a university of censorship?

According to this self appointed censorship checker – most uk unis are in the red when free speech comes to question. What do you think?

Yes.. Based on that link, the free speech university ranking is pretty extensive.. When is it that, for example, a student union is hostile to free speech and expression?

Perhaps some indications are when clicking on red universities..?

Ok.. clicked on the 1st one, Aberystwyth. It tells me that they didn’t let some Polish nationalists to speak – no context.. It also shows a yellow card for 0 tolerance on sexual harassment. If that Polish speaker was nazi and harassment was not frowned upon, then the guys filing this report would have found it cool to study in that uni?

Yes.. But could be argued that if that speaker was some nazi – then demos outside/inside the speaking place would have worked better than a ban?

Hold on.. Are you not mixing things here? Unis are places to study, not ironing out social wrinkles.. Would you feel ok to study in a room just after being sexually harassed?

No, ofcourse not.. However, going to work, I wouldn’t feel relaxed if someone harassed me on way to the office.. However, we do – unfortunately – have to endure that.. Or some EDL type people going down streets, pamphleteering, etc.. When do we say – I disagree with you, but go on; and when is it time to say – i disagree with you, and Stop?

I think its a murky ground.. 1. you can have the choice only if you have power – hence perhaps undermining the peaceful/non-violent intent. 2. Assuming a non-violent intent, then it seems the “when” of allowing disagreement has to do with when allowing is likely or deffo bring violence?

Hummm.. Hard to tell with these colour system.. Perhaps has its own violence when its not contextual?

You mean contexts are hardly given?

Yes.. Take the oxford uni card for example: “‘The university believes that a culture of free, open and robust discussion can be achieved only if all concerned avoid needlessly offensive or provocative action and language.’” I don’t know how they define “needless”, do you?

Nope.. But interesting you picked Oxford.. The other element of free Academic speech and indeed Activities seems to be missing here altogether. The stuff Chomsky claimed makes or destroys careers – the question of how money plays to influence speech in each given university?

Am I sensing a conspiracy?

No. I think a clear and open reality. Before environmental sensibilities were hard to ignore, corporations did not exactly encourage studies that undermine their business. That is well documented. And..

But that doesn’t mean it happens all the time..

No it doesn’t. But let me ask you this, when google or facebook donate money to a political party, does it come with strings attached?

I wouldn’t imagine, why?

When such companies get involved in academic studies, are they not influencing directions of research?

How.. In what way?

Well.. I give you 10 million to do some artificial intelligence research – are you taking?

10 million is probably not enough.. But..

If you take the money, that means that other research – other expression, one with less money – is not done. How much money is there for research in non artworld art and technologies..?

Yes.. But people are not prevented from doing the research, right?

A prevention by stealth, i’d say.. You don’t hear it, you don’t see it – but its evidently there by the fact no one is encouraging.

No one is discouraging either..?

If one thinks of their career prospects doing AI or doing non artworld art – then they can sense clearly which direction encouragement goes.. Or have you never felt it?

Well.. Perhaps the whole question of free expression is a mirage. a utopia that seems achievable – but keeps attempting to look for answers in the wrong places?

Are you becoming against free speech in old age?

Contrary, I hope.. Sometimes you get what you want by not focusing on a target.. We say free expression, but reality keeps hitting. Reality is made of shades with a lot of “free but”. You know.. Like when you are all for free expression, but sometimes things you want to say to a friend even, is better to keep hushed – or told via a mutual friend, and so on.. Know what I mean?

Been there.. But that is different from the social and cultural principle of freedom of speech, no?

Yes.. Different.. Perhaps not the best of examples.. However, I think it might point at the idea that the question of free expression is complex even outside of politics.. Also, I think it might point towards questions that free speech is involved with, and that saying “i should be free to express myself” instantly hide or mask. I mean.. What if we didn’t concentrate on freedom of expression..

Freedom of oppression..?

LOL No.. Check this.. What if it was Fearless expression? Fearless speech?

Do you mean kind of Parrhesia?

Maybe.. There’s also a more current operational approach that the site’s colour codes both masks and reveals, possibly its own ideology?

Yes.. Maybe they haven’t used safe spaces?

Will they, the spikedonline operators be welcome to contribute?

Well.. Again.. Is it not the question of welcome to express nothing but a conservative approach for judging a complex situation through binary eyes?


Yes.. Like I feel free to say XYZ – or is there anyone shutting me up?

Can I say something?

Did you hear of this at goldsmith‘s?

Still.. Is it not within the expression – rather than fear – paradigm?

What if I can express my feelings only through enslaving people – is saying shutup denies freedom of speech?

It does deny, but – as the feminist example proves – we get an obscene request, that which fancies denial of the very stuff it wishes to use – as if that was a question of freedom. Why letting such obcenety to thrive in the altar of free speech?

Perhaps because we can support each others’ right for a free speech?

Is that what the slavery expressionist might do?

But is it not all rather solvable through the right to be and live fearlessly?

What, our slavery expressionist will not be full of fears to have their slaves?

Our slavery expressionist – like a common pedophile – might have to answer the question of how can i be fearless myself without causing others to live in fear…?

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