2ness? N(unmber)ness?

Am feeling critical re ideas to do with chairness as well as fearness – the sensation of fear as an aesthetic practice.
The disturbing element in mind is the fact that, stuff like lessness, etc. can obviously be with Other elements, and these other elements might have nothing todo with neither less nor lessness but ranges and frequencies of sensations.

Hence, so called brain goes, maybe stuff like letterness etc. IS just an abstraction rather than an Abstract.

Am trying to check these thoughts..
For example:
2 might be an abstraction of any pair of elements, or N an abstraction of Any numbeR, yes?

However, both N as AnyNumber and 2 as in the aesthetics of being 2 (eg prime, etc.) are in and of themselves abstracts in their own right.

Are abstracts different from abstractions only in the way they might operate?

Is 2ness more of an abstract than Lessness because 2 has a couple of 1s where as lessness mioght have, in collisional frequency, an if search as:
if –>– –><-->..?
if ..-><--..-->–?
if …….–>–.–><--..? if ..--><--.....? if ......-->–….?

could lessness be not in and of itself now as:

if lll.–><--l? or even if l?

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