In the About spiritual in art, Kandinki – writing in fact about abstract painting – used a metaphor of a pyramid to illustrate a social hierarchy in which, if most people do not get something, its because they are not at the top of the pyramid, and the message from the top is yet to get through.

I think its a curious usage of the metaphor given the subject of abstract – where hierarchy is a bit of an issue in the way abstracts are used traditionally. ie they are sort of meta categories in an imagined category trees structures.. eg Animals –> Mammals –> Apes –> Chimps —– etc.

I think, at least for me, the abstract is linked to How an element is practised rather than its place in a given hierarchy or – even – in a sequence.

if chimps ant ant ant chimptree is a search sequence we can collide with and create from because its Approach is of abstracts rather than particular concrete chimps.
A concrete chimp will focus on either chimps as a species, or on a particular element/individual/family/tribe – this has a general sensibility.

In that sense, am claiming that the abstract has no need for hierarchical structure, nor so much for categories.

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