art and meditative objects?

Lets assume that indeed there is a meditative element in art?

A meditation oriented art?


Maybe it will transpire like that.. But lets just say that experiencing a painting, a book, a game, an algorithm etc – as art – necessitates some meditative interaction?

ie the user/viewer meditates upon possible meaning ranges and snensations they might get from the experience?

Might be.. Lets just focus on these kind of rather loose but fairly in range ideas that point towards some sort of meditation?

..and meditation because there’s some inner focus?

Yes.. Some inner focus upon a sensation or an idea or a social situation, etc..?

Sort of an elaborative meditation?

Perhaps can be called like that as well.. Can we move on?

Ok.. Lets say “meditation” as a possible metaphorical meditative art oriented activity.. Now what’s the point?

I was thinking about the difficulties I was feeling.. The possible elements linked to this work lingering in my memory.. Can it be that what am feeling is actually more radical than the question of meditation’s conservativism?

What I seem to sense is that there is a sort of demand to come up with an object of meditation. Some sort of a whole that provides an overwhelming experience for people to meditate, to elaborate upon and from.. Like an icon that is a centre which draws all sorts of roads/meanings into it, like a novel that depicts all angles of an issue or a situation, like a C├ęzanne painting attempting to provide all angles of an object..?

Are you suggesting it shouldn’t?

I think the suggestion is that these assumptions can and should be questioned, no?

Oh!.. So how can we judge an object – a work – if its’ incomplete?

What if its’ supposed to be incomplete?

Then it is complete.. lol.. But a better question might be how to judge something which escapes the question of completeness?

If its incomplete, and isn’t supposed to be incomplete, then it hasn’t much of a value.. Are you saying don’t judge?

Well.. Perhaps.. When do we need to judge?

Constantly.. We need to assess stuff.. Well.. We do that anyway.. Perhaps part of our nature.. Can you really ask people not to do that? Demand that?

Can we not ask questioning the process of judging?

Perhaps you can, but that implies that You have to comeup with something that implicitly does the questioning! You can not just say: Look you guys are vile – question your judgment culture! Surely, if you do that, you are being hypocritical, no?

Hypocritical in the sense of judging people while demanding a non judgmental approach?

Yes! Can you not see that?

But isn’t it that I am the one without power? I am the minority? Why can I not ask the powerful to exercise their power in understanding?

You can, but you also need to help a person into the possibility of understanding, no?

So.. how do I ask a person to alter their minds about how they approach an idea of art, the expectations and the experiences – the whole shebang – while at the same time offering something that is both non aggressive and is indeed in defiance of imaginative expectations?

Either that, or would you rather do stuff that hurts you?

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