an illustration of ignorance or

just cheesy marketing?

Check this from

Alexandria – History, unedited.
Alexandria preserves the integrity of the historical record. It taps into collective, on-the-ground reporting by scraping Twitter as events unfold and prevents after the fact censorship by archiving the information on a blockchain. Alexandria’s visual word cloud and timeline slider illuminate surprising connections. It’s history written by everyone, not just the victors.

I think it seems “nice” and “positive” etc. until the actuality of what they say is being considered.

Assuming they are indeed listening in – scrapping data – off from twitter and perhaps other social sites, are they really archiving history unedited, written buy “everyone” not just the “victors”?


Is it that the “victors” are the twitter – and other such social network/s – applying their own screens onto messages, and the writer of an archived history for “Alexandria” will be the people that can afford to play the game of googling, facebooking, twitting, etc..?
(Afford as in having the time, the money for gadgets, and the will to subjugate one’s own free time & data to a corporate power.)

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