a tideon?

A tideon as in tide and demon joined?

How are they joined?

When have tides and demons met to join together?

Perhaps on the occasion of being from a same root – *da?

Da as in divider?

As in divide?

Tide has a movement, even of time being divided, yes?

Demon as a sort of anthropomorphism of sensations which both divide and can not be gotten rid of – even the zeit in german?

As time?

As time is an overall divider?

Maybe a division mover? A division initiator?

And tide is linked to zeit too, right?

But all that is in the past. How do the tide and demon come together from a certain linked past?

Humans and bananas have some linked past, does it mean we can have a humanana?

Well.. isn’t a humanana really some kind of a tideon?

What about a spoon?

Perhaps a pre-confabulated spoon?

Maybe just a non confabulated one?


Tideons are sort of meta configurations that are yet to form?

More like yet to be formed?

More like perhaps un-formable?

Configurations or non confabulations?

Just, errr, tideons?

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