aesthetics as a way to get politics?

Is this to do with aesthetics of politics?

Rancière’s seeming fusion of aesthetics and politics?

From the text above, i doubt. But maybe am wrong?

Think.. No.. Lets consider political trajectories as rhythms?


Kind of general political tendencies.. But maybe this is the wrong way to share the idea of aesthetics as way to Get/Dig politics?

Look.. Take this current labour shebang. One side is interested in power and being in government not in 20 years time but kind of presently.. Lets call that a quick rhythm?

Why? Cause they fancy stuff Now. The now is rather quick, no?

Now.. The other guys, they might have some fab ideas, but people are yet to be ready for some of the plausibly relevant.. and..

How can you say that?

Because the approach the labour left is taking is that of a person having to convince the other to change mind. Are they not talking in terms of ideologies?

No.. LOL.. Its the media.. If the media gave the left more time and space.. If the media represented the left honestly, then the left wouldn’t need to explain much. All the ideas would be in echo chamber already.. Have you read manufacturing consent?

This kind of bias must have an effect. Seriously..

Well.. I think sometimes the other side might have certain hard to take points.. Can it not be that just like the left portrays the labour right as power hungry, something the right resents – the right’s portrayal of the left as not ready for power, as a pressure group, might have a point as well?

These are very general generalisations, no?

Yes.. They probably have holes because of that.. Like the fact individuals aren’t the group?

Sure.. Sure.. However.. What if we look at the schism in Labour as a rhythmical question, as a sensation, a vibe that each group is moved by, or tends to move by?

For example?

Say people on the right, if you want their attention, they are *likely* to be turned on if you mention something practical, something for now, something that can be taken as used for control and government – now.. Is it not that the left *tends* to have a rather more long-term view?

Is it a better view?

IDK.. Without better/worst.. Without that binary.. Just How people sense, it seems like a question of listening, tunning in, being moved by different cycle of sensations.. Does this make the idea clearer?

WOW!! Sensations? Thought it was aesthetics that was the subject.. How did this slide into sensations?

Because of aesthetics sensations, like this?

lol.. hummm.. Can it be that aesthetics are rhythmical sensations in and of themselves?

Are they? How?

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