labour, coronation street and race?

A race?

Perhaps more like racism?

How do you think something like this past as cool via coronation street tv editors?

Is this a real question?

Kunta Kinte?

Another TV show.. From the 70’s.. Interesting how it vibrates so many years later, no?

Did anyone mention Labour?

Is it not curious how the labour party is accused of antisemitism?

Is the labour party another TV show?

Come to think of it.. Perhaps politics are not too far?

..and that antisemitism claim is linked with coronation street?

Kinda.. Is it curious that some people who get very vigilant about antisemitism might hold a joke about slavery and kunta kinte as both legit and funny?

Are these all the people who are vigilant about antisemitism in society?

Isn’t that what the term “some” negates? some people in Labour party appear to be antisemitic?

primes and evolution?

Check this, lets say we have this thing called “prime interval”?

Meaning this: ?

..or maybe ?

Hummm.. Lets say that “prime interval” is any set of prime numbers that the interval between then is a prime?

Like 7 and 11?

..and 11 and 17?

Hummm.. 11 and 17 has a 6 between them. Not a prime, is it?

Like.. 5, 7, 11 and 13?

Which number will come after 13?

Is 2 a proper prime?

OK.. Now.. lets say that we have this bot that lives of getting sets of “prime intervals”?

You mean an algorithm that keeps generating new sets of “prime intervals”?

Yes.. Lets suppose that. Is it not interesting that the term “generating” is so precise in this case?

Why? could it not be rephrased as evolving new such sets?

Does it evolve these sets?

What is it wasn’t a bot but an animal?

An animal?

Say some sort of an organic being, an organism that lives off from “prime intervals”?

What about that?

This prime intervals organism, does it generate these sets?

It might do, no?

It might indeed, however, it could be doing something rather more interesting, I think. It seems to me that it could evolve these sets no?

Evolve? How?

Are these numbers not sorts “out there all ready”?

Not sure abot being out there, how ever, by “evolve”, this organism might realise new properties to do and linked with these numbers. Properties we currently are clueless about, hence can be open for even radical stuff, no?

Hold on.. Could we not get some heuristic algorithmic element do the same with the bot?

Yes.. Perhaps this is the crux – if we did use some heuristics with the bot, are we doing the same thing as with an organic being that might have new generations and reflections upon the prime intervals, which we can not coach nor foresee?

isil members and supporters learn democracy?

Democracy in the islamic state – daesh – whatever you call it?

Have a read of this aljazeera report, ok?

The people sending messages from isil controlled fallujah, mosul, etc.?

Sure, these messages are full of despair – more to do with isil misrule than democracy, or any other way of political organisation, no?

When a person complains about lack of pluralism, or corruption, prevalent mood of fear, and others regarding issues to do with transparency, fairness and decision making processes – do they not all link up in democracy as a solution?

Might – but they don’t say “democracy” do they?

Does it matter if they, supporters and fighters for isil/isis utter the name democracy – or that they seem to fancy stuff that only democratic kind of developments can offer?

Only democracy?

Maybe also anarchy? 😉

adrenaline and boring music?

Checking new ways of surfing?

Is this a sort of an adrenaline junkie activity?

What, like in videos as: ?

Yes.. And how about around 3mins in?


No.. why the music in such vids is boring?

Does it not remind you of tourist beach bars sort of music?

Is it that the adrenalin excitement supposed to come from the activity rather than music?

An illustrative music?

Hummm.. I wonder if that’s kind of why, when I came back from a not-much-windy windsurfing session, people thought I must have got bored?

lol and death?

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and, and – and?
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death and lol and?
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lol and death. and?