a foot and the friction interaction


OK. Might be stretching stuff here, however for the possibility am not, will try the following:

2 days ago i twisted my right foot’s ankle a bit. Enough to hear some cracks. Landed on it wrongly while running. 1st reaction was to assess the pain level and how it might affect my continuing urge to run.
Hence am calling that a friction between what i fancied doing and a possible developing element that might inhibit the fancy.

More over, it took a while to take a full stock of what actually occurred. It took a while to internalise, comprehend the seriousness of my ankle’s twist, and take it into some sort of consideration Рlike treating it Рin context of other activities. eg sitting on the floor, skateboarding, walking, etc.
Therefore – IT SEEMS – like 1st there was a friction and then the opposing moves and trajectories, once they realised they HAVE TO listen to one another, began to INTERACT. By interact am thinking of a reciprocal process.

Using the the time sequence in this scenario, it seems like friction precedes interaction. either in a sequence or in affordable. (ie, friction can describe interaction, but not the other way around.)
The other option is that in fact, both have an exchanging process between them that I fail to perceive at the moment. It might be that am failing to perceive that precisely because the question of whether or not there is a sort of affordance or sequential relationship between the 2.
Perhaps am blinded by the very question to the obvious that brings the questioning about – perhaps they are in need for one another like the neutron – electron – protons? (interaction – friction – exchange?)

I need to try and explain interaction via friction and check if its possible the otherway around.. If it is, then am thinking that perhaps they do feed one another. It seems that if one can explain another, then it can afford, can contain the other.
If they are sequential, then it will be possible to re-arrange them in time one after another to get various outcomes. (a bit like art, rat and tar..?)

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