are you intelligent as coffee?

smart coffee?

is that an app or something?

intelligence – does it point towards being smart?

neither smart nor an app then?

maybe intelligent aesthetics?

coffee as an aesthetic?

is a particular kind of sensation, an aesthetics?

well.. was at the coffeesta was remarking on how in a sense, coffee, is a fruit – and then followed the question – how can it be drank any other way? (ie the crude bitterness to muddy water that coffee gets treated to in mainstream cafe outlets.)

Is berry a fruit?

and how intelligence comes in?

did you notice that in some places, where coffee drinking culture is pretty high on the agenda, “good” coffee is served with extra herbs and spices?

like cardamom and cinnamon?

yes.. and there are more.. even rose-water, no?

sure.. however, the coffee itself, in some of such herbie and spicy adding cultures – does it not tend to be on the strong bitter and muddy side?

exactly – given the coffeesta remark, it can sense like something in coffee wants the flavour additions – even after they were taken away, no?

is that desire?

perhaps.. but is desire intelligent?

desire might not be smart – but can we have desire without intelligence?

like.. the coffee desires to have the milky sensation, even after it was taken out of it?

hence cappuccino?

but don’t people drink cappuccino even if they are have high quality flavoursome coffee?

btw – coffeesta? why not barista?

idk – coffeesta seems more appropriate in this context, no?

perhaps not in particular?

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