a function of functionalism in capitalistic times?

Capitalistic times?

Yes.. Noticed how technology tends to be used for defining periods?

Stone age? Iron age? Industrial? Digital? Mass production?

But.. Why capitalistic times?


What is functionalism?


Is it this, this or that?

Maybe none of the above.. Maybe the idea that stuff has to work – else its of no value?

That an idea has to have a function? a use, to be useful?

Yes.. Even uselessness is seen in terms of being actually useful, be functional. Is it not always within the capitalsitic paradigm of focusing on usefullness so it can be exploited?

If something isn’t useful, isn’t functional now – perhaps I will not be able to exploit it for benefit?

What about investing in future, like in the stock exchange?

You mean that gambling on some company or another is a risk because a company might be dysfunctional and you can lose?

Yes.. You might hope that a company will be fine and to get some returns – but there’s a risk.. Surely, speculation is not entirely functional?

Not entirely, sure.. However, is it not that within the system as a whole, speculation/gambling can function fine because it feeds money – moves assets – within the system as a whole? Helps keep it dynamic and evolving?

Is that how every dysfunctional element might operate in capitalism?

IDK every.. However, listen.. Have you not just use the term Function? Is that the only way to view stuff?

Through a functional prism?

Yes.. Maybe we tend to do that – but is it really anything to do with capitalism?

Sure.. Perhaps we link this functionalism with capitalism un justifiably?

OK.. I mean.. Functional perceptions might have been prominent prior to capitalism, no?

Sure.. It might not be causaly linked with capitalism what-so-ever.. Maybe indeed, if its not causally linked, has no real value or an interest?

LOL.. I see what is happening here.. Look, the initial suggestion was of a causal link, right? Perhaps the kind of link, the kind of exchange – if any – should be part of the question?

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