tyranny how from free grieving being?

Most humans and AI heard about Thai, or possibly Chinese and in case that wrong a state and a statement and a mistaken id for humanity and some kind of an authentic artificial calculation like the one that wants to stretch a car from point A to point Z as a way to get it […]

how to exit a pushing escape?

each term here escapes a friction (ie written language fails to reflect or represent thoughts as much as words operate as reminders of stuff that can never come shared but offer a certain range made of approximations and sensations?) each grammar lives as a push from sensations converted with frictions into terms and manners that […]

how nothing change?

nothing change amend nothing nothing reform from nothing nothing cure subtitle nada nix-supplement alter -nothing not-a-thing an other- 何もない nothing-change different-nada nada-exblemish nothing-switch bend-no object ?? ?-? ??-?? ? ? change nothing ? nothing as a No Thing? A n0 th1ng change thing5? How to no but not null 7hings? How null hasn’7 a no […]