a peaceful way of cultivating wars?

If its fighting and if having.
Check the comment about the saying about fighting and having. The version regarding Not fighting, made “no sense” for the corespondent.

If its worth fighting for – its not worth having?
If its no fight – its not having?
If its having worth, there must be a fight?
If its worth, lets have a fight?
If its a fight, there must be a worth?
If its a there, lets have a must?
If its worth sharing, lets have it?
If its not fighting its not real having?
If its fighting, there must be a loving?
If its having a worth, its through blood sacrifice that annoints the value?
If its worthless, its peaceful?
If its fighting and one lost the fight, does it still worth it?
If its won, its worth it?
If its lost, its death?
If its about fighting, can it be said we are peaceful?
If its peace we value, we must have a war?
If its no peace we get, is it always fighting?
If its fighting for, is it worth arguing?
If its worth arguing, do we need to fight or lose the worth value?
If its valuable, we need to fight?
If its money that has to retain its value, we need to fight over it?
If its a valuable quote, was it fought for?
If its worth to add another line here, do we need to have a fight?
If its worth eating, its worth cooking for?
If its worth driving, its worth wearing for?
If its worth sailing for, its worth chatting with?
If its worth watching, its worth smelling?
If its worth typing, its worth reading?
If its worth valuing, its worth questioning?
If its worth spelling, it worth troubling?
If its worth, its worth?
If its something then it must be something slightly different?
If its a difference, does it worth the translation?
If its worth translating, its worth?

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