a meta meta meta or a meta meta metaphor?

Can you see that this X is not this X?

Does it need to be seen for comprehension?

Roman numerical V is not 5 like this X is not 10 nor this X?

Are these not different differences?


How can we do V with a 5? It might Mean similar things, life being able to apply to five X’es or five monsters etc. – however does V operate like a 5 and vice versa?

Hummm.. Ouch! lol.. And the X’es are the same or different?

They look the same but the difference is, unlike the operational and look between 5 and a V – no?

How can that be?

Is this X – the one just to the left and that was typed a few seconds ago – the same as this – X?

Do they not mean the same?

Are they done at the same time?

Do they operate the same?

What if they were written using carbon copy paper?

What happens to the X when its in the axis of Xenakis?

What’s with the X when its in roman XX?

When does an almost exact similarity make any difference?

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