a contingent art that imagines my body?

I used to imagine my body can not roll into a ball, hence the question was between necessity and contingency, right?

What was the necessity?

It seems the inability to roll into a ball?

..or a necessity for bones?

However, is this a necessity – bones – or some contingent evolution that turned out this way?

..and can be re-designed?

Is this radical? Redesign?

Can be re-artified?




Who’s the artist here?

Why re-xyz?

Why not taken from the current and into some yet to be evolutions?

Isn’t that a re?

I doubt as when we get into evolutions, the contingency of remaining as is – is also viable, no?

Are we out of evolution now?

Nope.. But we can speed processes up, provide ways to imagine bonelessness bodies, etc.?

Nope.. Is that evolution? Stack in a body?

Evolving might include no-body?

Or un-body-ment?


Might turn techno.. However, to begin with, don’t we need to begin with art?

With art?

With a wonder, no? 😉