anti-zionism imagined as anti-semitism imagined as

anti-israel imagined as bigoted attitude linkable with nazism.. (Notes, nazism in this context is not imagined by these who maintain the above sequence as part of the more general element of fascism..)

I recall wiesenthal centre’s much dedicated work to help catch naties/nazi-collaborators and bring the to trial as a respected endeavour. And yes, I wondered, since recognising their work, in the 7-‘s, what will they be into once most of the nazies are gone..
It seems that, rather unfortunately, they are well into the cultivation of in-distinction between critique of the israeli state, being anti-israel, critique of zionism, being anti-zionist, and anti-semitism.

The imagination that these are linked, is indeed very interesting, in my point of view – as imagination, not as an actuality imagined.. It has it’s own aesthetics, I suppose. However, by blurring links and and placing people who are not related nor linked or connected in the same category, all that this kind of cultivation makes, is just helps hiding the people, and organisations – and indeed cultures – that are bigoted and prejudiced in an anti-semitic manner, Because, for example, to put together a person that seems a bit angry and ignorant, hence utters such stupidities as:
“What Hitler did to the Jews is fine with me,”
“Hitler should have killed all the Jews,”
With a rulers’ diatribe such as Erdogan:
“interest rate lobby” — a term defined by his deputy as “The Jewish Diaspora.”
(..though it must be said that the israeli state, via its president – peres – failed to acknowledge the armenian genocide, when peres was last in turkey.. Indeed, he claimed its hard to tell whether the armenian genocide actually occurred..)
and a freedom fighter such as Alice Walker – is weak and bigotted in itself.
Sure, Alice Walker could be more critical of Hamas, however, if her critique of israeli aggression is not addressed for what it is – then ironically, just like walker’s blind spot regarding hamas’ deadly authoritarianism, placing her as anti-semitically linked, has a blind spot regarding positions of criticality..

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