hill?

..ok.. so a person is not going up a hill because they are scared of a monster.. say i was with that person.. could it be possible to ignore that fear – or will i be forced to deal with it? hold on.. that person.. the one who’s scared of monsters of hills – how […]

lingo oginl corruption?

Another corruption? Interesting.. Etymologically its “a break done together”. Com – together. Rupture – a break. Isn’t this a kind of an interval? Hummm.. An interval done together? Yes.. And a togetherness that has brought about a forgetting of the process done together? Isn’t it a confabulation? Why break? Why not just forging something together? […]