55k core under strategic violence?

Disney used 55k core computer to render its new 90 odd mins visual take-away entertainment.
Think perhaps it might be fair to speculate:
* Most people will not experience the difference between films and their render core powers.
* Some people will experience the difference.
* Most and some people will be awed by the disney usage of such a computing power.
* The ability to use so much power could, in general, be perceived as a legitimising force, an investment that gives legitimacy to instant ownership, authorship and quality claims – hence rendering in 55k also rendered the film being “an official” narrative of which other, sub, fan, and other linked narratives may stem from?
* Disney hopes to claim back the money through sales which will be boosted by the very acceptance of the violent power performance described above. (eg, the violent rejection of any other, by the theatrics of 55k rendering. Theatrics because for many its a show who’s substance is only as a show, rather than the real experience of 55k rendered visual quality..)

Well.. Maybe am wrong and it is afterall a happy-valley disneyfied life, and am just too flesh and blood to get it?

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