an internet from agreements?

you mean internet of agreements?

the name “internet of agreements” has been TMed already. Interesting, hey? 😉

well.. how else can you get so many people, content and machines together?

only by agreement?

you want them all to disagree?

can we say that an agreement is kind of a contract?

if we can live with the idea that an agreement is indeed kind of a contract, what’s the significance?

in reference to Benjamin’s critique of violence.. Perhaps when a contract/agreement is “there” since it is enforceable – ie backed up by violence, threat or otherwise – an internet of agreements is an internet of violence?

fancy TMing “internet of non-violence”?

an internet that isn’t part of life?

an internet of non violent exchanges?

an interrnet of frictions?

an internet of factions?

an internet of interlacing sequences?

hummm.. maybe that is not an internet anymore?

an interfriction common?

f the internet, hey..?

the F common..?

no net anymore?

call it disco?


you know discotheque?

as in the library of discs?

yes.. a collection in a collective time space? (ie the disco night.)

maybe its more like discotechies?

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