are you an implication?

An implication?

Surely, you mean an Application..? As in are we all apps?

lol no.. I didn’t mean, but obviously perhaps I implied?

I didn’t say you implied, just thought you meant something different.. Anyhow, am I an implication?

From a sense.. From a rhythmic sense.. When we check implication etymology, the question is from one beat to another.. Im – into Plicare – fold (like plywood).. From the beat of Boom into the beat of BoodyBoom..?

Haaaarrraaagghh!! Hold on.. So many holes – where to begin?

1st one?

Why are you saying “from”? Are you a “Fromist??? “From a rhythmic sense”?? Surely, what you really say – dare I mention Imply – is *In* a rhythmic sense??

Sounds like it.. However, am pointing out that am stating something that lives in time – has a clue about past, none really re future.. That perhaps implications are a bit like that?

That the long present of implications has a bit of a clue about the past, but not much about the future? That comes via “From a rhythmic sense”??!!
Next hole, perhaps a more substantial one, seems to do with beats and rhythms.. “Boom into the beat of BoodyBoom” – so you say.. However What does the rhythm of “Boom BoodyBoom” imply? Or is it that implications are confined to beats and not rhythms?

Indeed.. When is it the into the fold – is indeed, folding? Is it like small waves folding into and within a larger wave that surges to fold..?

NO NO NO nO! No Like – what can’t we stay in simple implications? When is it that something linked to something else isn’t an implication?

Maybe when “Boom BoodyBoom” doesn’t mean a particular heartbeat?

When it doesn’t mean stuff like:


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