against free expression?

Freedom of expression?

Perhaps we rather freedom from expression?

Why do we focus on Freedom when it is so vaguely accepted as a term?


Sure.. Take current stuff like brexit. A fair few people thought brexiting is setting britain free. Indeed, a few people felt free to do stuff like racially abuse people. Is that what freedom means?

Freedom can come with the good and bad, i suppose..

Well.. That’s like saying bluuuyhj blooopkl – nothing what so ever.. If freedom is a question of expression, then yes, people can feel justified saying – if i feel like expressing myself, i should be free to do so; how come these “pc” people tell me off??!!

They have a certain point, no?

Yes.. A blurry point in a vague and woolly terminology. Freedom = express wtf you like…

Are you saying there should be borders to freedom?

No. Isn’t it that when freedom is a question of expression – then we get borders by default? Is it not that when we have a freedom of expression as a social and cultural norm, then we get freedom as a function of power?


Power? Well.. Say you have a freedom of expression, you go into a pub full of supporters for team A – will you shout about an undying devotion for team B..?

Probably not.. Whats the point?

How can we make it ok, despite possible ebbs and flows of power, to enable people to not have to fear as a supporter of team B in a pub full of team A supporters?

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