entrainment bags?

Yesterday, in Lille, I went to check some backpacks since the one on me is a bit ripped.
Noticed a few bags that seemed plausible, however, following a further reflection, it seemed i could get better ones a few days from now – so the thing can wait.

However, a few hours following the above decision, I noticed a few people walking and cycling about with bags just like I didn’t buy.
Then, the brain went – oh! did I miss anything? Maybe it could be a good idea to get such a bag afterall?
Sure enough, that thought was too silly to follow – since people might buy from all sorts of reasons, connections and other stuff i will never be able to know, so it has nothing todo with my own circumstances.
However, the point is, i think, that i did have 2nd thought. A second chance for the bags tp be sold..

This thing of numbers and power, i notice, works in front of me, with the waiter here in the coffee..
The waiter just refused to speak english with a customer, despite evidently comprehending the request.
Would the waiter, like one of these bags, be able to maintain their narrative if they thought people around will not respond? (eg will not speak french..)

between shame and shameful?

Ever felt between shame and shameful?

An interval between the sensations searching from “what a shame!!” and the sensation from kinda: “ooops, hey, please don’t look at me cause am looking for a place to hide” – sort of sensations?

What’s all this abstract sensations between this and that relating with?

Well.. lets get a quick example, one word made of 2 and can be 2 letters many people know – FB, aka facebook?

How come we don’t have a viable alternative that isn’t capitalistic?

How come we don’t have an alternative that people – even ones with projects that are critical of the facebook capitalistic agenda – can feel happy to use?

Check this article regarding “bike sharing” in manchester, blightly, aka uk..

Aren’t these guys using years of free work/lobbying by cyclists for cycle lanes, to profit from?

Maybe brighton council will be open for a free version?

an idea.. But then comes the question, who has the time to invest?

Having been in brasilia recently, where bike lanes are a travesty for the city’s architecture of movement and social segregation..


Brasilia’s city plan is made with motorised vehicles in mind, in terms of distances, the spaces allowed for other possible users like pedestrians, and how the roads structure encourages movement from one area to another.. Check the street map, looks a bit like a database tree, doesn’t it?


With the above in mind, when you are a person that can-not-afford (aka isn’t allowed) living in the city plan, locally known as plano (if you look at the map, we are talking about the wings..) – then you are forced to live in one of brasilia’s satellites.

Plano? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plano,_Texas

Tried plano: http://www.museuvirtualbrasilia.org.br/PT/plano_piloto.html

Now, say you fancy going to a gig, a movie, theatre, an exhibition, etc. in brasilia – you need a car or public transport.
If you live in a satellite like Santa Maria, chances are you can not afford a car and public transport operates between 5am and circa 19.00. Public transport is there to take you to and from work..
Now, with that in mind, imagine how it might be if people could cycle for free and in safety?

Why just cycle?


Why not all kinds of free movement vehicles? Skateboards, scooters, electric mobile stuff powered by sun, sail boats on the lake – all sorts?

Hold on.. Wouldn’t then brasilia might be more fun?

A beautiful city that can be fun to move in? Too dangerous?

Well it not going to happen.. Not in brasilia, however perhaps being in between shame and shameful – as a sensation – is just another interval to feel?

To feel and wonder from?