a curious case of a “security” establishment that is against biometric

databases? err.. for its personnel..

Am pasting here a g-translated¬† article,¬† hebrew -to-english, because I could not find a related data in english and i think the publisher, haaretz newspaper, ( haaretz = “the land”, a tern used on its own Only in ref to palestine, btw) seems to take off or restricts periodically access to information on its servers…..(??)

If anyone fancies the hebrew: http://www.haaretz.co.il/news/politics/1.2258191

Perhaps this story adds something to related conversations as it seems telling in regards to:

* The kind of activities militaristic organisation such as IDF, Mossad, etc., are getting into – as well as the kind of activities power-based authorities think are safe for them but not for the rest of us, in equality seeking societies. (..while I think israel & equality seeking might justifiably sound oxtmoronic, indeed is a contradiction in terms because of israeli disregard to minorities & generally groups the state dislikes, equalities within the ruling jewish communities is comparable to other “democratic” and “equality societies” such as in “the west”..)

* The lines of identity power fancies its dominions to stick within.. In that context perhaps verious trans and transing activities are very important.. Perhaps event the freedom to be identity-less?
Or stuff such as Heath Buntings’ status project:

* How the process of seeking to be free is restricted by choice. (because if choice has anything to do with the process, so it follows that some penalties will come. ie if a person chooses X, the act of choosing may infer a possible legitimacy for being penalised.. eg lines such as: “you made a choice, so how come you complain?” etc..) And because “security” organisations are of the powerful, choice dichotomies imposed upon the rest of us, should be avoided.. Perhaps this is indeed an example of Agamben’s assertion the power resides in its own Anarchy that is, in a sense, defined by being 9only For the rulers – hence never for the rest of the populace..

——- the article ———

Security Agency and National forbade their employees to change their identity cards and passports to their smart cards that require Join for testing biometric database . Sensitive units in the IDF officers also were instructed not to join the trial. Haaretz “learned the guidelines shortly after the start of the experiment, and now permitted to publish them. Fixtures security fear that if leaked the information stored in the new activity will cause serious damage. Reservoir, which prevents the use double identities, although this may restrict the activity of agents. Institute opposed the creation of a biometric database of discussions beginning in 2010, and the ISA expressed support for the move.

“I understand very well what their concern, it is justified,” says Doron Ofek, information security expert who was one of the petitioners to the High Court against the construction of a biometric database. “Leakage of thing can disable the institution operates in two. If the biometric database Israel’s Mossad leaks can be disabled for, someone could identify his people all over the world. This largely emasculate the movement of all these people. These things are not simple. ”

“What the Ministry of Interior building the biometric database? System Spring of Population Registry, which has already leaked to the Internet,” adds horizon. “We are the only country faced with this database is the center of its population is outside. This creates a problem is very acute. State of Israel has not learned and learn the sad experience we have on the subject and reservoirs here will continue to leak. Therefore need to cancel the biometric database and stop the pilot” .

Last July , a pilot biometric database, where joining it is voluntary. The trial is expected to last two years and end the Knesset will decide whether to proceed with the reservoir if require all citizens to join him. Last month announced the Immigration Authority that the first half of the reservoir joins 192 thousand Israelis, about half of which is renewing ID cards and passports in the second half of 2013. However, 27% of the documents were not taken by their husbands.

The main purpose of the database is to prevent forging identity cards and passports and impersonating another person. Wanting to get the new cards are filmed resolution and fingerprints taken away from them both index fingers. Identity cards and passports contain biometric data unique. By law, the biometric information is kept secure database, encrypted and disconnected from the internet and from any other network. Immediately after submitting the information, deleted data from your computer Immigration Authority. Only encrypted code allows to link biometric data and personal details of the person.

Since the experiment launched Haaretz reported “some flaws in it. Thus, recent months that the testing revealed impairments severe security an important element in the project; that Bureau officials Population opening the envelopes that keep secret code of the certificate; that data security practices of certificates based on the information easy to guess and clarification , and that in many cases can not be canceled once the The certificate in case of loss. Two weeks ago, following a petition filed by digital rights movement, stress Court criticized the campaign of Immigration Authority to encourage enrollment trial and ordered the state to clarify that no new certificates must be replaced.


In case anyone that knows me a bit thinks wtf aharon, reading zionist media, why??!!
Am trying to ascertain various aspects off the situation, the feel, from a range of angles for the community boxes exchange in the dead-sea..

(linked ideas, better suggestions are most welcome..)

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re choice..
i was comparing a few net suppliers.. interestingly, i think, there are some that write “you are free to leave” as in penaltyless choice. Others, add a penalty – hence do not write: free to leave..

if options come with a penalty, are they free choices?

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