me so bit she?

miss your birch? miss your beech? miss beach you? me so bit she? miso beach she? miso bitch she? mi so birchy? miso birchy? miso birch she? mi so birch she? mi so be archy? miso bee archy? missing be arching? miss be arching? miss bee arch she? miss so bee arch she? mi so […]

n en na non-errorners?

me n message? message carry from? message curry for? message scurry between? n message? message n err scawage n err ers? passage n err? message n errs? message angles? message angel errs? angels errs? angels err lala? angel la? angel lala? angel lala la loop? angel n angel lala la loop? angelner angel la la […]

homespun Saucepan Marzipan?

Marzipan homespun Saucepan? Saucepan homespun Marzipan? Saucepan Marzipan homespun? oh me spun Saw c e pan Ma rzi pan? ho mess pun Saucy pan Marzi pan? Saw u c ee pan Mars i pan homies pun? Ma ma are zip anne homes pun Sow u see pan? So you see pan ho miss pun Mars […]

miss you beach?

miss your birch? miss your beech? miss beach you? missy beachy you? miss beach you? missy beachy? missing bitchy? miss ye bitch yee? miss ee bit she? ms ee bit shee? ms ye bit shee? me see bit she? me see bit che? me c beat yee? me c beat che? me sing beach she? […]

words s words

word s? s? drow? draw? row? raw? wor? wore? wear? weary? war? swore? spell? sword? s word? word s? sword? swords? s word s ward? s word word ward? sword ward s word? s world ward word? s ward sword word world? s ward s world s sword s word? s spell word?

po e sl a ca pee tee u?

po pow pow po err? en e en e ene ee ee ee? gee? gee? err ca pee tee u? you? u you? yo? yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo? yoyo yo yo? ca pee cap cap cap? CAP I TALL tall tell tool ool oo noo? no no no noo noo noo […]

luna mare mar loon lone cumbia columbia

columbo columbos boss os? slaves slavery slav slaving enslave sex loon luna? columbia cumbia lone loony luna? capture cap aperture tour? loo low law la la la la la la? ohla oh la oh-la la la la oh ho cum come cumbia oh la la? oh va? o ba? ba ba ba? chris christ christo […]

ok and coffee?

it seems that most humans, whatever sound systems they tend to use for utterances in their mundane times, tend to infuse these sequences with a sound to the tune of OK. it seems that most humans, where ever they seem to tend to their activities in their frictions, tend to brew a drink with a […]

melancholic love frictions?

when love destroys, obliterates, annihilates, and comes to go without memories nor living lives left to tell about the loving experience? when love has a friction that creates its own infinity, a way through which nothing goes until that very distinct conductive sensation comes? When love leaves wishing to be hanging rather than dangling from […]

and , + unable to plus nor comma?

evolution , + emergence + and , evolvingness , + emerging + , intelligence , untellingness + evolve , emerge + composed betweenNess + rising unforeseeness , unruly urollingness , unforeseen-tideness + inBetweenComprehensionNess + Uncomposed Comprehension sense + ruleFree unrollingness + , + + – , + – -+ , tide-By-Unforeseeness , unforeseeness-tide , swelling […]

how does it mean?

When meanings are clothes – encasing, capturing, offering an irrefusable protection, insurance against time. An assurance for life’s inevitable unpredictive relentlessly pulsating continuity, connecting unlinkable signals, communication attempts crawling through commonly supported ready-paved algorithmic calculations that, to live and continue their beat, require a culture whose dna is an infinite shades of violence – I […]

how to wind imagine sense imagination?

How a wind memorably lingers unutterable connections through an imagination? For some – humans, other sentients, and seemingly less animated beings – frictions with winds are like dreams in european cultivated minds, they are perceived as personal, solely experienced by individuals, since wind blows are sensed while winds remain unseen. Effects and affects however, as […]

from this, non, dis, diss, dys, dice, none, no-1, that, dat, date, data, dyss and?

last lore lure list long leer liar land lang lingua ting tore capture tongue tong too tra try tare tyre tie tear tomb thigh thought vale ba’le va’le-va’le vile via bail bale blow blue blahha blah blah-ha-ha blighty bloom blockhead blaze blase base bias boss booze boos belong shlong beshort beshoo-beshoo chew glue moo moon […]