a spoken fail language of?

a failure from a spoken language? say I uttered that 1 + 2 = 3, what was I thinking? You thought that a single and a couple will make a trio? say I uttered – I want coffee, what was I thinking? That you want coffee? Perhaps, but isn’t there another thought? The order of […]

when is it that an orange is blue?

When would a person like oranges to be blue? Say there are a few millions who fancy blue oranges – will it make the fruits blue? Is it not a question of wishes and desires? How? If some people fancy, ie they want oranges blue, no? Now say they are convinced oranges are blue, what’s […]

hidden negotiations?

Do you know how to “anchor” in negotiations? Something like: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9xSe604627c ? Is it not interesting at the beginning when they mention most people do not know they are being anchored? Interesting.. What if this tech was more of a common knowledge? Yes.. Why don’t they teach That at school? What do you when a […]

Pirated programming political turn?

A pirated programming? Is that supposed to be funny? Is it not?Why not mention an ice breaker?To uber pun it re iceland? How do you do a programming oriented politics? Is it not the idea of having stuff like “transparency” and “accountability”, rather than “progressive” or “conservative” ideologies which you try to implement? A government […]

relevance of irrelevant art?

If irrelevant art – is its relevancy an interesting question? Who is the It? Art, no? Is this question something to do with this article about art’s growing importance for culture? This is a very conservative view of art, no? How? From the practices it considers’ “art” through to the idea of “good old days” […]

being the poo – a tideon?

Am i a poo? Am i an abstracted poo? Am I the rejection the refusal of a poo to be a poo as a poo abstraction? Am I an abstract that is a poo for poo? Am I an abstract that is a poo From poo? a poo tideon?

sensing from text?

..like the claim you are a bitch? I don’t think so – is it the claim, or that someone – not the text – thinks like that? What about a program? A program? Well.. Say when, in a way, a program allows one user to rape another? Is it a rape or a grope? Is […]

sensations from illegal photographic memories?

how can you have illegal photographic memories? is it illegal to recall a copyright image from a film? a pirated film? say not pirated? Just asking regarding the memory – if i recall an image that is legally a property of someone else – is it legal? unless you propagate the image? say i propagate […]

not for turning?

I am not going to turn! Who said that? Is it a democratic statement? Have you searched? Search, which governments/regimes do u-turns? ..or back down? back-off? Which regimes? Why not how and for what kind of stuff? Hold on.. Is it fair to do in english? Why not compare english results for, say, japanese and […]

general specific specificism?

To be general or specific? To be specifically general? As in medium specific? Maybe this kind of medium specificity? General or specific career? And how can being general might be specific? Any particular category, is not a generally specific? Any vehicle is specifically for vehicles? Like site specific art and theatre? Are art and theatre […]

#art from conservative deserts?

Art from saudi-arabia in the usa – not bad hey? In terms of humanising the people under saudi arabian rule? In terms of this isn’t a bad art? How bad an art gets before its kind of not exactly art? When its kind of entertainment? If its entertainment, was it art to begin with? Maybe […]

hyper(allergic) art without indifferences that matter?

Can art matter? How can art be un-allergic to being matter? Art? How art? Say art like that kind of talk? Does it matter weather or not art matter? Matter as in means stuff beyond its materiality? Beyond 0’s and 1’s when its digital? Can art be art beyond its materiality? Can you be yourself […]

a tideon?

A tideon as in tide and demon joined? How are they joined? When have tides and demons met to join together? Perhaps on the occasion of being from a same root – *da? Da as in divider? As in divide? Tide has a movement, even of time being divided, yes? Demon as a sort of […]

if you authored a narrative?

Can you be an if authored a narrative? Does it mean, either an authored narrative as an If, or something else? A bit cloudy, hey? 😉 I rather think maybe its just an If Authored? Glad there’s a question there… Is it not more of an If Narrative? Authored or otherwise? If authored a narrative […]

#language #magic?

Which language? The language of magic? Is the magic in what people see or how the act is done? OK.. What happens when, in english, both language and magic are genderless? The sort of non anthropomorphic feel of english? Yes.. Does it not being conjured even when the line is language magic? Conjured? Like, being […]

gutter-boy adventures in the usa?

gutter-boy – whats that? how about aka trump? why not gutter-man? gutter-boy – as it takes you to the gutter to try solving his problems? gutter-man could do that too, no? how about gutter-woman? isn’t it that both gutter-woman and gutter-man would own up to taking people into their gutter as a way to solve […]

distrust and the algorithm of love?

Can I love someone while distrusting them? What do you mean – distrust? Wow! An algorithm? If you love someone, then you trust them – a simple algorithm, no? Perhaps if stated slightly more like: When a person A loves a person B, then they must trust them. When person A doesn’t love person B […]