a note re trans-lation & inter-pretation

Probably nothing new nor novel, but to help clarify the difference between interpreting and translating in my mind.
To inter-prate it seems there is an operation to Understand – not The whole – but some of what and how another entity is being. (eg communicating, signalling, moving, thinking, etc.) This involves an attempt to create a comprehension of the other. I walk down the road, see a person smiling at me and now am trying to inter-prate what is going on there. Do we know one another? Do I look funny? etc..

A translation does not require an understanding attempt to be. I can see someone smiling at me, and translate it to an x cultural value. eg, could seem rude/friendly, etc. Hence extending the ranges of smiling in that given interaction. A bit like linking and enabling to shape the link’s time, direction, velocity, etc. A ball player in a team translates the other players’ linkup.

In these senses, translation and interpretation do have their own ranges of frequencies. However, they do involve one another’s elements at these frequencies. Its like one is a set of 2 4 6 8 10 and another of 2 6 10 14 – hence sharing bits like 2 6 and 10.

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