a dodgy note re self questioning?

When, unlike a rock, an entity questions itself. Even as in “can i be z?” (when i is I and z is anything one thinks they are or actually are) The very practice of such questioning – which I think a living material does – creates the ability, more than that – the necessity – to have differences.
Lets check:
Suppose I question whether I should use English here. If indeed I do – then a different lingo must be used, or referred to.
Suppose I question my suitability to Live – should I with all my faults be alive? One way of avoiding jumping off high places and hope for best – is reproduction.
Suppose I question my relationship with others and come to a view that am right and them are wrong – then I’ll reproduce by copying myself. (can think of a fair few people who do that.. not just ameobas..)

In that sense, it seems that perhaps the very operation of questioning allows for new – as in different than question to begin with – to appear. Hence allows for a difference.

If a ^ ? in that way is a short for difference making?

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