a 2016 california justice?

6 months for a rapist.
life time by default for the survivor?
the rape survivor’s open letter.

I think this is a very clear, intelligent and well illustrative of being a rape victim experience. This, I think makes it very moving and a powerful statement about being raped. Given the reaction by the court, perhaps the letter serves as an indictment of how it is to live with a legal system crafted by people who, for the very least, don’t comprehend how it is to be raped.
Am claiming that because if the system did have that comprehension, rape victims will not have an issue in courts about stuff like whether or not they live or dress “promiscuously”. This has NOTHING – NADA – to do with the case of being violently violated.

However moving the letter is, and I think it should be read and re-read by many people, it seems to me that there are other links that might be interesting to mention:
* The letter talks about sexual rape. However, I think the sensations and indeed the lessons, might be applied for other kinds of rape sequences. eg economic rape? Being forced into an economic situation of disadvantage while being told its your fault..? Sounds familiar..?
* I might read this biasedly, however I think the letter illustrates the failure of language. We can use language to portray stuff brilliantly, and share that portrayal among people. This can be moving and have long lasting reverberations, but because the text becomes something singular to link from, I think it loses its potency and potential radicality. Somehow ironically, the text becomes power in and of itself, hence can be absorbed within the power structure we live by.. 🙁

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