a conservative fallacy or

the conservative fallacy?

Was just skateboarding up hartington road, A sort of 1km hill. (am living 97ish meter above sea level..)
Being at the end of my weekly 2 days of fast, the journey felt – or was – a bit different from similar climbs am doing at eating periods.
I noticed that it was needed for me to concentrate differently, to imagine the journey differently than I usually do, for making the activity doable. Else, if felt like stoping and just walking up..

After a few variations, I ended up, for a while, counting the push sequences of my feet. (sometimes the left foot, at others the right is doing the pushing..)
123, 12, 12345, 1234, 1, 12, etc..
WHat I noticed was that more than usual, probably because my body felt weaker, I felt weaker, my balance, the sense of it, was easily disturbed.
Concentrating on the sequences perhaps assisted in fogetting how steep the challenge to come is, and getting me just doing the skateboarding despit the hardship – however, since this concentrated on past beats, I forgot that the future beat might not come to pass. That it could be disrupted and I could fall. Hence more than usual, I had a few near fall sequences..

How to remedy that?

Well, it then occurred to me that counting the sequences and just being in that rhythm, was assuming that the past – the beat sequences I just did – were to form to future sequence.
This is an imposition, a brutal and violent one, but most of all – ignorant – upon the future, because it misses the nature of future.. It is future that is Unknown..

However then it hit me.. Is this not the conservative fallacy?
Check this:
What can we have a shred of some sort of knowledge about from a time perspective?
The past. We can tell that X might probably occurred.
However, the conservative imagination, to be conservative, has a sequence that has to consider the known – past – as the being of the future. Else its not being conservative… Hence if the future happens to resemble, rather than be, or an evolution from, rather than be, or some sort of un known, rather than be like the past – there is a mis match.
This mismatch is precisely where the fallacy is..

The challange is, perhaps, like in search sequences as surfing and skateboarding, to fall less, is to get the shred of known from the past as energies to propel rather than project onto the future. To assist in being open to the knowing of not knowing the future – without, hopefully, being or meaning nor sounding, as Zen as parts of this line are.. 😉

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