art and presentationalism?

artistic practices are presentational?

Not representational?

How about abstract?

Are the art abstract stuff presentational or representational?

Is it not clearly, by being abstract, non representational??

Hold on.. Say stuff like generative art?

Is it generative – or using generative processes to get a representation?

There are some abstract generative tools, no?

The tools are abstract or the outcome?

The art, the outcome, the art objects are abstract. Know what i mean?

Yes.. And these represent the generative algorithms, no?

Is it not the question that whether or not these are abstracts, abstractions, presentations or representations – the generative is to produce an affect rather than stuff which, in turn, might be generative itself?

Hummm.. Aren’t diagrams generative?

Diagrams like the large glass?

Is it not curious that, large glass and such diagrams, use the language of representation to produce a generative diagram?

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