power – energy – food – SomeKindOfAbeinG?

being bing beinging banging bonging begging binging booging bogey boging bringing be being booing buying balling bailing blahing blahblah bloom belonging bending blanding bonding bond band be baba bahai baboon banofi bazzar balloon ban bank bam bum bambam boom beam be being beness bereft betheft behold betold between beseech besearch bejerk bebaba babcha?





me so bit she?

miss your birch?
miss your beech?
miss beach you?
me so bit she?
miso beach she?
miso bitch she?
mi so birchy?
miso birchy?
miso birch she?
mi so birch she?
mi so be archy?
miso bee archy?
missing be arching?
miss be arching?
miss bee arch she?
miss so bee arch she?
mi so be arch ye?
miso archy?
miso archy beach?
mi so archy bitch?
miso beachy arch?
miso beat archy?
mi so bit arch ye?
mi so beat?
mi so beat ye?
ye mi so beat ye?
ye me mi so beat?
ye me mi so beaty?
ye me mi so bit beat ye?
ye me mi so beaty bit beat ye?
ye yee mi me so so bet bit beaty bit beat ye?
ye mi yee me so bit so bet bit-beat beaty yee?
yee ye mi me bit-beat beaty-bitty?
yee ye mi me bit-beat beaty-bitty so-so?
so miso bit beaty?
so me miso bit beaty bitchy?
so me miso bit beat beat-bit bitch ye?
so-so mi me miso bit beat beat-bit ye?
beat so beat-bit ye?
mi so bit beaty?
mi so beat bitty?
mi so bitty?
missing bitty?
miss sing bitty?
mi sing bitty?
mi sing beat?
missing beat she?
missing beach ye?
missy beachy you?
miss beach you?
missy beachy?
missing bitchy?
miss ye bitch yee?
bit yee me sing beaty?
beat me sing bitty?
bitchy me sing you itchy?
bitch yee miss sing bit bitchy?
itchy me miss bitchy?
itchy missing bitchy?
itch she me sing bit itchy?
itch she me singing beat itchy?
itchy misu bit she?
itchy misu beat she?
itchy misu bitty she?
itch ee me so bitty she?
miss ee bit she?
itchy me bitty?
beat so beat-bit ye?
beat so beat-bit she?
she ee beat so beat-bit ye?
she bit beat miso beat-bit ye?
she me bit beat miso beat-bit ye?
she ee bit beat miso beat-bit me?
ms ee bit ee?
ms ee bit shee?
ms ye bit shee?
me see bit she?
me see bit che?
me c beat yee?
me c beat che?
me sing beach she?
me sing beat she?
me sing bit she?
me sing bitchy?
missing bitchy?
missing beat she?
missing bit she?
missing bit che?
missing bee she?
missing bee che?
missing ee ee?
mee eesing ee ee?
mee eessy ee chee?
mee ees ee ee chee?
mee soo ee chee?
mee-mee soo ee-ee chee?
soo mee-mee ee-ee chee?
seee mi-mee ee chee?
eee mi-ee ee ch eee?
ch mi-ee ee chee?
ch mi-ee ee so-chee-chi?
ch mi-ee ee so so-chee-chi?
ch mi-ee ee soo so-chee-chi?
ch mi-ee ee so-chee soo-chi?
me sing bee she?

n en na non-errorners?

me n message?
message carry from?
message curry for?
message scurry between?
n message?
message n err scawage n err ers?
passage n err?
message n errs?
message angles?
message angel errs?
angels errs?
angels err lala?
angel la?
angel lala?
angel lala la loop?
angel n angel lala la loop?
angelner angel la la l a loop?
angels loop?
n err fold?
n err folding?
fold folding floating folds?
n err fold?
la la la foldeners?
la la la loopers?
loop loopeners?
loop between timeners?
loop from curry?
loop to carry?
loop for la la lala la?
loop for fur before?
loop fur before for la lala la la?
la la la m?
la la la m m la?
la la lam?
la la la lam lam be?
la la la lam be d?
la la lam lam lam lam be da da da da?
la lam la be da?
lam lam lam lam be dadadadada?
lamb lamb lamb dadadadadadada?
lamb da?
da lamb da?
lamb da lambda lamb da da lambda?
da lamb da lambda lamb da da lambda?
do da do da lambda?
da do da lambda?
da lambda do?
la lambda fold?
la lambda foldo?
la la lambda foldo?

homespun Saucepan Marzipan?

Marzipan homespun Saucepan?
Saucepan homespun Marzipan?
Saucepan Marzipan homespun?
oh me spun Saw c e pan Ma rzi pan?
ho mess pun Saucy pan Marzi pan?
Saw u c ee pan Mars i pan homies pun?
Ma ma are zip anne homes pun Sow u see pan?
So you see pan ho miss pun Mars ape anne?

miss you beach?

miss your birch?
miss your beech?
miss beach you?
missy beachy you?
miss beach you?
missy beachy?
missing bitchy?
miss ye bitch yee?
miss ee bit she?
ms ee bit shee?
ms ye bit shee?
me see bit she?
me see bit che?
me c beat yee?
me c beat che?
me sing beach she?
me sing beat she?
me sing bit she?
me sing bitchy?
missing bitchy?
missing beat she?
missing bit she?
missing bit che?
missing bee she?
missing bee che?
me sing bee she?

words s words

word s?
s word?
word s?
s word s ward?
s word word ward?
sword ward s word?
s world ward word?
s ward sword word world?
s ward s world s sword s word?
s spell word?

po e sl a ca pee tee u?

po pow pow po err?
en e en e ene ee ee ee?
err ca pee tee u?
u you?
yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo?
yoyo yo yo?
ca pee cap cap cap?
CAP I TALL tall tell tool ool oo noo?
no no no noo noo noo oo nool spool?
tee u tee u u tee tee u?
po en gee err you u yo yoyo ca cap no tee?

luna mare mar loon lone cumbia columbia

columbo columbos boss os?
slaves slavery slav slaving enslave sex loon luna?
columbia cumbia lone loony luna?
capture cap aperture tour?
loo low law la la la la la la?
ohla oh la oh-la la la la oh ho cum come cumbia oh la la?
oh va?
o ba?
ba ba ba?
chris christ christo pher fare faring fairness?
christo faring?
oh maria mariano?
ai ar i ai?
ai hey hey hey hey hey la la lo lo la la’lune pierre pier pierness pierre puree puree potato columbo lone la lune?
loon lone lane lo la la lo la ne ne ne ne?
nana nana mint minty?
mo mo mo money?
mo mo mo monday?
lo lo lo loo loo loony?
sla sla sla slavery?
co co co co co columbusian company?

ok and coffee?

it seems that most humans, whatever sound systems they tend to use for utterances in their mundane times, tend to infuse these sequences with a sound to the tune of
it seems that most humans, where ever they seem to tend to their activities in their frictions, tend to brew a drink with a sound something like
So one might hear, Cafe, Cava, KoHee, and some such.
it seems that coffee, more than water, tea or some capitalist captured and arrested juice – is the the most drunk liquid by humans.
The most drunk liquid on earth turned out to be by machines the are told to serve humans, but that might be a perceptual delusion.

Going back to OK and Coffee and leaving questions of quantities and values alone to mechanical procedures,
it seems Coffee and OK has a quality shared through some absence –
a quality made of being without an generally agreed upon knowledge of name meanings nor origins – if at all.
hence regardless of being meaningless,
because meaninglessness
as far as we might know
when ever you might happen to bump into a human and utter sounds like OK or coffee –
there’s a high likelihood they will know what you want beyond this or that word.

melancholic love frictions?

when love destroys, obliterates, annihilates, and comes to go without memories nor living lives left to tell about the loving experience? when love has a friction that creates its own infinity, a way through which nothing goes until that very distinct conductive sensation comes? When love leaves wishing to be hanging rather than dangling from on to on through on, on without an off let alone a non? When love wipes smiles into another universe of forgetful forgotten speculations? When love is endlessly drinking a relentless brew made of a roasted you – and you begin researching for a clue such a you has ever evolved? When love keeps being not without ever being while going on popping and maintaining a leap from an abysmal friction to another – and – life can not seem to survive unless the last love-abyss-leaping is a future wishing to have never been neglected?

and , + unable to plus nor comma?

evolution , + emergence + and , evolvingness , + emerging + , intelligence , untellingness + evolve , emerge + composed betweenNess + rising unforeseeness , unruly urollingness , unforeseen-tideness + inBetweenComprehensionNess + Uncomposed Comprehension sense + ruleFree unrollingness + , + + – , + – -+ , tide-By-Unforeseeness , unforeseeness-tide , swelling unforeseeness + nonRule unrollingness + non comprehended composed comprehendness , uncomposable mind slippery imprisonment , non composable imprison a sense non , non composable imprison-sense , noncomposablility by imprisonNess , nonRuled unrollingness + swelling unforeseenNess ? and ? ? , ? et , y , futhi ?
noncomposablility by imprisonNessNon
nonRuled unrollingness
swelling unforeseenNess
noncomposablility by imprisonNessNon
nonRuled unrollingness
swelling unforeseenNess
noncomposablility by imprisonNessNon
nonRuled unrollingness
swelling unforeseenNess
noncomposablility by imprisonNessNon
nonRuled unrollingness
swelling unforeseenNess
noncomposablility by imprisonNessNon
nonRuled unrollingness
swelling unforeseenNess
noncomposablility by imprisonNess
nonRuled unrollingness
swelling unforeseenNess
, ,
nonRuled unrollingness
swelling unforeseenNess
, , , , ,
noncomposablility by imprisonNessNon
noncomposablility by imprisonNess
swelling unforeseenNess
noncomposablility by imprisonNess
nonRuled unrollingness

how does it mean?

When meanings are clothes –
encasing, capturing, offering an irrefusable protection, insurance against time. An assurance for life’s inevitable unpredictive relentlessly pulsating continuity, connecting unlinkable signals, communication attempts crawling through commonly supported ready-paved algorithmic calculations that, to live and continue their beat, require a culture whose dna is an infinite shades of violence –
I want to be naked
without that nudity
violating any of you.

how to wind imagine sense imagination?

How a wind memorably lingers unutterable connections through an imagination?

For some

humans, other sentients, and seemingly less animated beings

frictions with winds are like dreams in european cultivated minds, they are perceived as personal, solely experienced by individuals, since wind blows are sensed while winds remain unseen.
Effects and affects however, as art evolutions keep proving, have their own narratives.

How an imagination, sometimes my own too, is windy through connections from unutterable lingering movements?

Once the windy connecting sensation is unuttered repeatedly.
Once chanted. Once sensed.
Once allowed. Once imagined yet again.
Once a one is an infinite-able evolving imagination.
Once one is allowed to be a being from a beating rhythm.
Once even one single sensation from winds of unutterable connections in yours, main and their sensations –
how will we not have a desire from an infinite doom of a joyfully memorable evolving sense-wind?

Once..? Perhaps..?
Since this text is here as an offer?

Words? yes.
Language? tick that too.
On the face of it fascist – guilty through guilt-notice.

However, an offer welcomed to be refused, rebuffed, disputed and infused through alterities some of which are yet to be.
Can this not fail as an offer rather than a compilation composed to compel, an impelling spell as horns honed to drill an unhealable hole through a person’s fearlessness aspiring being?

from this, non, dis, diss, dys, dice, none, no-1, that, dat, date, data, dyss and?

last lore lure list long leer liar land lang lingua ting tore capture tongue tong too

tra try tare tyre tie tear tomb thigh thought vale ba’le va’le-va’le vile via

bail bale blow blue blahha blah blah-ha-ha blighty bloom blockhead blaze blase base bias boss booze boos belong shlong beshort beshoo-beshoo chew glue moo

moon mon main mine moin moin-moin mean monet money mare guerre gare merde mails malaise melody me-lad claud clad

claim clear clam clue class can can can-can cane close closed cleanse calais calendar galgamesh

bush bash beige belgium bemuse

amaze muse museum colosseum dome

mosaic mosaica mozaikas mozaiku mozeka mosaiko zojambulajambula

prosaic pro pram pry pre- prayed parle perl peel pool pole pale plea flea plough plum plumb flee spell spook

spade spud spear speak spoke spool spam spare substance silence semblance resilience science

violence valencia melon melancia lance entrance trans

trance trench truth trash thrush tache toosh toshay obey duche il-duce duke doce trounce train training entrain entertain grain greed grow glance

glare galore gone