a hydra-loop?

A loop that generates heads of its own? Is that a hydra loop? How does it operate? (why did I begin with the name rather than description?!!??)
Any how..
Was considering the students at uni. Many seem to be fairly focused on training for a job – rather than getting educated in art/journalism/media/etc.. The focus is on wanting to get a job, do a task or two – how to do that and get away with doing the job…

Because universities try to “listen” – ie hear selectively, and do what the majority rather fancies, when it comes to possible funds increase – when most students say that they want training, its more entertaining, unis oblige.

Or attempt to, as much as they might be able to get away with..

The demands for training rather than education is in the social culture because it seems legit. People think its uncool to call someone a son-of-a-bitch without a legitimate “reason”, or to be very loud every 3am, etc – however, it does seem acceptable wanting live for getting a job. It seems a legitimate aim to have a job – almost any job, even one that kills others, like McJob, etc. – however the point here is about the “getting a job” in general.
It seems to me that once people attempt to do the process of getting a job both a focus and a cultivation – ie, how to do the process better – we get an acceptance by default of the very question to focus from – how to get a job and do this process more refined?

If the Uni as part of a culture that fancies getting a job over developing, evolving and generally cultivating critical, questioning, challenging, fearless, imaginative, stumbling, awckward, quirky, wrong, and knowing not kind of processes – then there are less and less people to question, and/or know how to question – on the level of Uni-wide pedagogical percpective and strategy – the very process of Job only focus.

Hence a loop. The culture that cultivates just think about a Job, fascilitates non questioning that fascilitates – or just links(??) – with non-questioning, etc..

The hydra?
Probably because of a sense that the loop has multiple heads, multiple manifestations that come from its own energies.
(Hence the Hydra can lose heads and regenerate others..?)

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