a spoken fail language of?

a failure from a spoken language?

say I uttered that 1 + 2 = 3, what was I thinking?

You thought that a single and a couple will make a trio?

say I uttered – I want coffee, what was I thinking?

That you want coffee?

Perhaps, but isn’t there another thought?

The order of the words?

In other languages, I might have said want coffee, or coffee want me, etc. – is it not different?

..and 1 + 2 is not different to 2 + 1 ?

..and what if we could swap words places from our desires wishes in spoken languages?

Perhaps swapping is kind of european oriented, but if the idea is speak without rules – is it not poetry?

Poetry plays with rules and conditions etc. its radical – but not an ignorance of linguistic rules, right?

Hold on! Isn’t poetry emerges when language fail?

when is it that an orange is blue?

When would a person like oranges to be blue?

Say there are a few millions who fancy blue oranges – will it make the fruits blue?

Is it not a question of wishes and desires?


If some people fancy, ie they want oranges blue, no?

Now say they are convinced oranges are blue, what’s the problem?

Is this when contextuality ends?

The end of meaning?

Well.. Why not just let people make oranges blue if that’s how they see it?

Are they calling blue Orange and Orange blue?

Isn’t it that they’ll need power to sustain the blue oranges perception?

Why? Do we need power to sustain the Oranges are orange perception?

Calling oranges Oranges, or Golden apples, does it make a difference?

Not much, so why not call them Blue?

How would you call blue stuff in that society?

What if they called it Blue Apples?

What if they called it stoochy apples?

Well.. each name might deliver different outcomes, no?

..and which name might require no power to be sustained?

..Like which might be self sustained?

Is that not contextual as well?


People might – or might not – sustain the name, or do you think its the fruit that does it?

Hummm.. Perhaps the wrong analogy?

Have a better one?

Some songs, to recall them, you need to hear repetitions – others, a repetition is not required – know what i mean?

If you don’t need to recall via repetition, the music stands by itself?

Not by necessity, but probably it is like that?

How about Foucault and power?

The idea that civil life is sustained from power rather than it’s own volition?

Hence an interval between civility and reality?

hidden negotiations?

Do you know how to “anchor” in negotiations?

Something like: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9xSe604627c ?

Is it not interesting at the beginning when they mention most people do not know they are being anchored?

Interesting.. What if this tech was more of a common knowledge?

Yes.. Why don’t they teach That at school?

What do you when a sales’ person gives you a price?

If I want to negotiate it?

Yes, and when it’s clear they try to anchor you?

Is that when I say LOL! you must be joking?

Pirated programming political turn?

A pirated programming?

Is that supposed to be funny?

Is it not?Why not mention an ice breaker?To uber pun it re iceland?

How do you do a programming oriented politics?

Is it not the idea of having stuff like “transparency” and “accountability”, rather than “progressive” or “conservative” ideologies which you try to implement?

A government as a facilitator?

Hold on.. Say I fancy transparency and accountability via open access to state data.. and..

LOL! In the UK, you think people will tell the monarchy to open it’s books?

Surely, some might see the monarchy being transparent as essential – and some not?

..and some will see it as required to be scrapped?

So how, in this one context, the idea that stuff like “transparency” management is non ideological?

Maybe it’s a question of bringing together, for example, all the range of views regarding monarchical transparency, and letting them play in a democratic fashion?

If that’s the case, a government to manage social power struggles and ideas, is it not a bit like Mouffe’s notion of agonism?

Not sure re Mouffe’s ideas, however, say it is a question of management rather the propagation of one ideological view over another. When we look at management, how people do managing, do we not have various styles?

Styles or ways?

Management ways or ideologies?

Like the hierarchical management ideology?

Or the horizontal?

Are you saying there’s no escape from ideologies?

If turning into management is not getting over idologies by nescessities, does it mean there is no other way?

Yo! Didn’t blair and 3rd way was todo with being managers?

Politics at the end of history?

relevance of irrelevant art?

If irrelevant art – is its relevancy an interesting question?

Who is the It?

Art, no?

Is this question something to do with this article about art’s growing importance for culture?

This is a very conservative view of art, no?


From the practices it considers’ “art” through to the idea of “good old days” when society was expressed through artists – visual stuff makers – controlled by patrons. Which begs the question that, I think begets conservative minds – how can it be that by being in power, you are both able to keep your own relatively small class’s privileges – while at the same time claim to be the natural expression of the rest of society?

Err..How does this link with art?

Actually, I think the article has a bit of a point regarding the expression of art and relevancy – is it not some sort of a link?

A visual link?

A sensational link perhaps?

As in physical rather than mental?

As in some link we can all – as a social body – refer to?

As an expression that links us all?

As a bonding?

Like, when expressions of a certain kind, like sensation oriented sensations are no longer linking, no longer bind the bound among people – they become irrelevant?

Hold on.. However, perhaps that bind bounding Function is just done in other means nowadays?

Like games?

Like TV?

Like youtube?

Like social media?

So then.. What is happening with the sensations?

With how sensations are being cultivated?

How sensations are being imagined?

Why being? Why do imagine individual sensations in such a totalitarian way?

Totalitarian or totalism?

So, is art relevant?

Perhaps that is the thing, maybe art should Not be relevant?


Say art doesn’t express stuff?

Doesn’t express the sensations of a given power/patron’s view of how culture should be?

That art doesn’t express some view of anyone’s?

That art has nada todo with expression?

Is art’s expression not the link?

What is the link?

What is the expression?

What if the link is tag?

What if the link is a server?

What if the expressed link is stuff like http protocol?

In the sense that these are the social linking bondages?

In the sense that such technologies are relevant for social bodies as a whole?

Well.. Does it not free the ability to imagine, to evolve ways for wondering which free us from the question of relevancy?

Like.. err.. art for art’s sake? 😉

Could be.. However, is it Art for art’s sake in the framework of “expression”?

Like: I the patron rather fancy to be seen as a sophisticated being, one that can understand the language of colours and composition which is linking our basic visual experiences?

Visual sensations maybe?

How can you infer all that about people? Patrons are people too!

Does it sound all too sarcastic?

All too wide a brash?

More of a wide brushing brash?

A brushing brush?

Even as a question?

Are you saying all these are genuine questions?

What’s a dis-ingenious question?

A question that presuppose an answer?

Like these 2? 😉

How about questions that might be interesting?

Interesting or relevant?

Say interesting, as the question’s relevancy is yet to be imagined?

But all these questions were regarding a particular topic, no?

Do we really know whether the relevancy of technology replaced the relevancy of art, or is this a link of some ignorance?

sensing from text?

..like the claim you are a bitch?

I don’t think so – is it the claim, or that someone – not the text – thinks like that?

What about a program?

A program?

Well.. Say when, in a way, a program allows one user to rape another?

Is it a rape or a grope?

Is it the text or a user’s intent?

Maybe the visuals?

How about in a wholly text environment?

How about the experience of both text and flesh?

How about this dude playing a woman in mmo?

But real?

The reality of touching a screen, a keyboard, a pen or other device to make words appear – does it make the words more or less meaningful?

Is it a question of meaningfulness or the fact we have words/sensations, and their various physicality allows different kinds of linking?

Are you saying that sensations from text can not be dismissed?

Why sensations?

Are you talking about deleuze and guatary kind of “primal” sensations?

Maybe tides?

hummm.. 1q2 -> p0o -> i !!! what do you think?

nada – does “1q2 -> p0o -> i !!!” mean stuff?

Say it doesn’t mean anything – do you not feel a sense of wonder re what if the text does mean something?

Say it does mean something?

Well, would it not feel different?

sensations from illegal photographic memories?

how can you have illegal photographic memories?

is it illegal to recall a copyright image from a film?

a pirated film?

say not pirated? Just asking regarding the memory – if i recall an image that is legally a property of someone else – is it legal?

unless you propagate the image?

say i propagate it as an app or text?

say i propagate it as an algorithm?

better still – say i propagate it as poo?

as poo?

no.. as a transmitted memory?


is it possible?

say it was possible – would then my memory be illegal?

not for turning?

I am not going to turn!

Who said that?

Is it a democratic statement?

Have you searched?

Search, which governments/regimes do u-turns?

..or back down?


Which regimes? Why not how and for what kind of stuff?

Hold on.. Is it fair to do in english?

Why not compare english results for, say, japanese and chinese u-turns?

How about south korean?

And say, brazilian and iranian?

Whats all that for?

Ever asked, or been asked: “X is in the opposition, how can they change anything?”

Well.. Can they?

How can an opposition – one that has no power, ie not somehow surreptitiously linked to power via military, media or financial means – can make a government do a u-turn?

Is that what’s called “winning an argument”?

How can they win an argument if they don’t have a media link which lets their argument being heard, or even discussed?

An interesting point.. However, would you say that a society where such arguments can be discussed – and affect, through that exchange, government policies – are in a democratic or a rather more authoritarian kind of evolutions?

Isn’t that a false dichotomy?

How come?

Isn’t the evolutionary question more to do with How to evolve political life of a given society?

Might be.. However, isn’t it also a valid question to point that there might be kind of political evolutions?

Is that to do with the idea that democracy is always Becoming?

Yes.. I think so.. However, authoritarian regimes are also becoming, no?

Isn’t a mark of an authoritarian regime – and conservativism – is precisely attempts to halt the process of becoming?

Yes, however – can they?

Like trying to avoid evolution?

Like trying to avoid time?

So.. Was it a dichotomy or pointing at various kinds of political evolutions?

Maybe a pointing at different kinds of evolutions – done badly?

Can I do a u-turn on that? 😉

general specific specificism?

To be general or specific?

To be specifically general?

As in medium specific?

Maybe this kind of medium specificity?

General or specific career?

And how can being general might be specific?

Any particular category, is not a generally specific?

Any vehicle is specifically for vehicles?

Like site specific art and theatre?

Are art and theatre different??

Will any vehicle include lamas?

Not a very smart question.. Perhaps lets ask whether a general category like vehicles might include stuff that has to do with being a category made of vehicles – rather than vehicles?

Shall we bring a bullshit detector?

Like this one?


If numbers, like the number 1, was a generally specific category for all single stuff – will it also be recognised as, for example, a prime?

It is a prime?

No bullshit?


So 1 is both a general specific category, and has some other characteristics, now what?

Does it not mean the number 1, to put simply, unlike a general specific category such as vehicles – is an abstract?

Are you saying that the category of, say, vehicles can not be an abstract?

Are you on non-specificism?

Are you sure generalisation is not abstract?

Is this to do with concrete and abstract?

The category of vehicles is concrete?

The sensation of vehicleness is an abstract?

#art from conservative deserts?

Art from saudi-arabia in the usa – not bad hey?

In terms of humanising the people under saudi arabian rule?

In terms of this isn’t a bad art?

How bad an art gets before its kind of not exactly art?

When its kind of entertainment?

If its entertainment, was it art to begin with?

Maybe it wasn’t art?

Maybe some people called it art, so we can take it from there and then view how its actually entertainment?

Why not say radically that when stuff is visual – it’s not necessarily art?

How does that take the view of the other?

Being radical is being a bigot?

Radical art as in a practice that is radically itself but not something else?

Can I not say that when I opened the window 5 mins ago, that wasn’t science?

Even when someone else calls it science?

Can it not be respected that others have a view – but one might simply reject it?

hyper(allergic) art without indifferences that matter?

Can art matter?

How can art be un-allergic to being matter?

Art? How art?

Say art like that kind of talk?

Does it matter weather or not art matter?

Matter as in means stuff beyond its materiality?

Beyond 0’s and 1’s when its digital?

Can art be art beyond its materiality?

Can you be yourself when instead of flesh you become paint on canvass or 1’s and 0’s?

What of artless that’s not there?

What of artless? What when artlessness means nothing?

How about matter as difference?

Like art difference and indifference?

A bit like differences between “arts”?

Is the difference itself matter?

If the difference is itself – is it art?

Maybe the question of how can it art?

But when art, wtf?

Art as a difference maker?

Art as a link?

Art as an interval?

How about without art?

Another artlessness?

Why all that eye brow bollocks drivel – does it not shrivel for you in face of straight fwd art that indeed matters?

Is this a kind of straight fwd shit free art that matters?

a tideon?

A tideon as in tide and demon joined?

How are they joined?

When have tides and demons met to join together?

Perhaps on the occasion of being from a same root – *da?

Da as in divider?

As in divide?

Tide has a movement, even of time being divided, yes?

Demon as a sort of anthropomorphism of sensations which both divide and can not be gotten rid of – even the zeit in german?

As time?

As time is an overall divider?

Maybe a division mover? A division initiator?

And tide is linked to zeit too, right?

But all that is in the past. How do the tide and demon come together from a certain linked past?

Humans and bananas have some linked past, does it mean we can have a humanana?

Well.. isn’t a humanana really some kind of a tideon?

What about a spoon?

Perhaps a pre-confabulated spoon?

Maybe just a non confabulated one?


Tideons are sort of meta configurations that are yet to form?

More like yet to be formed?

More like perhaps un-formable?

Configurations or non confabulations?

Just, errr, tideons?

if you authored a narrative?

Can you be an if authored a narrative?

Does it mean, either an authored narrative as an If, or something else?

A bit cloudy, hey? 😉

I rather think maybe its just an If Authored?

Glad there’s a question there… Is it not more of an If Narrative? Authored or otherwise?

If authored a narrative as a sensation?

What if you Actually authored a narrative?

What will happen to the If?

An if no more?

Doesn’t an If seek to be no more?

Perhaps, though it might also rather be an If?

How to If author a narrative?

Any narrative?

Oh! Have we now began to talk sense?

Sense or more sensation?

#language #magic?

Which language?

The language of magic?

Is the magic in what people see or how the act is done?

OK.. What happens when, in english, both language and magic are genderless?

The sort of non anthropomorphic feel of english?

Yes.. Does it not being conjured even when the line is language magic?

Conjured? Like, being summoned?

Is it not some sort of a computation?

A computation? How?

What if we said, in english, the male language is female magic?

Then, isn’t it a different line – in possible intents and meanings – to language magic?

Because the computation is different?

gutter-boy adventures in the usa?

gutter-boy – whats that?

how about aka trump?

why not gutter-man?

gutter-boy – as it takes you to the gutter to try solving his problems?

gutter-man could do that too, no?

how about gutter-woman?

isn’t it that both gutter-woman and gutter-man would own up to taking people into their gutter as a way to solve problems?

kids don’t own up to shit they do?

does gutter-boy?

hold-on – trump is, after all a human being. with faults, but human – why call him names?

sure.. aren’t boys human?

what if it was, trump uses a gutter-boy tactics?

if so, does it imply gutter-boy characteristics illustrate trump?

like, trump’s character is gutter-boyish?

distrust and the algorithm of love?

Can I love someone while distrusting them?

What do you mean – distrust?

Wow! An algorithm?

If you love someone, then you trust them – a simple algorithm, no?

Perhaps if stated slightly more like: When a person A loves a person B, then they must trust them. When person A doesn’t love person B – they do not trust them. More like an algorithm, no>

More like the common algorithm of love?

But is it really necessary to trust when you love?

What do you mean – trust?

Like say you love someone and they lied to you – wouldn’t you get hurt?

If someone lies, if someone actually manages to deceive you, that can happen with – or without – love. Right?

But isn’t the pain different?

Isn’t love and trust something different? Is it not to do with togetherness?

Like, I will not cheat on you?

Hold on.. What is it when you love a friend, a child, a parent, etc..?

What is what?


Is it not a question of trust limited?

Limited? Is your love limited?

Well.. Is it not that the love question is the universe of trust?


Is it not that we might trust is lover/child/parent/friend etc. that they love you, that will not abandon you? I mean, say your lover just told you that they came back from being a slug – will you trust they were indeed a slug, or would you not inquire something to the tune of A slug – what do you mean?

Is that the same as a love affair with god?

God? How did that come here?

The etc.?

The abandoned?

Father why have you forsaken me?

Is this not a moment of doubt that there was something that could forsake anyone – to begin with?