a queue of the ruled?

Know how people can get pissed off with one another while queuing?

I love queues.. Did you know that etymologically a queue links with a dick?

Interesting because I was just thinking how people behaving a bit like jerky dickheads whilst in a queue..

Dickheads or blockheads?

Since queues are historically linked with dicks, I’ll go with the former.. Anyhow.. Queues.. I wonder if it might be a way of separate and rule.. At least in shops..?

How come?

Well.. Seems to successfully play people against one another. Like with pushing and hurrying up..?

IDK.. I love queuing times.. Being inbetween.. Fun, no?

Maybe for you.. Many people, seems to me, get upset with others, and not the culprits.. Like in a supermarket, instead of employing more people at checkouts, the supermarket owners rather have a bit of a queue.. Is it not the owners that people should be upset about?

Maybe.. However that is a very conventional view. The radical is to question the exchange, no? What kind of a theft is to require of people to pay for food?

If we didn’t – will you not miss the queues you love?

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